It’s that time of year again laydeez – Movember. For many of you, your partners will shave tonight in readiness for the start of Movember tomorrow. Because I am not a man I find it tricky to grow a mo. I say tricky because if you saw my top lip right now, you’d know it’s not impossible for me to grow a mo, it’s just not that impressive. Mine looks more like a teenage boy’s attempt – patchy and thin.
I took my husband to the launch of Movember in Adelaide last week. It started out with good intentions, it ended with us sitting in a tapas bar drunkenly discussing the merits of paisley wallpaper on ceilings and its role in modern day decorating. Talking, it’s good for soul.

We kept coming back to what we’d seen earlier in the evening, the clever Movember marketing campaign. The professionalism of the campaign, its stunning success. Its heart. Movember is a brilliant example of people having the power to make a change in the world. The concept, to grow a mo in November, started in a Melbourne pub in 2003. Last year, 854, 288 people all over the world took part, raising $124 million for men’s health. People power is amazing.

This video is amazing.

Men don’t always talk about how they’re going and that’s why I love the idea of men sharing knowledge, speaking about their health and seeking help. Raising compassionate boys, not afraid to open up and reach out to each other, will only help to make the world a better place for men and for the women who walk alongside them.

If you want to take part in this year’s Movember then click on this link

Are you taking part? Do you have a lady mo too?

bigwords x