What I want for Christmas – a list.

1) No whinging at home. Or in the car. Or at the shops. Or in the playground. Or anywhere. Make it stop. Please make it stop.

2) A life-sized cut out of Pat Rafter. Obviously, I’d much rather the real thing, but I’m already married and I don’t want to have to deal with two men’s raging sexual desires. One is enough. Seriously, how many headaches can one woman have?

3) On a very similar topic, I’d love more sleep. Uninterrupted, deep sleep. And while I’m at it, I’d like to take more naps as well. Ones where you’re reading a book and then nod off. I’d also hope that when I woke up from said naps I didn’t have one side of my face completely covered in dribble and my hair wasn’t sticking up awkwardly on one side.

4) I want these Chanel sunglasses

and this Stella McCartney bag.

5) I’d love to have more time to see movies, chat on the phone to friends, drink coffee, have long lunches, go to art galleries, dance, have pints in beer gardens, listen to live music, play video games, try on clothes, swim, walk through pretty gardens, go to comedy shows, eat fine food, volunteer, write, sit quietly and reflect on the world, discuss interesting issues, watch tv series from the beginning to the end in one sitting – basically just have more time. More time for me.

6) I want all kids to be able to go to school without fear. I’d like for all kids to have access to education. I’d like for all kids to have access to food and clean water. I’d like for all kids to be loved. I’d love more people to give a shit. I’d love more people with the power to change things to actually change them, rather than talk about how they would change things if they had the courage and inclination to actually do something meaningful, rather than politicise.

7) I want more Maggie Beer dark chocolate and orange ice-cream in my belly. I’d also like my belly not convert that into fat. I’d also like to develop a love of running so I can fit into my jeans.

8 ) I’d like people to be more honest with others and not hide behind their computers screens writing on forums. You know who you are.

9) I want my family to be happy, brave, healthy, silly, loving and adventurous. Just like it is already, but more so. With a little less of whinging, the waking in the night, the kicking me in the head when they crawl into my bed, the asking for “something to eat” all of the time and the fighting over toys. I’d prefer more of the kisses, the crazy dancing, the giggles, the learning, the absurdly glorious questions, the smiles, the singing and the hand holding.

10) I want more days like this.

11) I want everyone to have long, fulfilled lives – marked by generosity, empathy, good health, curiosity and the strength to change the things that are unfair for themselves and others.

12) I want to thank everyone for reading bigwords and to wish you a safe and happy holidays. You rock my world. You make me laugh, cry and help my heart to sing. I am so grateful to you all.

What do you want?

bigwords x