Dear Mother’s Group,

It’s not you, it’s me, but I think it’s time we break up. It’s been a great five years, but my eldest girl starts school soon and now we’ve moved it’s increasingly difficult for me to make the journey up the hill regularly enough with two other children.

I also feel I am constantly reminded of my distance from you when I see dozens of Facebook updates and Instagram photos of you all hanging out together at events I am no longer invited to. I’m not blameless as I know I can’t always make stuff and often the last minute, off-handed invites are tricky for me to arrange.

So, I’ll make it easy for everyone and release you from having to feel guilty anymore and tender my resignation immediately. It seems a bit fruitless though, as you’ve been excluding me for a long time anyway.

I want you to know that individually you are all amazing, loving people who I care for deeply and have been a great support to me, and me to you, but as a group you have unwittingly acted to make me feel very alienated.

No hard feelings, I just think it will be better for me to get some closure so I no longer feel upset. I sincerely hope you have fun at your spa girls weekend and hope to catch up with you in the future as my girls really love catching up with all the kids. And my children’s happiness is my number one priority.

Thanks for being there at the toughest times of being a parent. I value our time together.

Good luck with the next journey, Mother’s Group.


bigwords xx

What was your Mother’s Group like? Did it come to a natural end or do you all still meet up?