In these tumultuous political times I think it’s important to look back at the other famous spills of our modern era.

Who could forget the great Tea Spill of 2000?



And then of course, there’s the Popcorn Spill At The Movies Which Left The Kids Scrambling in 2007.



This was closely followed by Spaghetti Sauce Spill of  Spring 2008 and then the Cereal Spill of Summer in 2009.




The Nail Polish Spill was disastrous and is still being cleaned up two years down the track.



But it was the Red Wine Spill of 2012 which is by far the most tragic. I know “a friend” who even sucked the wine out of the carpet, so distraught by the loss.


You may think this blog post is just plain stupid. I beg to differ. I think this latest spill is the most stupid of all. Simply farcical.


Just govern the fucking country.

bigwords x