Today I sit here another year older. No wiser, but content.

My birthday was delightfully wonderful. There were surprises – a gym membership, Country Road vouchers to go shopping and an electronic candle that whistled Happy Birthday.

There were so many kind and loving messages from friends and family.

There were many meals. Breakfast in bed.

Pasta at Lucias, followed by this ripper of a dinner. An Adelaide Hills Sauvignon Blanc, crusty bread and baked prawns smothered in fetta, lemon, parsley and garlic, eaten outside while the kids played in the sultry, pre-storm weather.

Miss 4’s first day of kindy went smoothly, except for the tears which welled up inside her when we went to pick her up. Tears of relief that we came back for her. Broke my heart.

Miss 2 seemed to cope quite well with both her sisters gone. Not that there were ever any doubts.

The day was divinely simple. Even a fussy birthday cake was forgone, in its place a huge tub of gelato – chocolate, coffee and lemon. The classics. Complete with candle stuck in the sweet deliciousness.

As the sun set in our suburban, inner city yard, we switched on our coloured lights, lit some sparklers and run around giggling and squealing.

What a day. Perfection.

Thanks for your birthday wishes.

bigwords x