I’m going to let you in on something – sometimes I find little things immeasurably more exciting than they actually are. To prove it I’ve written you a list.

10 Small Things That Make My Day

1) When I wake up in the middle of the night and I think it’s time to get up and it isn’t and I go back to sleep again. It makes me think I’ve had two sleeps. Like I’m catching up on all the sleep I lost when having babies.

2) When I use my last med on the last day of my period. Like I planned it out perfectly.

3) When I go to put a cup away in the cupboard and it is exactly lined up with all the other cups, with the handles facing in the same direction. Spine tingling.

4) When I go to the doctors for my pap smear and she reminds me that I’m not due for another six months and for the first time in ages I have a neatly trimmed lady garden without having a stranger poking around down there.

5) When I make a cake and there’s leftover batter and the kids are at school and I don’t have to share it with anyone, yet still I decide cup cakes are better so I can eat even more batter.

6) When I go to buy a top I’ve had my eye on and it’s on sale. So I buy the top, a pair of pants, a new necklace, a scarf and dress.

7) When I think I’ve run out of clean undies and find a pair hiding in my kids’ underwear drawer, thus delaying my need to wash any clothes by another day.

8) When I feed my kids’ dinner and they actually eat it without complaining. Like eat it all up without picking bits out or whinging or fighting with each other or “accidentally” dropping it on the ground. Like eating it all with their mouths. And they put their dishes in the sink afterwards. And then I wonder – are these my children or clones?

9) When I’m writing an article for a client and go to check the word count and it’s exactly perfect.

10) When I go to hang the washing out and my husband’s already done it. Same goes for emptying the dishwasher. Cleaning is boring and soul crushing.


These are just some of the small things that can turn my day around. You need to look to the little moments to be grateful for. Little twinges of joy in what might be a crappy day.

What are some of the little things that make you disproportionately happy?

Bianca x