Today my husband and I are not talking about something. We are purposely avoiding eye contact and ignoring the big elephant in the room. We are both anxious. Tomorrow our eldest child, Miss L, is getting her tonsils and adenoids out.

She will be put to sleep. People will be cutting her and prodding her. She will be alone. She will be scared.

We will wait outside holding each other’s hands tight. We will be terrified.

And when she wakes she will be in pain. She won’t understand why we have let this happen to her. She will struggle with medicine. She will be miserable. We will be miserable watching her.

Today we ignore it, but we worry.

I just want it to be one week later. I just my baby to have got through this week. To be better.

Have you watched your kids struggle with pain? Do you have any tips?

bigwords xx