We accidentally started a new tradition three years ago. We’d been taking an annual photo with Santa since the kids were born. Twiggy and I would always get in the photo primarily because our children have never wanted to be anywhere near the man in red. I don’t blame them – there’s been some dodgy Santas over the years. Also being married to a photographer, we hardly ever have photos taken as a family. This is our one chance each and every year to be in a single frame together – us and a dude wearing a fake beard.

There always seems to be this pressure for the annual Christmas photo to be perfect – everyone in their finest, everyone looking at the camera, everyone smiling. SMILE EVERYONE. SMILE. It’s not really that fun.

So, three years ago our middle child took it into her own hands, she started our new tradition. It’s the “funny” Xmas photo.


I’m not sure what makes me laugh the most – her back to the camera or scary Santa?!

The following year we were more prepared. When we got into the Magic Cave, Twiggy and I stripped off our tops to reveal our Xmas themed ┬át-shirts. Santa’s helper looked a little confused by it all.


I’m quite proud of my t-shirt. Ho Ho Ho.

This year we ditched the t-shirts and were just going to look disinterested. Our eldest brought her A-game with her gorgeous smile. Our middle child continued with her back to the camera pose – I have no idea when she will decide to face the camera again. Our youngest looks stunned in each picture. And I couldn’t ignore the “sneaky bird” challenge. This one is my favourite.


Santa may in fact be a small child?!

When the photo was over, Santa patted me on the back and said how much he loved our attitude. I’m pretty sure he hadn’t seen my middle finger. Mum wasn’t too impressed.

But you know what – it made us laugh and laugh and it’s our family tradition which will provide many giggles into the future. I’m already thinking about next year.

What should we do?

bigwords x