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I am wondering if any of you can please help? This year I am trying to raise $2015 in 2015 for World Vision. At first I found the idea quite daunting. It doesn’t seem like a massive figure to raise in one year, but it actually is. I don’t know about yourself, but I feel compelled to give. The only problem is, we can’t afford to give that much. Every day there’s a new proposition to reach into our pockets and donate money. I find myself picking a couple of charities and having to ignore the others. So, when I was asked to try and raise money for World Vision as an ambassador, I was nervous. I though that I would just┬ábe yet another person asking for your money and my plea would get lost in what is a very loud chorus.

Then I came up with an idea. I’d simply ask for $1. That’s it. It will take me a long time, I know. I will also probably need to ask repeatedly to achieve my goal, but I’m not asking much.

If I could find 2015 people to each give one dollar, then I’d have reached my target. And you know I’ve already had some amazingly kind people do just that – donate $1 and some are even donating $1 for each member of their family.

It will be a slow and steady process. You may get a bit sick of me talking about it, but I could be talking about way worse things than donating to World Vision.

From little things big things grow.

Can you please help? Do you have a dollar to spare?

If you do, then please take a look at my donation page.

And if World Vision is not your charity of choice, then please find another one and give them $1. Or simply share this for me in case someone you know would like to chip in. It all helps.

Thanks so much,

Bianca x