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Before anyone raises a politically correct eyebrow – I titled this post “Fab gift ideas for girls” for no other reason than I do not have boys and I have no idea if they’ll like these gifts. However, if you have boys that love craft, birds, insects and shopping then they’ll love these too. The toys are fun, colourful and engaging. I also like that there are a range of price point options so you can pick up something smaller for a birthday present (I have a $15 limit on presents for other kids) and something bigger for a special Xmas pressie.

All of these toys were gifted to us by the company, but to be honest we have also purchased additional sets of each item because the girls love playing with them. You should have seen their faces when the big box arrived with all their favourite toys in it – just like Xmas.

shopkins001 shopkins009

You see they help me a lot on this blog and these toys are like payment for all their hard work. I think it’s a pretty fair deal. They’ve given them a big thumbs up.

Here’s three fab gift ideas for girls:

1) Shopkins

These super cute mini grocery items are being snapped up at an alarming rate. My girls are obsessed with them. I believe kids are even trading them at school. And the accompanying bakery and small mart sets are also popular. I never thought I’d see the day my girls got excited about a tiny pumpkin or toothpaste.

DSCF0080DSCF0092DSCF0086DSCF0096DSCF00822) Little Live pets

We don’t own any pets in our house as yet, but we do have these “birds” and “butterflies”. To be fair the butterflies haven’t been as popular in our house as the birds though. The birds sing tunes and they also repeat  what you say to them. This has provided many giggles and the girls huddle in the corner getting their “birds” to repeat naughty phrases including poo, bum and swear words. Then when their done being silly, they pop their birds back in the cage. NO feeding or cage cleaning required which is a bonus.




3) Beados

We all love this craft activity. It’s probably best for kids 5 and up. My kids could sit for hours making Beado creations. Even I didn’t mind picking up the little beads, but actually not many of them dropped as it comes with a tray which you can pop all the different coloured beads in and the kids were keen not to lose any of them. I think the only message I’d have for the manufacturers is to sell packs of replacement beads – lots of them. They’re onto a good thing with this product. Simple, fun and creative – the perfect gift.


And you know what – because Xmas is coming up Moose Enterprise, which makes a range of toys like Zelfs, Glitzy Globes and The Trash Pack, has supplied me with a Beados Quick Dry Station and themed Beados pack to giveaway to one lucky Australian-based reader. Tell me what pet do you wish you could get in toy form and why? Competition closes Nov 2 and I’ll let you know the winner next Monday.

Bianca x