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(NOT me)

Here’s the thing. I was contacted by lingerie group Berlei. They asked if I’d be willing to try out their new brand Dig Free legwear. As part of the arrangement, they provided a one-off payment to purchase clothes. I was meant to wear my stockings and go out shopping. At the end of my shopping experience I was to write a review. Did the stockings ride up? Did they suck my tummy in? Did they dig into my belly?

I’m not one to turn down a shopping trip, yet with my husband away for work and school holidays just beginning I had to turn to my trusty friend – the internet. So, I started looking at my favourite websites. I figured I’d buy a gorgeous black cocktail dress to wear with the stockings. I was going to plan a night out and wear my new dress and trial the stockings. I found a few things I adored, but each time I clicked on size 16 or extra large, they had already sold out. Over and over again, I was disappointed. All the other options I found for larger women were frumpy.

That’s ok, I thought, and started trawling websites for my usual “go-to” clothes – stretch jeggings, ponchos, oversized tees. If you’ve got a saggy baby-belly like me you know exactly what I was looking for. Instead of feeling excited and grateful, I felt sad. I’ve let myself down.

I haven’t lost any of the weight I’ve piled on over the past year. I feel out of shape and find shopping terribly depressing. I hardly shop at stores because I’d rather experience the disappointment of not fitting into my clothes, at home, not with some chipper, size 8 teenage shop assistant hovering outside the change room. I’d rather cry in privacy.

Then I had a epiphany. I got the Berlei “suck-my-tummy-in” stockings out of their pack and slipped them on. They have a stretchy seam-free band around the waist which pulled my belly in smooth. If I could change anything, I’d make the band wider as it didn’t quite cover all my flabby belly. Yet, they do work well as shape-wear. They are less bulky, are silky and not so tight you can’t even pull them on. I grabbed my favourite dress out of my wardrobe and slipped it on. It felt new again. I did the same thing with my favourite pants. It’s amazing what a good pair of legwear can do.

And here’s the plug – you can get the new range of Berlei from Myer, David Jones, specialty stores and online at www.berlei.com.au

And then I knew what I’d do – I’d treat myself. So, I got a new Coach Bag.

This one to be precise.

I suddenly didn’t feel so crappy anymore. Bags (and shoes) help make my crap days turn into good days.

To celebrate the release of their new range of Dig-Free and Barely There legwear, Berlei is giving one Aussie blog reader a chance to win $1,000 to spend on a wardrobe of their choice plus some free Berlei product. To be in the running to win,  just leave your email address and the answer to this question in the comments:

What is your favourite go-to outfit to turn an “off” day into a good day?
For terms and conditions of the competition: click on this link 

One winner will be chosen from all entries received across all the participating blogs so make it creative, original and heartfelt. I’d love to see a bigwords’ reader win!

Good luck

bigwords x

Disclaimer: bigwords was paid to write this post and was also gifted Berlei product and a pre-paid credit card to go shopping. She has an unnatural love for her new bag.