As I sit and type this post I am watching my Twitter stream flowing almost as fast as the water flooding townships and rushing towards the Brisbane CBD. My television is flashing up a succession of devastating images of a State under water. The list of townships being urged to evacuate grows longer by the minute. It’s a sensory overload. A deluge of disaster.

Today, it is eerily quiet where I live. Despite a weather prediction of a sunny 30 degrees, my house in the Adelaide Hills is surrounded by fog. A light sprinkling of rain has been falling all day. I feel a world away from this ongoing crisis, but the darkness enveloping my home feels appropriate.

The vision I’m watching, the news updates which have consumed me and the tweets from those I have become to know, fill me with concern. I can not imagine what people waiting for the floods to come must be feeling. I can not imagine what people waiting for loved ones to come home must be feeling. I can not imagine what those huddled in the rain with no home must be feeling. I can not imagine what those people swept to their death while going about their day to day business must have felt in their final moments.

All I do know is my heart is with all those people waiting, all those who are scared and all those living this very real and terrifying catastrophe. All I do know is my family can give money to help those to recover, when the time comes. All I do know is I will still be thinking about them once all the tv crews have packed up and gone home and the twitter stream slows to a trickle, when the flood dries up and the sun shines again, because that is when the people living this nightmare will need our support most.

I also want to take this moment to send my love to a fellow blogger, Lori, who this week lost her husband. My thoughts are with you and your two gorgeous children.

It’s been a dark week, I only hope the storm of sadness breaks soon and a steady stream of light shines like a beacon of hope for those at this time who need it most. xx

To donate money to the Premier’s Flood Relief Appeal go to:

And to provide financial support to Lori, who is now raising to small children alone, go to: