We recently travelled to Halls Gap in the Grampians, Victoria, and had the most fantastic time. When we were kid-free we used to stay at Halls Gap in a little cabin. Twiggy would go on day walks, up and down hills, while I’d relax in a bath, read books and take naps. Our recent trip in Audrey the caravan was the first time we’d taken the kids so we had to find different things to do and gosh we had a ball. I could’ve done with a nap though.


Here’s 5 reasons to visit Halls Gap:

1) Hall Gap Zoo


The Halls Gap Zoo, situated just a few minutes drive out of Halls Gap, has a fabulous selection of animals in massive enclosures. some of the animals – the deer, turkeys, kangaroos and peacocks wander around so you can feed them. The deer will follow you around as you walk through the enclosures, gently encouraging you, with their big beautiful eyes, to feed them the pellets you can pick up from the front ticket counter. It’s an easy walk round to see all the animals (big names include: giraffes, meerkats, red panda, bison, water buffalo and cheetahs) and there are many species at eye level for little visitors to get up close too. Make sure you give yourself a couple of hours – you’ll need it.


2) Halls Gap Pool

Unfortunately this trip we didn’t get a chance to have a swim in this grand old dame. Luckily, the Parkgate Resort, where we stayed had two pools for us to choose from, but next time we are definitely going to take a dip in this public pool. It has all the charm of pools of old and a magnificent view of the mountains. It’s located in the main street of Halls Gap and in Summer is the perfect place to spend a lazy day. And right next door to it a fab playground for kids of all ages.

3) Climb some mountains


Twiggy is a qualified rock climbing instructor and loves climbing rocky mountains. He particular loves climbing mountains at the Grampians. I like to watch from the ground. Heights aren’t for me. Obviously with small kids it’s a bit ambitious to expect them to scramble up a sheer rock face, but little hills are fab. There’s so many of them in the Grampians. Letting your kids be brave and adventurers and showing them a different perspective of life is one of the best parts of going on holidays together.


4) Ice cream


There’s a brilliant ice cream shop in the main street, on the corner of Stony Creek, called Coolas Ice Creamery. You can’t miss it – there’s a big ice cream out the front and ice cream shaped tables and chairs. The ice cream is simply divine. So too are the cheesy hot dogs. The staff are friendly and there’s always a line of people out of the door. I had the coffee and it was awesome, Twiggy had a Bailey’s one and it was awesome and one of our girls had liquorice – also awesome! I’ve heard the salted caramel is, you guessed it, awesome. It’s a must eat at place.

5) Go exploring


This is the place to explore. Go for a drive and check out the mind blowing scenery, take detours and go walking in the bush, find a creek and go on an adventure. It’s amazing how quickly kids settle into nature if you let them. Scrambling over rocks, walking in freezing cold streams, searching for fish and following dragonflies. Getting wet and dirty. Falling over in mud, not caring about rules. Everyone needs time to clear their head. A walk along a track is perfect for that. Or grab a bike and go for a ride along one of Halls Gap’s great bike tracks. Or for the more adventurous there’s a heap of long walks to do and equally fab camping opportunities.


The wrap-up

Halls Gap, situated between Adelaide and Melbourne, is the perfect spot to meet friends “half way”. It’s also a great springboard to other great tourist spots – like the Great Ocean Road, Dunkeld, Stawell and Horsham. It’s a wonderful place to unwind, full of local charm, stunning scenery and fun things to do.

Perfect for families, couples and adventurers. We give Halls Gap a big thumbs up.



Have you been? Got any must-dos to suggest?