A couple of months ago I gave up drinking caffeinated coffee and tea. And I haven’t looked back. I still drink decaf coffee and tea though and they taste great. I feel so much better for it.

Eeeeeeewwwww, why bother? I can hear coffee aficionados gasp.

Well, I worked out it was the ritual of a cuppa I loved, not the caffeine buzz. And after a bit of research I’ve found some awesome decaf blends that taste delicious. Try your local loose tea shops and coffee suppliers for some great blends. I even travel with my own tea bags and coffee if I know there are not going to be any hipster coffee shops nearby to satisfy my tastes. Trust me, there are certain places you should never order a decaf, probably the same places that make a dodgy coffee. It’s all common sense really.

Why I gave up coffee?

I’d turned into a person who was being impacted by coffee. I turned into a middle aged woman – when did that even happen? I was getting a racy heart. I was finding it hard to sleep. I was needing more and more coffee to get through each day. I was tired. I was anxious and felt rushed all of the time. I decided I’d do a little experiment and see what would happen if I cut out caffeine.

What was the fallout?

The first week was hard going. I had headaches, broken sleep and felt even more tired than usual. I was so tempted to just give in and have a coffee or four. When my headache was unbearable I did have a short black which helped, but that was it. Slowly, things improved.

How do I feel now?

My racy heart has stopped being racy, completely. Now it only gets a bit thumpy if I have too much to drink, so it looks like I might have to tackle that in the New Year. I sleep so much better now. I hardly toss and turn and when I wake up I feel refreshed, not sluggish. And my brain feels clearer as a result.

Do I still have caffeine occasionally?

Generally, I don’t. If we run out decaf beans or if I’m flying and need a cup of tea, I will drink caffeinated drinks. The only time I have caffeine is when I eat coffee gelato and chocolate coated coffee beans – if they had decaf versions I’d chose them instead, but they don’t. They’re only an occasional indulgence anyway. One day I’ll make my own decaf options.

Has my world fallen apart?

No. I find that mostly it’s other people who drink coffee who have the biggest problem with people like me drinking decaf. I have no idea why? It’s not impacting on their world. For me, it’s a lifestyle choice and one which has made marked improvements on my health and wellbeing. And I still get to cradle a lovely hot mug of decaf in the morning and plan out my day in my head. The ritual remains.


Have you ever made a lifestyle change which had positive results?

Bianca x