My husband had just left for a three-day work trip. All was going well, until I was getting two of our girls ready to go and pick up Miss L from school. My youngest decided it was the perfect time to have a “I refuse to wear any clothes, including my nappy” moment. It took fifteen excruciating minutes to dress her and much swearing out loud or was it in my head? I don’t know I was swearing, that I do know.

Anyway, we all survived the school run and I was getting dinner ready and standing in my kitchen meeting all the demands the three children were firing at me: “I’m hungry, I want something to eat”, “I need someone to wipe my bum,” “Bottle, bottle, more, bottle” – you know the deal. It never ends. Then my phone beeped with a request from 891 Radio (ABC Adelaide) for me to be interviewed by the gorgeous Michael Smyth about blogging. I couldn’t say no, but immediately succumbed to a nervous, anally organised, meltdown. I am not good with curve balls, I anally organise everything, even my meltdowns.

How the hell was I going to conduct a radio interview at 5.50pm with three children in the house and an absent husband?

I lined up water bottles, glasses of milk, chocolate, chips, more chocolate and on commencement of the interview I gave each child a super, humungous lollipop and (gently) pushed them in the direction of the television.

Luckily, the interview flew by and without a peep from the girls. I have no idea what I said as my heart was thumping so loudly and my head was buzzing with… well, the loud buzzing sound of nothingness and fear my kids would walk in mid-interview demanding more lolliops.

You can listen to it here if you want?!

What do you give your kids when you need quiet time?

Have you ever had to wrangle your toddler who refuses to wear a nappy?

Love to hear your thoughts,
bigwords xx