I’VE BEEN A BIT busy making shareable images. I have developed somewhat of an addiction to coming up with new designs. Most of them feature photos of objects from around my house and then I think up a word play or saying and pop them trough different apps on my phone and voila. Here’s some I’ve made.

15 cute images to make you laugh:

10469340_754181527987928_8470381308954120642_n hooray 10616463_765143950225019_5044090496558446035_n 10660198_763154537090627_608462860131517048_n 10460537_764598630279551_6281759180554538087_n 10710629_761796717226409_5511838347282980966_n 10676380_763592263713521_8390884087839752322_n

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Someone suggested I make an eBook of all the designs, but alas I have no idea how to do that. What do you think? Should I keep designing them? Should I do something with them? Have you got any ideas that you’d like me to make a design for? I truly love designing these cute images – they make me giggle and that is the best. Even better if they also bring a smile to your face. I really hope they do.

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