10999258_10153216150263013_4581595300461278357_nI’ve been really keen to take my girls to see some more complex theatre, rather than the stock standard stuff served up to children. To be honest, my girls find kid’s shows a little lame, not all of them, but many of them. Recently, I worked out that what they look forward to most is experiencing new things and spending time with me one-on-one. Luckily, this Adelaide Festival I’ve been given the opportunity to review a few shows. I chose one show for each of my children – animation, dance and theatre.

Last night I took my eldest girl to see the live animation production by Kid Koala – Nufonia Must Fall. We made a night of it. A drink overlooking the river. Swan feeding. Some time to lay on the grass and breathe in the air. Then after the show we wandered back down to the river’s edge to take in the free light installations – Blink – and drink hot chocolate. The night was a magical one.

Here’s some pics and a review of the show we saw.






Nufonia Must Fall: A review


overlook NEW EVENTWithout wanting to give much of the story away, Nufonia Must Fall is the delightful animated tale of a robot who falls in love with a very resourceful, intelligent woman. It is super sweet; a commentary on technology, love and loneliness.

The concept of this show is awe inspiring. To be able to watch the puppeteers set-up each individual scene of this animated triumph, with the vision recorded and then screened live as it happens, while the musical score fills the theatre, was a joy. The crowd was mesmerised.


For adults, the long lingering stares and quiet moments are filled with our own longings and memories of love lost and found. For children, they make the story a little slow. To be fair, this has not been marketed as a children’s show, yet it has been flagged as family friendly for kids 8 and up. And I was glad I took my girl along. She is incredibly excited about making her own animation and to watch it happening in front of her was a thrill. Yet, at times, her attention flagged, as did mine.

It is not up to the creator to ensure children are mesmerised, but even I longed for the story to have more light and shade.┬áThe musical score was beautiful and the live string quartet’s accompanying soundtrack delicious. I just wish Kid Koala (turntablist, DJ, author, musician and the show’s creator) could have included more of his scratching because when he did it lifted the mood of the show and gave it another layer, another mood, some change of pace which was needed to inject more life into the production. It cruised along at such an lusciously lazy manner, it could’ve been elevated with a little more intensity and frivolity.

Having said that, it is a show I would highly recommend for adults and for children aged 7-and-up who have an interest in animation, cartoon creation, music and the arts. And for those people wanting a happy ending.

Sentiment filled our hearts, yet it was the process which had my eldest child and myself enthralled most.

Definitely a must-see.


If you can afford to, and have the time, please take your children to see live alternative theatre, the entire experience is one which makes their eyes wide and their soul full. And don’t forget that every night of the Adelaide Festival there are free light instalments starting at 8.30pm along the Torrens. They are spectacular.

Happy Festival and Fringe time,

Bianca x