What a better way to spend Mother’s Day than in a caravan with your husband and your three kids. OK, it wasn’t all card games and laughter. There were tantrums. There were midnight runs to the toilet, jumping muddy puddles. And one of the moments of pure joy, involved me watching Julie and Julia, with my headphones on to drown out the noise of the Zhu Zhu Pet Movie which was played on repeat for three days.

Audrey, our new caravan, did us proud. Slowly, we are making her more beautiful. A woman in the UK is going to make her some new gingham curtains. We are on the search for some crochet and quilted rugs. And we are yet to fully stock our cocktail bar. Bit-by-bit she will become all she can be.

In the meantime, she is just right. And when it poured with rain – we were toasty warm and dry. There’s nothing like listening to the sounds of the waves crashing just outside your window, while you cradle a freshly poured glass of red.

We have so many adventures ahead of us, together as a family.
bigwords x