Twice this week, I’ve been forced to bite my tongue. OK, I lie. I didn’t bite my tongue at all, but I didn’t start an all out brawl.

You see, if you’re new to bigwords, I have three children. I have three children who like to kick off their shoes as soon as they get into the car. We put them back on again when we get out of the car, but invariably they are kicked off again shortly after.

They like to walk barefoot. They like to feel the ground they walk on.

So do I.

In winter, it is not as hard to get them to pop their boots back on. Cold, wet feet are not nice.

Once the sun comes out, it is a different matter altogether. Shoes become a hindrance.

Twice this week, once at the markets and once while walking along the footpath at the beach, we have had complete strangers angrily shout at us: “Put shoes on your children”.

Twice this week, I have refrained from grabbing them by the collar, pulling them in close and whispering in a menacing voice: “Fuck you and you backseat parenting”.

Do you ever encounter backseat parents when you’re out and about?

How do you handle them?

bigwords x