I”ve spent the day trying to work out what to write about on this blog of mine. If I”d just sat down and written something, rather than fuss and worry about what to write, then I wouldn”t be in this predicament. Instead, I”ve been fluffing about on Facebook with some awesome readers and friends trying to come up with movie titles that best describe our last fart.

So far, my favourite is Scent of a Woman, my second favourite is Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. Strangely, the same woman suggested both of those movie titles. You know who you are Tania. It”s had me in fits of giggles all afternoon. And to be honest, I might have actually popped-off accidentally. You know how that happens sometimes when you laugh? Please don”t tell me I”m the only who sometimes farts when they laughs.

So wrapped up in thinking about fart-related movie titles I forgot about my blogger”s block, until now. But then something strange happened and I realised what I wanted to write about was how much I enjoy meeting you on my Facebook page to chat about silly things, share thoughts about the world and to support each other when life is being an asshole. It”s a spot I”ve had a chance to get to know so many of you and look forward to popping in each day to see who is around the place. I never feel lonely when I”m there.

I”ve been thinking a lot about this blog and the direction of it. I want to write words that mean something. I want to build community and engage with people I”d not have the chance to cross paths with in my small part of the world. I am not a niche blogger, a term that gets thrown around a lot.  And trying to become one will never work for me – I am too all over the place to stick to one area. It”s been plaguing me. How can I focus this blog and grow and engage? Who even is my reader? What am I offering you?

And then I remembered I started this blog for myself, to write, to reach out from my world of being a new mother with three small kids. I needed this blog more than anyone needed to read it. As my kids grow older and my world gets a little more flexible, I”ve realised I need to be more aware of not just writing for myself, but writing for you too. You don”t come here for one particular reason, like cooking or craft or fashion advice or gardening, but instead you come here to read what”s going on in my head. So maybe that is my niche.

Maybe my niche is me. I am a woman, a mother, a sometimes loner, an honest human who is flawed and insecure, yet strong and loyal. I will not shy away from saying what I think or telling it like I see it. I have two small tattoos and have my heart set on one more. I roller skate. I have graffiti art on casino online the back wall of my fence. I”d rather live in the city, but love the solace of the country. I don”t like sand or bigots. Sometimes I will write something fluffy or share posts on Facebook about farts or over share about my children. Sometimes I will show you my stomach and go on and on about my inability to lose weight. Other times I will walk a fine line of social commentary and ignorant arrogance. I am not a prophet, but like to talk about shit. I am always coming from a place of love, even when I”m swearing like a trooper. I like bucking the trend. And because of this I am unpredictable. You may never quite know what you will get here and you know what? Neither do I.

Sometimes, I will write posts for money, they help put food on my table and justify my hours of work I put into this, which takes me from my family. They are important for keeping this blog going and this blog is important to my soul.

Bianca Wordley is my niche. I am an unpredictable, all over the place woman, much like yourself I suspect. And that”s why you meet me on my Facebook page to talk about fart movies. Life is not a niche and neither is this blog.

Thanks for keeping on coming back. And please, if you haven”t visited my Facebook page, you are more than welcome. Love to see you there.

Tell me – are there any topics you”d like me to write about?

Bianca x