*Trigger Warning: this post deals with the issue of rape.


There’s been a lot of chatter in the media about rape. It seems there’s a heap of mixed messages out there for  women and men about why some men rape women. If you are a swimming star apparently it is not “rape” it’s just a “bit of action”. I wanted to set the record straight for my three girls.

10 Reasons Men Rape Women. A Quiz.

  1. Women walk alone at night. Yes or no?
  2. Women walk alone in isolated spots. Yes or no?7a0d634742bf75342a4b2c206d7b1bb265eeaa7408498d8aab2b48acf9015b48
  3. Women drink way too much. Yes or no? images
  4. Women tease men. Yes or no? Unknown
  5. Women are gagging for it. Yes or no?blowup-doll-5
  6. She was asking for it. Yes or no? d4601a19c02b65d0cab3b024674f0f39
  7. Women mean yes when they say no. Yes or no? yesmeansyes
  8. Some women are sluts. Yes or no? amber-slutwalk-1_zofl8w
  9. Women deserve it for dressing like whores. Yes or no? 98awesomecleavage_thumb1297996835
  10. She didn’t fight me, so she must have loved it. Yes or no? Unknown-1

If you answered YES to any of the above you are WRONG.

The correct answer is some men rape women because they are rapists. And that is the only correct answer.


There should be no confusion.

Rapists cause rape.