As I sit and type, my children happily play. At times they stop, fixated by two bananas in pyjamas on the television. I too have found myself stopping in mid-thought. Instead, I gaze out into the blazing heat remembering a country I fell in love with. Vietnam. The sounds, smells, colours and its people. Like New York and Italy, Vietnam stole a share of my heart when I visited. And I often wonder when I will return. This time with my family.

The country enchants many visitors and although I am acutely aware urbanisation has ravaged parts of Vietnam since I was last there a decade ago, the pull of this majestic place gets stronger as each year passes. The feeling is one shared by the intrepid traveler and foodie, Anthony Bourdain. In a recent episode he revisited Vietnam, even dedicating part of the show to look for suitable rental properties, near Hoi An, for him and his family to spend an extended time holidaying. He spoke of his love for the country and his desire to one day live there. I have the same feeling.

It got my husband and I thinking. Wouldn’t it be great to go and stay for a few months with the kids. Once we’ve conquered Vietnam we could then stay in Italy and top it all off with an extended stay in New York. Three places we both long to immerse ourselves in. Given the opportunity I am sure we would be able to find many other places to explore long-term, but at this stage I am happy to spend my day dreams thinking of ways to live short term in those three places.

Where would be your place of choice to live for a few months?