See this adorable little kid. She has a potty mouth.

I discovered this recently when she almost got me into trouble. You’d think I’d learn not to swear at home with three kids, but alas it will never happen. My eldest two have gone through their own stages of swearing in public, but are now very aware that the “F-word” is an adult word. Yes, my friends, it is a treat to be enjoyed; a reward for battling through the teenage years.

My middle child has so far proved to be most fluent in the correct usage of the word. In a visit to Bunnings awhile back she loudly declared in the shopping queue (after a women on the loudspeaker had finished telling shoppers about a special on hammers in aisle four): “When is this fucking woman going to shut up?”.  Let’s just say she no longer swears in public.

Anyway, our 2.5yo is still to get a firm grasp on the wonderful world of consequences and is dropping swear words at a rapid rate. I am quick to pounce on her smutty language, but even more so when it threatens to get me into trouble.

You see, my husband had asked me a silly question and I’d responded with a muffled: “Fuck you” under my breathe only to be met with a loud echo from the lips of my toddler. She ran through the house repeating it over and over. I was sprung. She was grinning from ear to ear. I realised then and there that I must be more careful to check before I engage in playful banter with Twiggy because I tell you what my statement could’ve been a whole lot more saucy. And that would’ve been really awkward.

Have you had any embarrassing swearing moments?

bigwords x