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We’ve been taking life a bit too seriously lately. I think that’s what happens when you’re busy juggling everything. You find it hard to stop and breathe. You rush past the rosemary bushes without stopping to smell the perfume.

We’ve been so busy and, just like an international port, we’ve been passing by each other with scheduled precision. We may be well-oiled machines, but we’re also tired and a little grumpy.

We’ve been looking at ways to find the joy again. We needed a reminder to stop and enjoy the little things. So, when I was contacted by Sassysigns, an Australian business which makes custom house signs, I took it as a sign, literally. They wanted to gift me a cool sign to pop on our house. The whole process was so much fun as you can jump online and pick exactly what you want. You can choose the font, colour, style and background designs. Check it out here. It’s really fun, I wish I’d got more than one – a plaque with my blog name on it would be cool. See how you can view it in real time in the pic below. It is so simple to do and the options are endless.

Screen Shot 2013-08-18 at 1.49.45 PM

My husband and I spent ages trying to pick one out and then we realised we were approaching the whole exercise from the wrong perspective. We decided we needed to create something which made us giggle.

It was a sign to stop taking ourself so seriously.

Something had to give, so we put the brakes on and screeched to a halt. We bunkered down. We’ve been painting walls, rearranging furniture and pulling weeds. We took a little trip in Audrey to regroup. We even cooked a roast with the rosemary we’ve been rushing by.

We decided to go with a custom designed aluminium sign, with pins, to hang outside our house. It says – Foux du Fafa. It is gorgeous.


I can hear you saying – Huh? What?

Well, we are massive Flight of the Conchords fans and they sing this song.

Basically, Foux du Fafa means nothing. Squat. Nada. There are forums dedicated to finding the meaning of the phrase. The jokes on us.

Instead of a inspirational word like – shine, joy, laugh, love – we thought it best we got a sign that meant nothing at all. The point – stop taking it all so seriously. Have fun with life. Be playful. Not everything has to have a meaning or a purpose or a function. Some things are just how they are. Laugh.

This gorgeous sign will constantly remind me of that. Every time I look at it my eyes twinkle mischievously and my mouth turns up in a little wry grin.

At the moment it sits proudly on our kitchen wall, until we give the front of our a house a makeover. And then it will be fixed with pride at our front door as a reminder to all who come and go to smile and stop being so frigging earnest all of the time.

Ignore the arm, that's not part of the sign!

Ignore the arm, that’s not part of the sign!

If you could have a sign for your house – what would it say?

bigwords x