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Since we got Audrey the Caravan we’ve been busy adding our own personal touches to make her a bit hipper, comfortable and more practical for quick holidays away. Twiggy’s made some extra storage shelves, is in the middle of fixing up the beds to give us more flexibility with our sleeping arrangements and is going to make a new table. We got the oven plate re-chromed and are now thinking of getting a new shiny range hood and funky splash back to complete the kitchen makeover. We are also waiting for a woman in the UK to send us our custom-made black gingham curtains she sewed. I can’t believe it was cheaper for us to get them made and sent from overseas than it was for us to fail dismally at attempting to make them ourself. Isn’t the internet a wonderful invention?!

And then, of course, there’s this gorgeous handmade gift from Cat, the Adelaide blogger behind the sweetest – Wouldn’t It Beloverly.


It is so lovely and I can’t wait to hang it up in Audrey, right this to this gem we picked up from an antique store.

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We are trying to spend wisely because, let’s face it, I have a tendency to overspend on such things as pillows, blankets and homewares. Having a portable house in your driveway is just another excuse to go shopping. And to be honest, we don’t have much extra money at the moment, being the end of the financial year and tax time AGAIN. Running a small business from home is a constant juggling act when it comes to money. It’s either feast or famine for us. And at present, there are many baked bean toastie toasties (jaffles) being eaten.

So, I was thrilled when Target asked if I’d liked to be an ambassador for a few months. My first assignment was to use my $100 gift card to go shopping in the Target Stocktake Sale  which ends June 12th. Not everything I wanted was on sale, but I knew I’d come in under budget.

First off, towels. And here’s where I admit I am a towel snob, but we’ve already got some from Target in the past and they’re great. We grabbed a couple of silver grey ones.

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Next stop, kitchenware for a storage container, retro style metal bowl and a couple of cups. You must drink tea in real cups, not camping ones – I draw the line there.


And of course, with winter now upon us you simply must have flannelette sheets. We chose a set with a cute bird pattern and some trusty pink ones for the girls.

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I threw in a couple of colouring-in books for the kids. And we came in at $98.50. Can you believe it? Twiggy and I actually high-fived each other at the counter because it was a surprise to us. We lack the mathematical genius of some. Just ask our accountant.

The only thing I still really want to get is a TV antenna because, let’s face it, it’s nice to be able to sit back and watch a little something late at night with a cuppa or a glass of red, while your kids are tucked up in bed. And it’s also handy to switch on ABC Kids when you need a few moments to wake up in the morning.

Have you got any suggestions for Audrey to spruce her up a bit?

bigwords x


* I was given a gift card and paid cash by Target – www.target.com.au – to write this post.