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I’ll let you in on a secret – I met Doc McStuffins once. It was during our visit to Disneyland earlier this year. She was very personable, but having a 4yo who is scared of people dressed as cartoon characters made it tricky to stop and talk. Actually, to think of it, it made the whole trip to Disneyland quite hilarious seeing as there are people dressed as cartoon characters EVERYWHERE. There was a lot of ducking and weaving.

The two older girls weren’t afraid though, but I think they were too busy trying to find the rare Frozen figurines to notice her standing there. They didn’t even bat an eyelid at an oversized Doc McStuffins. I, on the other hand, may have squealed: “OMG there she is.” To be fair, she was probably a little unnerved by a fully-grown woman pointing and grinning at her. I think I squealed about four billion times while at Disneyland. I felt like a girl again. Every time I see any Disney character on TV now my heart swells. I think I would move to Disneyland if I could. I’d live in Goofy’s house.

One of my favourite modern-day small screen characters is the Doc herself – which is probably why I reacted with such enthusiasm when I saw her. She’s a 6yo African-American who wants to be a doctor, just like her mum, and she “treats” all her toys in her backyard clinic. Her magic stethoscope brings all her toys to life and then she fixes them all, with the help of “The Big Book of Boo Boos” and her stuffed toy mates – Stuffy, Hallie, Chilly and Lambie.

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You see I quite like Doc McStuffins. It’s just so fabulous having positive role models for girls. Characters who aren’t the typical white, blonde, giggling variety. She’s cool, she has ambition and drive. Girls need more accomplished, strong, bright cartoon characters. She’s tops. This Disney Junior show also promotes healthy living and imaginative play – both great messages for little kids.

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And in October, Disney Junior (accessible on Foxtel, Fetch and online), DisneyJunior.com.au and iTunes /DisneyJunior are celebrating by naming this month Doc-tober. They’ll be showcasing new Doc McStuffins episodes, introducing the new Doc-Mobile (Doc’s mobile clinic) game and uploading a heap of new activities onto DisneyJunior.com.au (best viewed on your laptop or desktop). Free printable activities include a Well Being Chart and colouring pages.

To celebrate Doc-tober I have one Magic Talking Doc and Friends (RRP $59.99) and one Doc McStuffins “A little cuddle goes a long way” DVD (RRP $14.99) to giveaway to one lucky reader. All you have to do is leave a comment about who’s your favourite Disney character and why and I’ll announce the winner early next week.

Mine is Minnie Mouse. I’ve even got a selfie with her.


Who is your favourite Disney character?

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