Inside the Walls: A Giant Pop-Up Ghost Story is an Adelaide Fringe show kids aged between six and 10 will really enjoy.

Younger kids might like it, but they’d need to be able to sit quietly, follow a story and be ok with some loud noises and ghosts. Older kids who are interested in craft, puppetry and pop-up books will also find this show intriguing, although the narrative is a little young and repetitive, particularly in the first half.

Once you get into the ghost story and the action begins it gets a little more upbeat and holds the children’s attention beautifully, which is a hard ask for kid’s theatre.

The shadow puppets, the meticulously researched and handmade pop-up book, and the sound effects are simple, in theory, but show a level of mastery, the whole audience marvelled at. The Q&A session at the conclusion of the show was also really interesting and highly informative – showing the puppeteer Theresa O’Connor’s love of the genre and respect for her audience.

My eight-year-old loved the show and immediately came home wanting to make her own pop-up book and shadow puppet theatre. And I see this as a sign of fantastic show.


Four star show.

* * * *