1383305_10151983909293013_967249314_nThese two gorgeous girls are best friends. They’ve both just turned five and, after one year of kindergarten, they are about to start school together. One is my middle child. The other is a child, with the most patient kind heart.

You see, despite forging the strongest of friendships, my girl only spoke to her friend for the first time a week ago. One year since they first met.

It was almost instantly they chose each other from the moment they met. They are both strong willed, determined, smart, kind, intuitive, sweet and no bullshit kids. They adore each other.

Until last week no-one at kindy had heard Miss 5 speak. Not even her teachers. We taped a video message as part of her kindy graduation. When it played, alongside those of her peers, the kids look stunned. They were excited to hear her voice. They swung their heads around and smiled and giggled excitedly. The teachers looked relieved that she even had her voice. Tears filled my eyes. Her big and little sister beamed. Miss 5 sobbed in her Dad’s arms. It was like her control had been snatched from her, but also like she was experiencing a sense of overwhelming relief. It was time.

Just the day before a similar event occurred. She was on a special catch-up with her bestest mate to celebrate the beginning of school. I watched them playing, Miss 5 would point and nod and pull her friend. Her friend would talk. They had it all worked out. It’s like they knew what each other was thinking, with or without words.

Suddenly, Miss 5, who at home is our biggest chatterbox, came running. She was heaving with tears. She’d spoken to her friend for the first time. She was overwhelmed. She’d given up on her control after a year of much restraint. Seriously, I’ve never known anyone with such determination. To not talk to anyone for a year is hard work. But for whatever reason she’d decided it was time to break down the barrier – to let her best friend hear her voice. For the next hour they screamed and shouted and laughed and talked. My heart exploded with joy. I just want her to be happy. I want everyone to know how awesome she is.

As I write her story I cry. I am so very proud of her for being so brave. She set such rigid rules for herself. She recognised it was time to break them. It was difficult for her, but man, her friend was beaming with pride, as much as me. They might be only 5yo, but those girls are the most amazing kids. They can teach us adults some lessons – of acceptance, love and living without judgement.

School starts soon. I’m not sure if Miss 5 will talk there, but I know one day she will and that is all I can wish for. She has the most marvellous voice and so much to say. When she’s ready, no-one will ever stop her speaking her mind.

bigwords x