My husband hasn”t always been my husband. He used to be a single bloke, doing what single blokes do. He rock climbed. He travelled. He picked up chicks. He drank beer. He took photos of stuff. He worked hard. He played hard. And then one night his life changed forever. He met me.

I wasn”t always Twiggy”s wife. I used to be a single chick, doing what single chicks do. I played netball. I travelled. I picked up blokes. I definitely didn”t rock climb. I definitely drank beer. I worked hard. I played hard. And then one night my life changed forever. I met him.

We were at the pub next door to the newspaper office where we both worked. He was a photographer and I was a reporter. We were both drunk. He”d just got back from a country trip with a friend of mine, reporting on all things country. I had just walked from my desk, out the back door of the building, down the back lane and in through the back door of the pub.

I was on my fourth pint. I said to my friend: “Who”s that? She said: “Twiggy.” I casino online said: “I”m going to pash him.” She said: “Ok.” I said: “Let”s have another pint.” She said: “Fuck yeah.” So we drank even more.

He was on his fourth pint. He said: “Fuck, I”m pissed. Who”s that she”s hot?”

We drank more, moved on to other pubs, jumped over a fence (that”s another story), drank more beer and well, a lady doesn”t tell, but I got my pash. He got me.

Then one day, years later, he took me for a drive. “Let”s go for a bush walk at Daylesford,” he said. “Sure,” I said. I put on my ugly trackies. And away we went. It was election day, there was a buzz in the air. We voted. We drove and then we walked… and walked… and walked. “Let”s sit here for a rest,” said Brett. “Thank fuck,” I said. “I”m tired, I”ve had enough.” He went quiet. He fumbled around in his bag. He looked nervous. He pulled out a big plastic ring. He asked me to marry him. I looked shocked. I”d been waiting for this moment ever since I saw him in the pub. I said: “Yes”. We drank Moet on the rock overlooking the valley. It was amazing.

Later, he told me he”d been there prior to that day and had walked the track alone, scouting for the perfect place to ask me. He”d planned every detail – there were flowers, day spas, long lunches, luxurious accommodation, fine dining and he”d even rung my boss and arranged days off. He”d packed my bag and snuck it into the car. He”d remembered my hair straightener. He”s a good man. He was going to make an honest woman of me. Yeah right?!

Recently, it was the anniversary of the day we got engaged. In the madness that is our married life, raising three kids in our house on top of the hill, I”d forgotten how excited I”d been that day. It was a brilliant moment, in what has been a life together full of brilliant moments.