OK, so here’s the part I admit to having a bit of a girl crush on Em Rusciano. Ever since she was in Australian Idol in 2004, I’ve had a thing for her. She is smoking hot. Smart. Has a biting sense of humour. Wears clothes like no other. Is an awesome Mum. And works her butt off chasing her dream. I dig people like that – people who are dogged and tenacious.

She’s had a tough time of late, recently divorced and living with her two girls at her parent’s house. All the while she’s continued to fight for her livelihood and artistic integrity. Good on  you Em. Good on you.

I was thrilled when she agreed to answer five naff questions from me and she even offered up a double pass to her upcoming Adelaide Fringe show – Divorce the Musical – for one lucky Bigwords’ reader.

 1) If you could do a concert with three mega stars, like yourself, who would you pick and why?

Beyonce – purely so I can save on wind machine usage. Gaga for the wardrobe and Ricky Martin because I don’t care if he SAYS he’s gay. I can MAKE him love me. I would also demand he wear velvet at all times because sexy.

2) Chocolate, wine, sex – rate.

All of them are excellent, especially when combined. Although I am not sure anyone really combines chocolate and sex well. I always feel a bit gross and bloated after a good Lindt session and then with the sex you get all sweaty and then the chocolate melts and GOD chocolate is a bitch to get out of anything. Nothing gets chocolate out. So that leaves me with wine, that seems like a good result. 

3) Let’s play Fashion Police – What was your best and worst fashion moment?


em worst

Having my nipples on full display at a very swanky event and not finding out until they were in the paper the next day.


em best

My custom made tux for the races. I was loving myself sick that day. I love clothes, all of them. I have the dress sense of an 80’s punk fairy with a bit of drag queen thrown in.

4) You dance, sing, appear on TV/radio, write, been on Australian Idol, had two gorgeous girls, survived a divorce – is there anything you can not do? And what are your plans for the future?

There are so many things I can’t do – spell, maths, read maps, be patient, not eat Nutella. I have also given up making plans, whenever I do life seems to laugh at me. What’s that? You want to make the Olympic team – here have a baby! This is a thing, I was an elite athlete and well… that ended when I got a baby in my guts. 

 5) Why should people come and see your show?

Man, I just really want anyone who has ever had their heart ripped out of their chest to come and see there is light on the other side. If you don’t laugh, you’ll cry. I also want ladies there, all the ladies. Mothers, get a babysitter and gather the women. I want gaggles of them, I want them to be on a debaucherous night out with the girls. I want to be the opening act to their wild, drunken night out. Or, I have popped myself on quite early so that they can be tucked up in bed by 8:30 watching Downton Abbey. Whatever they like. Men are of course welcome too. 


But as we all know it’s great to go in a pack so you’ll probably want to pick up a few extra tickets. Anyway who could resist a show with a plug like this one?

Take the emotional intensity of Homeland’s Carrie Matheson, combine it with the epic diva attitude of Mariah Carey, now add two children, subtract all money and picture that combination in a DIVORCE. Welcome to Em Rusciano’s 2013, bitches. In the ‘divorce the musical’ Em will take you under the skin and straight to the heart of one hella-cray life passage. And no, she’s not too proud to admit she masturbated to Adele songs. For ONE NIGHT ONLY Adelaide this tour de force performer will do all that she can to entertain you, educate you and make you feel better about your own lives. 

To get tickets click here

You can also see her show at the Melbourne Comedy Festival. Click here for details.

So, what are waiting for? Chop chop. Get to it.

Just leave me a comment telling my why you need a night out with one of your besties and you could win a double pass to her one night only Adelaide show. The winner will be notified this Friday (Feb 28). I’m going too so we might be able to catch up for a glass of bubbles! Yay to that.

bigwords x