See this kid. She turned two yesterday. She’s my littlest baby. She’s growing fast. I am so friggin’ relieved because you know what, babies are exhausting. She is exhausting.

Miss H is divine, we all love her very, very much, but she is our third and final child. And frankly, we are tired.

Yesterday, we treated her to the normal birthday festivities – Coco Pops for breakfast, balloons and streamers, present unwrapping in bed.

The two eldest girls were beside themselves. Miss E, the middle child, at one stage squealed: “This is my most favourite sister’s birthday ever. I can’t believe we are getting so many presents”.

Then, to add some excitement to the day, I rushed off the doctors so he could tell me I had tonsillitis for second time in three weeks, despite me getting them removed as child. There was no happy dancing, just much internal swearing. I couldn’t swear out loud as it hurts too much.

Anyway, we went to zoo, me thinking my throat was going to explode.

It’s so expensive at the Adelaide Zoo. It’s trying to pay for our two Pandas, by charging families ridiculous entry fees, thus making it near impossible for families to go at all. To try and save some cash we lied to the ticket guy saying Miss H was only one and immediately the other girls piped up: “No she’s not, she’s two”. Their faces dropped when I quickly muttered: “No she’s one, it’s not her REAL birthday until next week. OK”. Despite our thinly veiled lie, we still paid $81 bucks for the pleasure of listening to our kids spend the entire time complaining about having to look at the “boring animals” and when will be going to the Zoo shop to get a new toy. FFS.

Miss H, however, had a ball and that made me happy.

The highlight of the day was when Miss L dropped her toy right near the edge of the lion cage and Twiggy had to get a long branch to scoop it out, while I cried: “Watch out the lion doesn’t eat your arm off”. Hilarious!

Then we went home for dodgy, store bought cake, decorated by the kids, and survived the usual blowing out candles debacle. No eyebrows were lost, luckily.

And to top off an already crazy, busy day, I grabbed the stunning Baby Mac and took her rally driving through the streets of Adelaide.

I think when I rested my head on the steering wheel and whispered croakily: “We are not going to make it” that, for a moment, she really thought we would not make it to our radio interview with the equally gorgeous Michael Smyth at 891 ABC Radio. But we did and with minutes to spare. Like, two minutes to spare. Cutting it fine. That’s how I roll.

Can someone please stop the ride, I want to get off. I’m tired and need the world to slow down a bit.

How’s things with you? Are you crazy busy too?

bigwords xx