What an absolute delight this Adelaide Fringe show is and I urge all lovers of the sweet and ridiculous to go and see it.

Inspired by the era of silent films, these two loveable, funny and enchanting clowns silently enchant you with their pure happiness.

It’s little wonder PSS PSS from Compagnia Baccala is loved throughout the world and is a five star hit. It’s universally joyous.

I sat in the audience a woman in her forties, but I felt transported back to my childhood. I watched the audience sit wide-eyed, their mouths agape as this extremely talented duo tumbled and trapezed. We all glowed when they hugged. We all smiled when they played their instruments. We all laughed along to their cheekiness. And at the end we all rose to our feet and cheered.

It made me feel so happy and in a world of such cynicism, I thank them for that.


* * * * *