So, there’s a series of television ads for a particular leading Aussie bank and they give me the shits. They show the bank’s “marketing executives” meeting with “ad men” who are pitching a new direction for the bank. In each ad, the ad men try and suggest a new crap gimmick to promote customer service. The bank executives always grimace and end up opting for a more direct approach to communicate with customers. Yawn. Boring. Ho hum. The ads are bad. The whole premise of the ads are lame. And tell me, if they continue to hate the ideas the ad agency pitch to them then why do they keep going back to the same agency. This wouldn’t happen. The agency would have been fired ages ago. But, this is not why the ads shit me. They are just bad ads for a bank – nothing new! What pisses me off is the use of a kid in the latest commercial in the series.

You see the bank executive “just happens” to have his small child in the important advertising pitch. Ok, I get it – the bank is family friendly, it’s a flexible workplace which has no problem with executives bringing their children to work. In fact, it is so modern in its human resources practices it wouldn’t care if executives took their kids to important branding meetings. Bullshit! There’s no way that would ever happen.

It’s one thing to run a series of patronising commercials, but to suggest the bank would be happy with children tagging along to management level meetings is insulting to working parents everywhere who know too well that would never be encouraged. Shame on you bank, you know which bank you are.