Who says three’s a crowd?

Who says three’s a crowd?


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date night

Twiggy and I were treated to a kid-free date night on the weekend. The only problem is we had to share our room at the fab hotel – Mantra Hindmarsh Square – with another guest. Our new “friend” Buddy was there waiting for us, complete with chocolates, bubbles and a dinner voucher.

pic 7

In fact, Buddy had already tucked into the chocolates. The nerve.

pic 8

The least we could do was sit back and relax with a pre-dinner G&T and get to know him a little more. At first he seemed a little quiet, but after a couple of drinks he was buzzing.

6Dinner was lovely, but Buddy does have a way of monopolising the conversation talking about how he helps couples reconnect. Lucky he comes with a remote control so you can always turn him off.

pic 2The night was young so we took him to see Adelaide’s most famous balls. He felt at home.

pic 3After our vigorous walk we were all a bit parched, so we popped into the pub for a cleansing ale. It really hit the spot.

pic 4Then we all wandered back to the hotel to go to bed. It was a great weekend. Pity Buddy had a headache.


Who says three’s a crowd?

Buddy has three friends (“Thrill by We-Vibe” for solo use, not pictured) looking for a new home. Don’t be shy. Leave a comment and I might send you one!

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  1. You crack me up! I’ll be very keen to see how many people comment in this post because unfortunately for some woman talking about ” bedroom toys” is just not the done thing.
    I was excluded from a group of woman because at one gathering I told them to stop lying to their husbands about how long their periods lasted ( one woman told her husband gets lasted 2 weeks just so she didn’t have to have sex very often !), figure out how they liked to be pleasured & then go get a rabbit! They were not impressed & did not ask me to any more gatherings lol

  2. Love it! Had a lovely little cackle over this. Oh … and Adelaide never looked so exciting, Bianca. (I can be cheeky about it … I grew up there!)
    My hubby and I would be very pleased to give Buddy a tour of Perth. We don’t have any big balls to boast about. We do, however, have a rather large phallic looking Bell(end) Tower *smirk*

  3. HaHa… I think Buddy II should definitely come (see what I did there?) up to the Sunshine Coast… Why? Because I have The Menopause. (aka GIVE ME WHAT I ASK FOR AND DON’T DELAY BECAUSE I’M FRIGGIN’ MOODY AND WILL LOSE MY SHIT IF YOU DON’T).

    That’s all.

    PS We don’t have any big balls, but I can show Buddy II the rough end of a big pineapple.

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