I am meant to be sitting here writing another blog post, but today I don”t have the words I need. Instead, I have just one thought in my head. It”s calling me (and it”s not my 2yo who is still awake and chanting on the couch “I”m awake, I”m awake, I”m awake”). No, it is something else. It”s the latest episode of Offspring and it”s calling me. It”s saying “watch me, watch me… get into bed with your casino online laptop and watch me”.

Well, the tv show isn”t “actually” calling me. That”s stupid. It is actually one of it”s lead characters who is whispering sweet nothings in my ear. If you watch the show, you know who I”m talking about.

I have nothing else to say, except where has he been hiding? Ok, I”m off to bed now to “watch” the latest episode.