The Mirena Disaster

The Mirena Disaster


WARNING: This post contains graphic descriptions about blood loss and may offend some people. Do not read it if you are easily offended. I have chosen to write about my experience because no-one warned me about what might happen and I’ve had many questions about the Mirena and frankly, it’s my blog and I can write about whatever I want. I don’t really see the point of blogging unless you write about things others will not. This might help someone. If might even help me.

Twelve days ago I had my contraceptive device removed. I expected some bleeding after its removal. I expected a “heavy period” as my Doctor so kindly forewarned me.

I was wrong and she was wrong.

Instead, I am now on Day 10 of the most horrendous blood loss I have ever experienced. Blood clots the size of golf balls have become a regular occurrence. It is so violent I have found myself in supermarket queues with blood soaked pants wishing for the ground to swallow me up. Gushes of blood have become so normal I have started not leaving the house for longer than half an hour blocks, too nervous of a repeat performance. Today, alone, I have changed my tampon and accompanying maxi pad five times in ย five hours. And this is Day 10. There are no signs of this abating.

And I count myself lucky. I work from home, which helps, and I have a supportive husband who can step in when I need to rush to the toilet, again and again. What about the women who do not have a support network? What about the women who have to stand for long hours for their job? The ones who have to take public transport to and from work, who sit there squirming in their seat? What about the ones who can’t be seen rushing to the toilet every hour, pay docked, questions asked?

What disturbs me most is that I can not get any solid explanations about my body’s response to the Mirena’s removal. And I’m a journalist for fucks sake. Is this blood loss normal? Will it stop soon? Is there anything I can do to make it possible to leave the house? Why was I not not pre-warned about this?

I went to a different Doctor yesterday and asked her what she thought. She too had no answers. I have a strong suspicion that no-one really does. And they should know. What they do know is that for the most part this “revolutionary” IUD can stop periods for many women and according to “research” it is “simply the best” contraceptive device ever. A term I’ve heard many times. A term I beg to differ on.

For me, it’s been a disaster. For me, it’s taken six, now edging to seven months of my life away. It’s caused me to stack on 12 kilos. It’s caused pimple outbreaks, akin to being a teenage boy. It’s caused a roller caster of emotions and huge mood swings. Heart palpitations. Anxiety. Bloating. You name it.

Since its removal (you can read about that here), my whole demeanour has changed. Instantly, I felt a weight lifted. Instantly, I felt happier, less anxious. The heart palpitations stopped. I stopped craving food with such ferocity. I’ve even lost a kilo. It was instant, how much better I felt. I walked lighter. I’d taken back control of my body, but then the bleeding started.

I just want it to stop. I’ve had heavy periods my whole life. I know what it’s like to sleep on a towel in bed and have nausea knock me out, but this is different. I’ve had days of heavy blood loss, not weeks. I am so drained.

In my personal experience, the Mirena has been a complete disaster from start to finish. For others, it’s been life changing. I just wish there was more information out there for the people whose bodies do not react positively. For people like me. Why isn’t there?

Has this happened to anybody else? Have you ever had to do the “blood shuffle” in a public place?

Since writing this post I have done an update – you can read it here.

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  1. Mate, these things are evil. I bled like that when the bloody thing was in me. Like you, no one could tell me why it was having that affect on me. My cycle has never been the same since having it removed a couple of years ago either.

  2. What a shocking and awful experience for you. Thank you for speaking out – I’m sure it will help someone. The thing that concerns me the most about any kind of modern female contraception is the lack of longterm studies done about their affects. I’m sure many women find benefits to whatever form they choose, but I can’t go back to pills or devices. I’m using natural methods until someone can give me a guarantee of safety on other options. Really feeling for you Bianca. Hope things return to normal soon.

  3. Bianca, I hope this eases up soon. I have always been too scared to use such things because of the side effects they can have. Thank-you for posting this and you are right – there is a real lack of information out there.

  4. I was going to get one but the way the doctor gushed about it turned me off. Nothing is ever as good as it sounds and I am hearing more and more stories like yours. Thank you for being so honest in sharing your story, unfortunately it would seem you are not alone in your experience.

  5. Bianca this is so awful! I had a bad reaction to an IUD device years ago (as you describe, weight gain, mood swings and for me very heavy periods and nasty cramps) and do remember some bleeding when it was removed – but nothing like what you’re describing. With such heavy bleeding please look after yourself – plenty of iron and keep your fluids up. I hope you start to feel better soon. Lots of love xx

  6. Thank you do much for sharing this. I was considering getting one as I’ve had issues with the pill, and then Implanon. Ladies don’t do Implanon unless you want to stack on weight.

    Thanks. I hope this changes soon for you, you poor thing. Brave post, most appreciated. Xxxx

  7. Good on you for speaking out about this! There just isnt enough information about these things or about the things that can go wrong! I havent even looked into the mirena as an option and I dont think I ever would. When I was a teenager I have an “implanon” put it and my experience was somewhat similar to this.

    Yes it worked as a form of contraception, because it made me bleed for over two weeks, every two weeks. And they were heavy. And they were painful. And my mood changed. And I came down with depression. It was the most awful thing I have ever put my poor body through!

    I hope this backs off for you very soon and you can go back to living a normal life

    • Did your periods go back to normal after getting it removed? Also, how long did you bleed after getting it removed? Thank you.

  8. Thank you so much for sharing. As a migraine sufferer, my options for birth control are very limited. I felt very wishy-washy about Mirena even though two doctors have recommended it. I never went through with getting it and after reading this I’m glad I went with my gut. I hope you feel better soon!

  9. Oh beautiful lady, what a horrible experience. I have had that experience when you urgently need to find the loo and a change of clothes, not nice. I had mirena for about 6 mths and it was horrible, I couldn’t wait to have it out again. Period for the whole time, feeling awful and the nurse who took it out pretty much said that I didn’t give it long enough to feel the benefits.

    thanks so much for sharing your experience, i hope it eases soon…exx

  10. Wow, what a nightmare for you. It appears to be luck of the draw. I’ve had a Mirena for about 18 months, and experienced absolutely no problems.IT’s been rterrific, actiually – no period (doesn’t stop the PMS, though). I’d had several friends who had one before making the decision…some swore it had dramtically changed their lives for the better, and a couple had it removed pretty quickly. I went in figuring I’d be in one group or the other…luckily, so far so good. HOpe things improve for you soon

  11. I’m scared to have mine removed too now!!! Aarghhh. I’ve given mine 18 months to ‘settle down’. I still get my period every 2 weeks. I’ve never had pmt so bad in my life and it just sucks but it was so painful getting put in I haven’t been game to get it out.

  12. Ok, I had mine out a month ago. My chin zits cleared up over night and I became less of a bitch. Apparently.

    But Holy Sweet Tampon! I am in your situation right now. Worst ever…. I am glad i did not have to leave the house much today. You are not alone Bianca. This sucks big time xx

  13. Not related to Mirena but this –

    “I am now on Day 10 of the most horrendous blood loss I have ever
    experienced. Blood clots the size of golf balls have become a regular

    is a regularly MONTHLY occurrence for me and has been for years. It doesn’t get easier and every month I dread it. I feel your pain. Hope it ends soon for you x

  14. You poor thing! I’ve had the bleeding issues exactly as they describe, but not from the mirena. I get that for the first 3 days of every single period. I literally can go through 5 super tampons *and* the same number of Maternity overnight pads in an hour or so. It’s horrendous, isn’t it? So draining.

    I’m horrified that the mirena has done this to you! Thank you for writing about it. My SIL went on the Mirena a couple of years ago and for about 8 months, she was a nightmare! Her mood swings were vicious and she couldn’t stand it herself. It was hard for those around her, so I can only imagine how terrible it felt for her.

    I hope this stops. At this point, after bleeding for his long, is it worth hopping up to the ED?

  15. Had never heard of the Mirenia. But I am happy to read your post. Not happy to read about your pain and discomfort, but happy to find someone brave enough to speak out. Why is it that women try to keep all of this secret? Why don’t we learn to speak out and educate each other?

  16. Yep – bleeding like a stuck pig is the terminology used in my household. Not from Mirena, but first 3 days WITHOUT FAIL. Where are the super plus plus plus tampons, someone needs to get on that quick smart. Oh. And I’m a teacher, no wandering off every 30 mins to change whilst the class runs mock. Whole situation never fails to shit me to tears….

  17. I just asked Twitter about this, and I was directed here. Sounds HIDEOUS. I am considering it to combat the mood swings and the horrendously heavy periods which sometimes dont let me go to work. I guess its different for everyone, who knows how an individual will react? A friend of mine had one and said it was the best thing ever. For about a year I was on 8 weekly depo provera injections combined with the microgyn mini pill and not only did it stop the periods but it stopped the mood swings as well and I felt the best I have ever felt, unfortunately the side effect of terrible expense and bone thinning long term has stopped this continuing. I am now very cautious about the mirena, thanks very much for this information, its good that you have spoken about it. xxxxx Can I ask, did you get it put in for birth control or to stop the side effects of your period? just interested…

  18. That’s the reason I got mine IN! Now I’m keeping it – forever. Too scared to get it out. You poor thing. It seems that always happens with contraceptives – they work ok for 70% or so, so they don’t worry about investigating the adverse effects that the other 30% of women have, which are often horrendous. I hope it stops for you soon. In the meantime, go and eat a steak, or three โ€ฆ.

  19. I am one of the lucky ones – I rarely have more than a few spots. – I got a light period when it was first put in, and that is it. I had one put in after my second child. When we decided to have number 3 it came out and I was pregnant 2 months later. I got another one put in during the 6 week post baby check up. Love it. Hubby says my moods are more stable

  20. Oh my goodness. Please update us and tell us if you are ok. My doctor has recommended the mirena to me on several occasions. I don’t like to use hormonal contraception, and I don’t like to have things implanted within my body, so i have said no each time. It’s a difficult thing contraception. I say bring on the vasectomy!

  21. I came to swoon over Ridge – but got distracted. My Mirena and I did not get along and after about 10 months mine actually came out on its own accord engulfed in an almighty clot. I felt instantly revived and not so blarrrrhhh. The crappy side of the whole Mirena project was that it has taken nearly 1/2 of my hair away. I have two bald spots about 7 cm each on the back of my head – they nearly touch! My once thick hair is now thin and it keeps on falling out and no one will tell me its from the Mirena but I think I am convinced. Had another friend who did IVF and the Mirena – just like me and she also suffered from alopecia. I wish I had done some more research before I had it put in – but was offered as the best option instead of a hysterectomy. Live and learn ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. I too had Implanon inserted a few years ago, it worked OK while it was in place. I did put on a stack of weight though…and the headaches…wow! After it was removed was a different story. Endometriosis took over my life, I would bleed 3 weeks out of 4, seemingly uncontrollable bleeding, and shocking pain. I was incapacitated for weeks at a time, unable to leave the house. In the end I had a hysterectomy, best thing i ever did, even though i was only 36. I can’t blame the Implanon…but these problems didn’t exist until it was inserted. Not enough is known about these devices and drugs and their long term effects.

  23. OMG!!! so you’re saying that this has happened to you. as we speak its happening to me. Ive called OBGYN and he tells me this normal. I cant enjoy and outing for no more than 30 min. And I work Hospice! so therefore I drive where ever I go, sometimes it takes me more than 30mins to get where im going and I find embarrassing to show up at a patients home with messy pants!!! :'( I feel like this has been a NIGHTMARE. and that the bleeding will never stop here it April 6. Its spring time; the birds are chirping and the smell of wonderful cut grass is in the air, And here I am shutting myself from the world because of this issue! what upsets me the most is that no one warned me about this, no one has any answers. Yes, as well as you… I thought “maybe i would have heavy bleeding” but not like this!. I bled a couple days after I had Mirena removed and it stopped the next month I had no bleeding. then just like a ton of bricks. I bled for 3 Weeks straight . horrible cramps where i was in the feta position. emotions running ramp-id! so high then it eased up I was starting to think that maybe there was hope. It wasn’t even a week later. it all came back. but this time clots so big if i were to have weak stomach i would have passed out. I get that my body is probably trying to figure everything out where when I was on Mirena I seldom had periods and If I did it was light spotting to the full blown out massacre. IM OVER IT!!! I just think something would give! Does it lighten up?? I absolutely feel so blahh right now. HEELLLPPP!! I need all the support I can get my hubby is doing such a great job by supporting me but my 6 year old just doesn’t understand why mommy is happy one min and crying the next! Im so happy I found someone that can relate to me!! but terrible circumstance. please posting i want to know how you handle/deal with this issue. thanks so much for listen to me gripe. I feel a bit of relief

  24. I had my Mirena removed three days ago after experiencing, bloating, weight gain, mood swings, depression, and headches. Today I had a shower and thought gosh I am bleeding abit, got out dressed ready to go out for lunch… walked into lounge, huge wave of dizziness, went to toilet gushed absolutely gushed blood everywhere, followed by a massive blood clot. I have not felt this way before. To all suffering from the side effects of Mirena, I truly hope you all recover quickly and well.

  25. Oh please tell me it will end? I had mine put in in September, have had spotting almost since then, plus long periods, that although not as heavy as pre Mirena, still happened when I was expecting the Utopia of NO BLEED. Ugh, had a shocking front cramp while grocery shopping on Wednesday this week, then massive clots and bright red gushing blood loss. Went to Dr, had an internal and an X-ray, looks like my body spat it out in one of those clots. It is Sunday night, and the clots and gushing are still happening. Please tell me what to expect next?

  26. Oh you bled heavy for TEN days?!? That just makes me want to cry. Poor you. Poor me. Thank goodness it is gone. Hopefully things will improve for me, too. Do you have any lasting effects?

  27. It was GROSS. Not sure if lasting effects – pimples worse now and I’m yet to lose the weight I put on. But I feel a whole lot happier. I really hope things settle down for you soon. Please let me know how it all goes xx

  28. I do feel happier, relieved it is gone, but this gushing chunky bleeding is ridiculous, where is it all coming from?! I do hope the pimples and weight disappears too. Gosh, the thought these effects won’t disappear is just too horrible to contemplate.

  29. I have always taken care of my body both inside and out with great
    eating habits and exercise. Happy-go-lucky personality. Prior to the
    mirena I researched its side effects. Since having it (3yrs) I have
    gained 30+ all over and lost my healthy head of hair. I have been
    fighting to keep my happy personality. I had it removed in April 2013.
    My doctor said my loss of hair was due to hormones. Women have great
    intuition. That day it spoke LOUD and clear. I disagreed with him and
    told him i wanted out anyway. I have had very heavy periods; if that’s
    what you want to call it. It is though the blood has been released from
    prison…a major exodus here; non stop. 2 weeks non stop then a few days
    of a break and its back; heavy. Its hard for me to exercise cardio
    wise, but i do get my weights in. I drink plenty of alkaline (lemon)
    water. 3 years of no menstruation and now the membrane is being flushed
    out so i do eat well to balance it all. I am still bloated and do feel
    as though I am smaller in size just a bit. I am giving my body, mind
    & spirit about 5-6 months to get back into normalcy. THANK GOD FOR
    BLOGS ๐Ÿ™‚

  30. Jesus being a woman really does have it crappy sides. I have just read this blog whilst in traffic, did I mention in sitting on a plastic bag and have half a roll of tp in my underwear just to make it home. I too had my mirena removed 4 weeks ago and am feeling the wrath more now than previous days. I had 2 ovarian cysts and many other side effects thanks to mirena. So thanks for your post. I am not alone

  31. Oh you poor love. 4 weeks ago? Have you had the heavy bleeding for 4 weeks, or Is this your first period? I had mine removed just over a week ago, (only in for 6mths, and I expelled it) stopped bleeding heavily on Wednesday, and stopped totally yesterday (Sunday) but its back again lightly today. I’ve gone straight on the pill, and my Dr said to have two periods before skipping them. I am so worried about what they are going to be like. No you are not alone. X

  32. So at the moment I am extremely freaked out and scared about whatever is happening, which led me to surfing the web for answers and coming across this article right now. I am having the EXACT symptoms you listed, from the gushing to the extreme clots and all……BUT mine is still currently in right now, I got it a little over a month ago and had the regular spotting etc., but starting today the crazy stuff began and I don’t know what to do. Did you ever find out exactly what caused that for you? And is there any possibility that can be the same cause for what’s happening to me now, despite my IUD is still being in? If anyone has any answers please let me know. I’m debating going to the emergency room now and seeing if they will take it out for me :-/

  33. So at the moment I am extremely freaked out and scared about whatever is happening, which led me to surfing the web for answers and coming across this article right now. I am having the EXACT symptoms you listed, from the gushing to the extreme clots and all……BUT mine is still currently in right now, I got it a little over a month ago and had the regular spotting etc., but starting today the crazy stuff began and I don’t know what to do. Did you ever find out exactly what caused that for you? And is there any possibility that can be the same cause for what’s happening to me now, despite my IUD is still being in? If anyone has any answers please let me know. I’m debating going to the emergency room now and seeing if they will take it out for me :-/

  34. I am not a doctor so can not give you medical advice, but I know someone else on here commented about the same thing that’s happening to you and they got an ultrasound. It showed that she had bled the device out. Go to a doctor or the hospital. Best you get the answers, support you need asap. Take care. Please let me know how you go xx

  35. I was having the exact same thing. I had mine removed thurs by my dr. She put me on antibiotics and had my hgb drawn. It had dropped to 11.2. Tankfully I take iron supplements or it would have been even lower. I’m still bleeding though and it’s still fairly heavy.

  36. I had the Mirena for 11 months (Sept 2012-Aug 2013) and out of that time I bled almost the entire time. I would estimate about 30 days of that time frame to have been blood free. I have since had it taken out, and STILL have been bleeding ever since. My doctor has given me 2 depo shots and birth control pills to stop the bleeding but it is relentless. I thought I was the only one who experienced the gushes and I have to go to work! I always have a big purse in which I keep my “kit” that includes extra panties and several bulky sanitary napkins. I live in a small town where my doctor is pretty much the only one here and they have no idea what to do. I have switched 3 doctors in that office. The only resolution they are giving me is to have my uterus removed however, I’m 30 with one child and would like more children. How long exactly did the excessive bleeding last? What did you do to ease the cramping? This is month 3 for me of this.

    • Oh far out honey. My bleeding went constantly for about three weeks. Then stopped. Have had regular periods since then. I know someone who had regular periods for awhile and then the gushes started for a few weeks. I am not a doctor so can’t help you, but hang in there hopefully it will stop soon. I hope it does, I really do xx

  37. I am so glad that I have found this site. I got my Mirena placed back in May of 2013. Immediately I started bleeding and I just did not fell right. I called my doctor and she assured me that my body was adjusting and I needed to give it time. My periods got worse, I was and emotional moody wreck, I felt as though I was in a fog and my family even noticed. I gained 15 pounds after I just worked so hard to lose 50. I got pimples (which I never have had acne), I was constantly bloated and crampy and I felt as though I had something inside of me that my body was trying to tell me to get it out. I went to my doctor multiple times and kept telling her I wanted it out, but she insisted that it would all get better. Finally on November 19th, 2013, after much arguing with my doctor I told her to remove it and she did. I instantly felt better and it was like a huge weight had just been lifted off of my shoulders. I didn’t have any bleeding for 2 days and then the awful gushes began. Tons of clots some the size of golf balls and horribly heavy bleeding through super tampons and pads. This is now day 13 of bleeding like this. I get a break here and there for a day or two then I feel this huge clot come out and the gushing begins all over again. I am miserable and I still have to work where I am a teacher so it makes it hard to run when I need to. I am so sick of this and it scares me sometimes because I feel so weak during the gushes and I have started to take iron to help with the anemia part, but I just want to be able to go out and not worry about having extra clothes and enough feminine products (let alone the cost of them is killing me)to last me through the day. I asked my cousin who is a doctor and she said that unfortunately it is normal to go through this as your body is trying to adjust to the hormone imbalance and she also said it can go on for quite awhile. She is the one who convinced me to have it removed as her friend is also going through this. I sure hope this ends soon for all of us going though this and it is such a relief to know I am not alone.

    • Oh Angie I really hope the bleeding stops soon. I can’t imagine how hard it must be for you standing in a classroom all day. Far out. It’s been a year and a half now since I got mine removed and I am feeling back to my normal self. It does get better. I still haven’t lost the weight, but my moods are way better, periods better and pimples subsided. I wish you all the best. Bxx

  38. OMG This seems to be the story over and over !!! I had this horrible device removed after a 10 month period !!! And now I too am passing blood clot after blood clot after blood clot ! What is this?? Will it end ?? I am tired and really
    Really sick of living in the toilet !

  39. I have had two Mirena’s placed so all together I had my Mirena for 10 years. I gained 30 lbs. with it in, around my mid section, heart palpitations, and general crankiness. I had the device removed on October 8th 2013, I spotted for 2 days then about November 19th I had a “Normal” period, lasting 4 days not real heavy at all. This morning I woke up to blood pouring down my legs and clots the size of golf balls. I am so scared I called my OBGYN and I am awaiting his call. HELP :'(

    • Oh sweetheart. Sounds like you are experiencing what any of us here have. Stock up on lots of pads, meds, changes of clothes. Hopefully you want have this happening for long. For me it was two weeks of gushing. Keep in contact with your doctor and know you are not alone. let us know how you go xxx

  40. I am currently going through the same thing. Had Murena iud put in Feb. 2013 and had it removed two days ago. Experiencing heavy (scary) bleeding & woke up last night drenched in sweat & blood. The bleeding feels like such a release even though my cramping is awful. I never felt right with the iud in place. Had a lot of anxiety and moods wings. I can’t wait to start feeling like myself again, my body is so out of whack and I can tell it is desperately trying to get back in balance!!

    I wish I never fooled with Murena.

  41. I’ve been heavy bleeding and clotting for 24 days since I had the mirena inserted. I removed it after 10 days sensing that it was a bad idea. What an OUTRAGE that the doctors and Mirena websites don’t seem to be aware of the millions of internet posts from women experiencing this!! Our female hormones are delicate and should not be fucked with like this! When am I going to stop bleeding and how long will it be until I have a normal cycle again??? How can something be allowed to be inserted into a human body that can cause this reaction after just 10 days???????

  42. Thank you so much for writing this and for the others for commenting. I’ve just had my mirena removed after 3.5 years with no major dramas but my cystic acne is out of control so trying estelle….. But just googled to find out if it was normal what just fell out of my uterus and clearly, it is!
    Incredible that it takes a blog to get clearer answers than the medical crap. Thanks again for sharing ladies, nice to know it does clear up eventually and based on this, I’ve still got about a fortnight of disgusting mess ahead of me. Happy New Year!

  43. I had medina inserted yesterday I.e on 31st dec and since then I have been having some bleeding but today I had huge has really scared me.i dunno if I did the right thing….

  44. I can fully relate to what so many other women are experiencing on here. I had the Mirena inserted after my second child. It was in for 4 years and was constantly bloated, irritated, and my body was trying to reject it so was getting discharge and the dr’s really couldn’t do anything. I removed it myself 2 days ago(ready zillions of articles for months and read mirenas website which says to just pull the string slowly out)and now the heavy blood is coming and I only have pantyliners since my period was never bad. About to go to the store and stock up, after reading all the blogs here it seems like its only going to get worse. But, good news is that we are finally rid of the darn mirena and slowly, hopefully, we will all return to normal. My boyfriend doesn’t understand the mood swings and I just wish I could make him experience this lol.

  45. Hi girls, it’s been so enlightening reading all of your posts. I have had 2 Mirena coils over the past 11 years. It’s a long time isn’t it? And i am on 37. I suffered from very heavy periods with clotting and was recommended this. Being so young i went a long with it. The only thing that has helped me keep it is that i don’t want to return to having heavy periods again, but i want the rest of my life to return back to normal. Over the past 5 months i have had a slight period every month that lasts about 3 days, but i have headaches and feel unwell for 2 weeks. I have decided to have it removed sometime this week, but i am really scared after reading all of the above. Does anyone know of any herbal hormone balancing supplements that can be taken to subside the bleeding a little at least? Or is it something i will have to live with for the rest of my life. Would a hysterectomy be the answer? Please help :'(

  46. I had the mirena coil removed on Thursday 2nd January 2014 after putting up with it for 4 years. I had periods every couple of weeks so the theory of having no periods and not carrying tampons with me everywhere I went became a very far fetched dream.
    Somehow feeling a weight lifted when I had it removed, I felt maybe, just maybe, I would be starting my life over with some normality. How very wrong I was. I began bleeding during the early hours of Saturday morning (4th January), I’ve been bleeding constant and heavy ever since. As many of you have described, yes, “gushing” is definitely the most apt description. I’ve never known anything like this.
    Today it caught up with me though, hence me searching the internet for some sort of answer. I’ve gone horribly weak and dizzy, with a nauseating headache (I’m used to suffering migranes but at least with them, I know what’s coming!).
    After reading all of your posts, I am hopeful this will soon subside and I can see that light at the end of the tunnel, so thank you for taking the time to write this very considerate blog.

    • Oh honey, I am not a medical professional but I think if you are feeling those symptoms you should go and get a check up with your doctor as you may be losing too much blood. Take care of yourself and let me know how you get on xx

  47. It was such a relief to come across your honest blog as i lay here in bed on a towel for fear of another night of soaking the sheets in blood. Only 4 days after removal of my mirena and im having to change tampons and pads every hour. Ive cried today from cramping, sheer exhaustion and complete worry at how im going to get my kids to school this week and myself to work. Ive had to rely on the goodness of my xhusband to help wash my sheets and help with chores. The bleeding is so heavy and the blood clots so huge my daughter came rushing to the bathroom when she heard me use the f word once from the toilet as i was so freaked out by the size of the clot. I thought this nightmare would be over once removed. I immediately felt clearer in my thoughts like my old self was returning and for 24 hours later i was breathing easier then this bleeding started. I only had my mirena for one month. During that time i was emotional. Foggy. Tired like first trimester pregnant tired. I told the nurse when having it removed i could feel it inside me the whole time like a constant bearing down. She said after the removal i had a prolapse uterus and that is why i feel a bearing down and that would be from having children. My children are now 10 and 12 and i have always been told i have good pelvic floor. I have researched in the last few days that mirena insertion can cause uterine prolapse. The mirena has been a terrible decision for me. Im laying here in fear and agony and the medical profession do nothing but sing its praises. Thank you for writing your blog and helping women know we are not alone

    • Oh honey I am so glad you have someone helping you. It is very scary and relentless. Please seek medical advice if it continues just to make sure, but know you are not alone and it will pass. Much love xx

    • Michelle
      I am interested in your research on Mirena and prolapse. I had a Mirena inserted to deal with the severe anemia I was having because of heavy, heavy periods. At the time, there was no mention of prolapse conditions. Now I have a grade 2-3 prolapse. I have been trying to find out about a connection, but am not finding much…would love to hear what you have found.


  48. Thank you so much for this blog. I’ve had similar problems to you with the mirena (got it put in 3 mnths ago) and have a doc appt this afternoon to have it removed. I was looking up the possibility of heavy bleeding afterwards (as that is what has happened to me after the use of other contraceptive devices) & have found quite a few pages. I am now going to cancel today’s appt & wait to see my gynaecologist next mnth & find out my next step. Only went on it as a last resort before they’d consider sterilization.

    Thanks again

  49. Oh yeah I forgot to add, a few pages I have read have said try raspberry leaf tea as apparently this helps slow the bleeding & make it less heavy. I haven’t tried it myself (as have only read it today) so can’t say whether it works or not. Think I may buy it for when I do get mine removed. then I can let you all know if it works.

  50. Reading these comments was like reading my own diary. I’ve gone from regular, heavy three day periods to constant spotting and gushing thanks to Mirena. Feeling desperate as I was convinced to have it inserted to cure anaemia. My uterus rejected it in a spectacular haemorrhage at Christmas and things aren’t yet back to normal. Furious to have been offered a hysterectomy by the gynae when prior to the IUD I had short, regular-as-clockwork cycles. They were heavy but manageable. Since the Mirena came out it’s been like a bad day at the slaughterhouse. So unimpressed!

  51. I had the mirena taken out on February 3, 2014. I have been bleeding since. I have been to the ER twice. I have been to my doctor once and am going again tomorrow. The bleeding, cramping, humongous clots, headache, and backache are terrible and rediculous. I have been bleeding for 17 days straight. Who or what bleeds for that long that heavily and still is alive walking around? I do take public transportation and it is embarrassing. I am changing a super plus tampon every 30 minutes with a pad. Nobody seems to have an answer. When will I stop bleeding?!?

  52. Oh my God, I have had the marina coil for nearly two years with no problems, recently it came out of it’s own accord and within 2 days I started taking the pill, I have just finished my three weeks and two days after the bleeding started, it is getting worse each day and tonight I’m in a mess so I have come on the internet to find answers and found this, really scared, worried and freaked by this and feel that I should of been warned about the possible side effects, I’m really not happy.

  53. Oh my God, I have had the marina coil for nearly two years with no problems, recently it came out of it’s own accord and within 2 days I started taking the pill, I have just finished my three weeks and two days after the bleeding started, it is getting worse each day and tonight I’m in a mess so I have come on the internet to find answers and found this, really scared, worried and freaked by this and feel that I should of been warned about the possible side effects, I’m really not happy.

  54. Thankyou for this blog! I am going through this currently and need to get my mirena removed because of a 20kg weight gain, burst 4x4x4cm cyst and constant pain 24/7! The blood loss post removal is my nightmare awaiting and at the moment I’m trying to hold off for Eater holidays because that’s my only break close enough at the moment!

  55. Dear Ladies: I am glad to coming across these accounts and experiences and it almost reads as a repeat story for all of us including myself.
    I have taken out the Mirena after a 7 month nightmare of adjustment to it ( which I was told was normal), yet after not being able to conduct a business meeting without almost collapsing of severe cramps that landed me recently in ER, I decided to remove it and go back on the pill for a while.
    Now, that I have removed the IUD on Feb. 24th, I have been bleeding since. At first i thought its my normal period and with having started the pill the bleeding should stop, but now I have moved into the mode of gushing blood flow and a lot of clotting. Its almost as all what was suppressed to come out in the past month is now leaving my body. I am planning a visit to the Gyno tomorrow for some advise and will update you all. My feeling is that a light pill may not be strong enough to regulate that heavy flow I always had.
    I have a questions for all mums though, I am always told that after child birth the periods change and the previous conditions may not be carried forward – is there in fact some truth behind it? Thank you for listing.

  56. omg Katharina I had mine out 02/20 so about the same time frame as you and am still having severe cramping and bleeding, clots the size of tennis balls and extreme fatigue and thirst! I have been looking for someone who may have had it removed and had similar problems but so far everyone of my friends here locally who had iuds removed said they were fine and had period like recoveries with cramping! I am sorry we all have to go through this but so glad I am not alone!

  57. Hi Bianca and everyone, so happy to find this! Having the same thing after mirena was removed Feb 26th. Been bleeding on and off for the last month (sometimes very very heavy). Please update when it stopped. Thanks!

  58. So glad I found this blog. I am one of the lucky women the mirena suited, have had 2 in last ten years and it worked really well for me, almost no periods and no complications. Had it taken out this week as it was out of date and I’m pre-menopausal. Thought everything was fine, but bleeding started today, huge clots, blood just flowing out. At least I now know this is normal! But absolutely no warning from doctor. Thanks for your blog, will be checking in again for more info.

  59. I had mine removed because I kept getting vaginal infections. Now reading I realize a lot of the issues I’ve had over the years could have been a side effect of mirena. I had bad PNS, depression,tiredness,headaches/migraine,wright gain. I started spotting on removal,two days later I awoke to a bloody nightmare, no exaggeration! I had blood flowing down my legs making a trail on the floor as I rush to the toilet. Blood clots and a lot! My husband rushed to help me. He said oh my god, if it was anyone else they would be totally freaking right now! I’m so glad I use a diva cup. It creates a seal around you vagina and you will not leak. Look into ladies. I’m going to take lots of iron and pray this horrible clotting river stops soon.

  60. What you have described is exactly what is happening to me. Day three after removal and have horrendous bleeding, pain and clots. Worried about passing out if it doesnt stop. I can feel symptoms of anemia starting. Going to doc tomorrow if bleeding hasnt slowed.

  61. Thank god for this blog. I had the Mirena put in 6 months ago, and bled every 2 weeks with lots of cramps. I have been bleeding heavily since May 10th with lots of big clots and finally asked and got the Mirena removed last Friday May 30th after a horrible experience at work.. I have started to bleed and push out clots again, changing sanitary towels every 30 mins. Does anyone know how long bleeding/clots last after removal? I am drenched and Mirena has been the worst contraceptive method ever! Also should I be worried about the clots or will they eventually dissappear. Doctor advised that I shouldn’t expect too much heavy bleeding as it beem happening for 3 weeks and am on iron tablets to build the strength to keep my eyes open.

  62. I have been dealing with all of this since I had the mirena removed last December due to it falling out. Before mirena I always had regular periods (a while after I discontinued the depo shot), and after the IUD was placed I experienced the WORST cramps I have ever felt. And even since removal, I have the cramps, my period is so heavy that I can’t leave the house for days, I get very nauseous and dizzy for the first couple days. My body seems to be all messed up from that evil device. I have a yearly pap coming up, going to ask what the hell is going on with me and why. It also doesn’t help not knowing what’s wrong with me when I’m “trying” to get pregnant. I’m glad I’m not alone in this, but feel so horrible for everyone who has to deal with it. Hoping this shit will stop soon!

  63. On top of what I just posted, I’m passing clots about the size of golf balls all day and night until the last day of my period which is usually about 9 days.

  64. I had the same provlem bleed for 12 days by day 10 i was passing gold ball sized clots every 20 to 40 mins soaking through a super tampoon and over night pad at the dame time every hr. Dr put me on estrogen for 4 days to stop the bleexing them anothed hormone for 10 days now im 10 days late for the next period and pregnancy test all negative so no clue whats going on on the plus side acne gone and lost 6lbs in the first 3days of having it taken out i to felt this weird feeling of relief when it first came out like a weight had been lifted emotionallt

  65. I had the mirena inserted may 1st 2014. I started blood thinners a week later for a blood clot I had in my lung. I bled lightly till the last week of May and it got a bit heavier and started passing clots the size of a bouncy ball, called my dr lowered the dosage of blood thinners. The bleeding continued and got worse on the 4th of June and I was having a lot of pain to the point it was making me nauseated. I passed a clot the size of an iPhone on the 6th of June and the mirena was tangled up in it, called the gyno told me if the bleeding/pain (changing 2-6 pads in an hour) gets worse go to my dr or the ED and I was to come in on the 30th. The bleeding got heavier and I was actually having to sit on the toilet at least every 2 hours coz I was gushing blood and passing more iPhone sized clots by the 9th of June (Monday night) I was pale & light headed I went to the ED to be sent back to the dr and was given primlout. It didn’t help the bleeding seemed to get worse I woke around 4am Wednesday morning (10th of June) covered in blood so was my bed (I had actually passed out) I felt nauseous and wobbled to the shower leaving a trail of blood behind me hubby was in the shower (night shift worker) and he stuck his head out said you really don’t look good I looked at him and said I don’t feel right a few seconds later I had another massive gush of blood and passed a clot a little bigger than a cricket ball and fell (hubby caught me) I showered and we went straight to the ED I couldn’t walk and was just a mess by this stage. I ended up being admitted for 10 days and having 4 blood transfusions (they did a D&C tried an endometrial ablation and bakri balloon) 12 weeks later I’m still in pain and bleeding (not to the extent I was) I am now having a hysterectomy next Friday at the age of 24! The drs blame the mirena the gynos blame the blood thinners. I think the blood thinners may have contributed to it but I think the mirena was the culprit and it has done some damage for me to be bleeding 7 weeks after it falling out!

  66. I too found this blog by surfing the web trying to understand what’s happening to me. I bled lightly but steadily most of the time the mirena was in from February until two weeks ago when I had it removed. A few days after removal I stopped bleeding and thought “thank God I’m back to normal”. The next evening I felt like I’d peed myself, yet not… ran to the bathroom and had blood running down my legs. I’ve now been bleeding and passing blood clots for the past week. I wake at night due to the intense cramping. I had an ultrasound done last Wednesday at the womens clinic and they said that the lining of my uterus is thick. I’m waiting to hear something further.

    I’m in the middle of a lot of personal stress and thought that might be the problem. I’m also turning 46 this month and thought maybe it’s all peri menapausal. But my situation reads like the rest here. I just want my body back to normal… I’m trying to move 2500 miles across country with my two teens and this bleeding issue just makes everything feel so much more challenging.

  67. Wow am I glad Iโ€™m not the only one experiencing this. I had a Mirena for 5 years with no problems. I loved it and it completely stopped my horrible periods. (I used to miss a day of work every month because they were so heavy) So after the 5 years was up I had a new one put in. Again, no problems. After 4 years of having it I saw a new doctor who said I had PCOS and several bad ovarian cysts, so he recommended I have the Mirena removed because of itโ€™s hormones. I made an appointment with my gynecologist who could not find the strings or get it out. I had to go back for an ultrasound to locate it and another attempt was made to remove it with no luck. (The pain was unbearable!) So they finally had to anesthetize me and got it out on the third attempt. Turns out it was jammed WAY up into the top/back part of the uterus and may have been caused from me doing some very heavy lifting.

    Anyway, I bled lightly for a few days after the removal. No biggie. Then all hell broke loose. For the past 2 weeks I have been bleeding very heavily but not really having any cramps. It feels more like pressure, like I have to go to the bathroom. This past weekend I was almost ready to go to the ER. I was soaking overnight pads and passing large clots. At one point I just sat on the toilet for 30 minutes because there was no point in putting on another pad. Iโ€™ve had horrible periods my whole life but nothing compared to this.

    My only concern is Iโ€™m going to Las Vegas in 2 months and I sure hope this bleeding stops and I regulate my cycle again. UGH!!!!

  68. I am going through this right now! I had the Mirena removed on Thursday and I had to leave work early because two hours into my shift, it looked like an episode of Dexter in my underwear! I can’t believe the amount of blood that is coming out of my body! And HUGE CLOTS! I almost cried/vomited!

  69. After Reading all this i feel like i have wont an Oscar at the Hammer house of horrors. I had this thing fitted 3 months ago….still bleeding everyday, clots…bloating headaches…I feel so OLD. It was supposed to get rid of my heavy periods and be a form of contraception….well it is definately a great cpntraceptive, my hubby and I have touched for months. I feel so angry…my gynae said read this leaflet……so of course I didn’t and thought I would be like all my friends and it would be great ( yeh, stupid I know). dumb question, but would anyone consider a hysterectomy instead of this? I don’t think I can face the next ten years of loosing these monumental clots….it is so grotesque and makes me feel like vomiting. Sorry to moan, great to know I am not alone…sorry for all of you suffering out there!

  70. I hate it…5 months with it…I just keep bleeding, massive things keep coming out. Best contraception I have ever had. I feel bloated, old and deeply unattractive. Yuc. I don’t t I could exercise if I wanted to….I can’t even stand for long, let alone pick up the kids…gush and rush…I hve banned kids from the toilet….was always free and easy going before…now I feel like I have to hide it all from my husband and kids. My husband and I haven’t even cuddled in four months! I am sure he finds it as unattractive as I do.
    I hate it……but am scared to get it removed.
    Yuc. Great to vent…….keep going girls….we are strong!!!

  71. The Dr could have given you quite a few drugs to make your bleeding stop or less heavy (Tranexamic acid, etc) so I’m not sure why this Dr didn’t do anything to help you.

  72. reading your story made me remember a similar experience but after i got sterilized wich was normal, but what i dont understand is why the doctors just say they dont know and didnt do anything about it ?? 10 days heavy period is not normal, as a young woman once or twice when stopping with my contraceptive pills and my cycle goes all out of control, my doctor gave me some other hormone pills who help regulated it again and stop the bleeding. Fir 10 days one pill a day and the bleeding start getting less and then it stopped. And my next cycle comes in as normal again. You should question your doctors about this. In my country its how they would do it. Maybe in your country there are other rules and regulations to follow. But its very strange that they let you bleeding that way for so long. Thanks for sharing.

  73. Hi all

    I had my mirena put in early December 2013 to try and control such horrendous bleeding and pain during my periods that it was ridiculous. I so wish I had just dealt with what I knew. For the last 13 months I’ve had every side effect and always was bleeding always could feel it just sitting there.

    For the last 10 days the bleeding has gotten worse and the pain has been awful and few hours ago a clot about the size of a baseball left me with the mirena in it. I’m scared. Even with the terribly heavy bleeding I’ve had before this is astounding. I’ve never seen so much blood in all my life. The pain is bearable but getting worse. I can’t even sit comfortably. But I also feel lighter than I have in a year and don’t feel like I’ve got something sticking into me anymore.

    can anyone tell me how long to expect the really bad bleeding for?

    • Nicole, I think it best you seek medical advice. My bleeding lasted for about 12-14 days, but I did go and do a test to make sure I wasn’t losing too much blood. As I am not a medical professional I’d advise you to go and chat to your doctor or pop into your local hospital if that’s an option just to make sure all ok. Take care xxx

      • Hi, I was just curious, how long did you have your Mirena in before having it removed?

        I am going through the same issues, had my Mirena removed a week ago, 2 days after, I started bleeding heavy and am still bleeding heavy with big clots, very scary! I only had my Mirena in for 7 months.

        Reading your blog though has helped me and given me hope that this will all stop soon. It’s been very rough, scary, and emotionally draining.

        Thank you, and if you have any more information regarding any of this, it would greatly welcomed and appreciated!

        • I had the mirena in for about a year and 2 months. The heavy bleeding finally stopped after about 8 days. I wish someone had told me about the removal effects. So just know, it will stop!

  74. Wow. I see Im not the only one. I has my IUD put in 1/15/15 taken out 3/9/15. I had polyps removed 1-15 as well. I experienced light bleeding during the time I had the IUD and the day it was taken out heavy bleee begun and alot of blood clots. I had heavy bleeding before my procedure and got the Mirena becauae I thought it would help the heavy cycles and clotting. I feel like the doctors push for patients to get these HELL RAISERS because of the hidden incentives the manufacturer gives them. I feel they know their IUD is shitty and dont give a damn. Im pissed I had one and if I dont get normal soon, someone will be hearing from my attorney. Ladies DONT GET THIS IUD. ITS VERY HARMFUL THAN BENEFICIAL.

  75. Thank you for sharing your experience. I had to crack up when I saw the photo. Totally illustrates the situation perfectly. I had mine removed about 10 days ago. Had the heavy, Dexter-esque bleeding with golf ball sized clots for a week. Then it just stopped. I thought I was out of the woods but then today it started up again. HUGE clots. This is my 2nd Mirena. I had one for about 4 years and the withdrawal wasn’t terrible. But I did gain 30 lbs on it and my migraines were worse. After 2 years I decided to try again (yeah I know. Really dumb of me) and 8 months later I couldn’t take it anymore. I gained 20 pounds, acne, major mood swings (I’ve been scary) and I’ve been tired all the time. So even though I feel like he embodiment of true blood, I already feel better than I have since insertion. I’m headed to the naturopath next week to see if he has any options to help get my hormones under control. I’ll post if there’s any help from that.
    Thanks again for this post. I hope you know that it helps. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Update! Ok so when last I wrote I was bleeding like an extra on the Walking Dead (and feeling like one too) well things just got worse and worse. I ended up going to the emergency room and that was just such a great experience. I waited around in the waiting room feeling like hell warmed over for 6 hours, then finally went back. The doctor ordered blood work, a vaginal ultrasound, and an exam. The blood work showed I was slightly low on iron and my blood count was lower but within range, the ultrasound didn’t show anything except blood pooled in there (but my overies which felt like they were about to explode looked “normal”), and the exam showed nothing. 3 hours later I was diagnosed with…(wait for it…) VAGINAL BLEEDING. Yes, you read that right. I just about lost my shit on the doctor. Lucky for me my fiance was there to take over after I said something along the lines of “Wait… THAT’s what this is?!? Holy hell! I didn’t know that I was BLEEDING FROM MY VAGINA!” Yeah I was a bit snarky.
      Guess what? My bleeding stopped the VERY NEXT DAY. That was the most expensive period I’ve ever had.

      I went to the naturapath and he did other tests and figured out that I am EXTREMELY estrogen dominant. As in my body does’t make it’s own progesterone. So for the last 2 months I’ve been using progesterone cream and DIM complex to help balance out my wacky system. What a difference! I’ve been in a MUCH better mood, I have more energy, and I’m sleeping so well the fiance had to wake me up the first few nights just to make sure I was ok. I haven’t lost any of the Mirena weight, but I really haven’t tried very hard since starting the new protocol. I’ve really wanted to let it even out and get used to not being depressed and fatigued before hitting it hot and heavy. But I did do manual labor for 2 weeks and I’ve started gaining muscles and I have so much more stamina now!

      The first period after the bloodbath was heavy and long. but the next one was slightly better, and the one I just finished actually surprised me when it started! I didn’t have any PMS or cramping which is completely bazaar since I’ve had horrific periods since I was 13. It only lasted the usual 7 days too!

      I can’t ever go back on hormonal birth control. I had tried everything else before the mirena and it was my last hope. So we are looking at alternative solutions since we do not want kids.

      Morel of my story? Go see someone who thinks outside the big pharm box, give your body time to heel, and look into the whole estrogen dominance thing.

      If you want any info on what I’ve been doing, or the name of my naturopath, email me I’m not trying to sell anything or spam, just want to help anyone else who has gone through this.


  76. I just had my Mirena removed last Friday so today makes it a full week. I have not had much cramping at all. Just a little bit of annoying, not painful pressure cramps. I can feel slight cramping, but hardly painful. I started bleeding, as expected, 2 days after removal. I have had clots the size of golf balls as well. Today I tried to wear a maxi pad but had leaked because the pad didn’t absorb fast enough! Luckily I had thick military uniform pants on so you couldn’t see it and I had caught it soon enough. I came home from work and had soaked a Super tampon within the hour.

    My worst day so far though was when I did a Spin class at the gym. I hadn’t noticed but I had leaked on the bike seat:( I thought that it was just sweat from a good workout! I was so embarrassed because the next class was rushing in to claim their bikes and I hadn’t cleaned the seat yet, (all the cleaning towels were gone since patrons used them for their sweat instead). A woman came over and asked if I was staying, I wasn’t, so she said she’d clean it off. She hadn’t noticed the blood yet. Since there were no towels immediately available I just rushed out of the room and straight to the bathroom. Luckily it wasn’t running down my legs yet so I rushed to my car and home, hoping no one would see me.

    I know some people may wonder why I was at the gym, doing a Spin class of all things, but I hadn’t realized it was that bad yet, it was only day 3.

    I’d had Mirena before. I got it the first time in March 2007. Had it taken out in February 2010, got pregnant, then got the Mirena again in March 2011. The first time I had it removed I had no problems. I was pregnant within the month. This time though is different. Maybe because I had it for so long? Maybe because I went from pregnant in 2006-07, to Mirena, to pregnant in 2010, to having Mirena for 4 straight years. Essentially my body has seemed pregnant since 2006.

    I too am wondering when it will stop and can’t seem to find any answers:(

  77. The mirena is the Devil and I would love to give the makers an earfull!! They ruined my life at the early age of 19. Ever since I have begged and pleaded with people to not get the mirena.I could go on for days.

  78. Im seriously about to call my doctor and scream at her. Granted she had no idea I would have such a bad time with the Mirena, but seriously, I asked what the side effects could be and long term effects, and I just got a bunch of “oh nothing it’ll be fine”s and just plain non direct answers.

    Well, I had the mirena from November 2014 after lots of thinking, debating, and doctors visits… And I had it removed last firday, June 2015. Lasted six months and a week before my doctor and I decided it was getting nothing but worse. At first, my “spotting around the time of your period” ended up being bleeding for four months straight and still heavy periods for months five and six. On top of that I gained 8lbs and I can no longer fit into my jeans. Haven’t changed my diet or exercise, its like my metabolism just quit for those six months. I also started getting mild acne, went to my dermatologist, tried some new stuff, skin ended up getting progressively more sensitive since I had the iud placed, and I ended up not being able to use any acne medications without chemical burns after one treatment of the lowest dose on the market, so then my mild acne turned into ten times worse than I had ever had… And I had pretty modderate acne in high school. Then I was also having mood swings, pregnancy symptoms off and on… Oh and then after some severe pain on my side, my doctor found a “tiny” cyst on my ovary… Went in for an ultrasound… Got a call from the doctor “sooooo… Its a bit bigger than we thought… But we’re pretty sure its not cancerous!” (Im 20, have a 2 year old, and am trying to finish college so I can have another baby, this was traumatically terrible news) … Doctor then said if it gets any bigger or doesn’t go away and is still painful, Im going to have to have surgery. wonderful. So finally I got it removed and went back to the pill.

    Was spotting when I went it… Got it yanked out… Spotting actually stopped for a couple days. Spotting started again yesterday. This morning was a normal period. This afternoon… Put in a super tampon like normal … Ten minutes later felt kinda weird like it was full, but I ignored it… Ten minutes later it was getting worse… Ten minutes later I was running to the bathroom because I had never seen that much blood in my life. Huge clots 1-3in in diameter .25-.5in thick… I don’t even understand how that Can come out of my cervix, man. Ive been getting really light headed and im blaming it on the blood loss. I really hope it lets up. This isn’t just heavy bleeding, this is constant gushing. I took a shower and the water was red almost the entire time and there were like 7 huge clots that passed in the 20 minute time frame… The weirdest thing is that there has been no cramping… Although, my cyst is starting to flare up again now.

    Aside from all the hell going on in my vagina… Ive felt nothing but happy and positive (no more depression!) Since I got it removed. No more over eating. No more sore booBs. No more irritability. I can already notice a difference in my skin (its at least not getting worse anymore). Less anxiety. the list goes on. I just feel wonderful, minus the niagra falls of hell in between my legs. Really hoping I dont have to go to the hospital… Do not need that bill. And I am praying to the all mighty gods from every religion I can think of in hopes that things level out so I can have another baby. Just one more! We just want one More! Then my body can say fuck you… But right now im only 20 and I need a second baby in T-Minus 2 years. *sigh…

  79. I know how you feel I had the mirena put in on April 14th and it’s was the second worse pain in my life and a very close to being first (over kidney failure). Three days after it was put in i begged for it to be removed and begged some more. Every day since I have bleed threw pad after pad and had cramps so bad I’m on narcotics for the pain but still she kept it in. Even after I told her I was depressed and mood swings the list goes on and on!! I have never had a bad period before only bad enough for a liner but always have had bad cramps. Finally today after over almost 3 months I removed the bad boy myself in my bathtub! !! The pressure and cramps went right away but now I’m bleeding bright red!!! This is a drug from hell and should not be giving to women and we should of had all these warnings before ever letting them put it in!!!!

  80. I’m so happy to come across this post! I hate we all are or have gone through bad reactions with mirena. I had mine put in because everyone just raved about it, the docs said few minor side effects. Had it removed 9 days ago, started the heavy clotting two days after removal. The doc said I may experience little to mild bleeding, lol. It was a man. I’ve tried explaining it to family that it’s so heavy I’ve gone through 2 super tampons in an hour. I triple layer heavy pads in case I bleed through…I’m constantly running to the bathroom. I have a 19 month old that wants me to play and run around, and I just can’t. Something needs to be done about these warnings of side effects, people need to be told the truth. Thank you for writing this blog post.

  81. I had the mirena implanted 6 months after I had my daughter, I also have pretty severe endometriosis. Along with a prolapsed uterus . needless to say I have constant abdominal pain and discomfort. My Dr. Thought the implant would help stop my periods and help reduce the endo symptoms. It did not. 1 week later I was experiencing horrible stabbing pains and weakness. I had it removed and am going on 3 weeks of continuous heavy bleeding with large blood clots and pain. We were unable to come to an exact conclusion as to why this is happening but in the mean time I am undergoing a hormone treatment to temporarily put me in menopause. Hopefully this will help as I do wish to have more children and a hysterectomy is not something I want done at the age of 22.

  82. Hi there, we’ll all I can say is that if men had to endure these nasty little life destroyers, they would have been made illegal years ago!
    I had one put in in March 2014 and had it taken out on the 3rd June this year. In that time my weight ballooned, my moods were unbelievable, my depression got to the worst point it has ever been (I was secretly extremely suicidal – and I have 2 young children to care for), I was paranoid, suffered incredible anxiety and wanted to just end it all.
    All this from one IUD.
    So I am now considered badly overweight and have been told by my doctor I am at high risk of diabetes and I have zero self esteem because of how I look.
    The most disgusting thing about this process was that no one explained to me the side effects, no one told me I would probably go through hell and would end up a depressed suicidal overweight head case. When I told my doctor I wanted it out, he said (and I quote) “I need a good reason before I will commit to removing it from you”. Er….it’s my body not yours for a start?! After arguing with him (yes I had to argue to have it removed) he finally decided to agree, but he wasn’t impressed (do they get paid for each month we wear them or something? Commission?).
    So I had had a tubal ligation because I am 43 and don’t want anymore children. So much better now it is out, but my husband said I was willing to undergo surgery just to get that piece of poison out of my body. It says a lot.

  83. Have had a mirena three times in 10 years. First two ok but Removed due to back ache and inflammation. Third merina developed large ovarian cyst which burst, pain was close to labour pains for 45 minutes. I gained 25 kg aching joints thinning hair. Had it removed by an integrated health practitioner/dr who said I should never had one one in the first place 9 days ago. Same story as everyone else gushing toilet dashing embarrassing floods. Nausea and emotional days , very tired and frightened by clots. I too think my body is having all the periods I missed with the mirena no wonder we get bloating! All the uterus shed linings that didn’t happen in a period are coming out now! I hope it doesn’t last but unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be anyone who has had an explanation and answer. I am going to do saliva tests to see where my hormones are at in a month and maybe start on some progesterone cream if required. Im glad I read this blog thank you for sharing I am glad also not to be alone with this bloody nightmare!

    • That’s horrible, I’m sorry you had to go through this too!! I hope you are feeling better by now! Has your bleeding subsided? I’m nervous too since I’ve had all the symptoms you mentioned, ruptured ovarian cyst, nausea,vomiting, lightheadedness, diarrhea, etc. However I only had mine I’m for 3.5 weeks.

  84. i have had the marina coil in for two years now and have bled constantly been back and forth to the dr ive lost count how many times in the last year and a half to see why i am still bleeding everyday to be told it takes time to settle every time i go back the time scale for it settling grows ive had enough now i want it out but is my bleeding going to get worse when it gets taken out ??? im worried now :(bb

  85. I just found this site while searching the Internet for my symptoms, and I feel like I want to cry. Thank you all for sharing your stories, I don’t feel like I’m crazy. No one seems to believe how much misery I’ve been in the past three weeks of my life, simply because my symptoms do not appear in the insert packet. I decided to get the mirena since regular birth control pills caused me a blood clot at the beginning of the year which was a horror story in and of itself. I am going to be 30 this year and have one child and would like to wait until I am settled into a career before we continue to expand our family. For the past 7 months we have been using natural methods without fail, but it was always in the back of our minds that this was not a very reliable method, at least that’s what science tells us. So I decided to bite the bullet and go for the mirena. I mean every scientific piece of information I read lead me to believe severe complications were rare and there was no mention of everything I was to experience. My Ob at the student health center was very gun ho about it too. I ignored all the internet horror stories dismissing it as the rare occasion something went wrong. Besides, I was told women were getting them left and right and loving them. Insertion for me was a breeze and I felt pretty great the first day other than the feeling of a foreign object inside of me. Being told the first day was the worst of it I figure it would be a walk in the park, boy was that a big fat misleading piece of information . The second day I started with the horrible long contraction like cramps( and I am not exaggerating I’m not a newbie to pain having had dental work without anesthesia and child birth without epidural.) As the week progressed the pain seemed to get worse, along with nausea, diarrhea and fatigue. I don’t know how I managed to finish summer school with good grades but I did. By the end of the first week I was in so much pain I ended up in the er. My diagnosis,a ruptured ovarian cyst, which the er physician said it was likely caused by the mirena. I have never had an ovarian cyst in my life. Immediately I called my Ob which proceeded to tell me it must have been bad timing because the mirena was suppose to suppress my ovulation, which I already thought was fishy since it’s not fully understood how mirena prevents pregnancy. The next week I rested as much as I could after my ovarian cyst ruptured since I’d been told all my symptoms should subside in about a week. The pain got a little better but ever since ( it’s been 2 weeks) the nausea, diarrhea, and extreme dizziness have not subsided. In fact the next week I thought I was better and even took my son out for a full day of summer fun, since I’ve been a recluse since this whole mirena thing. That night I had the most horrible cramps and ended up throwing up and having explosive diarrhea which was dismissed as a stomach bug. The abdominal pain and overall sense of malice was too much for me and considering I’m starting an internship next week I decided the best thing was to take it out. My Ob said all of my symptoms must be something else and to go see a general practitioner, though before the mirena I was perfectly happy and healthy. The general practitioner says it’s probably due to my body reacting to the mirena. My Ob seemed annoyed at me and didn’t even explain to me what I would experience following the removal and I didn’t bother asking because I was annoyed too at this point. All she did was shove a progestin only prescription down my throat and was too concerned how i would prevent pregnancy from now on. Like many of the ladies here have mentioned I too felt a sense of great physical and emotional relief having the Devils claw from out of my womb. However, I had not seen the end of it yet. The next day was ok, I bled lightly and had only mild cramps. Last night, though, the heavy heavy bleeding and cramping started. Even after having my son I did not bleed this much and the lightheadedness has not seized. After reading all of these posts I am bracing my self for a long ride. How horrific all of us have had to endure this without any warning. I wish more information along with acknowledgement from the medical community existed in educating patients of the potential side effects of this device. It infuriates me most doctors refuse to acknowledge some of the side effects of the Mirena, it has ruined my life and hope to feel better soon.

  86. I had so many problems with the Mirena! They put it in (hurt like hell) to stop irregular bleeding. Didn’t help but did cause wild mood swings and terrible headaches. It also cause terrible pain in my right side. When I asked three different doctors, they said that’s normal and not to worry about it. I went and had it removed at PP the other day. The NP I saw was probably the best health care professional I’ve ever met…maybe on the planet. We had a long talk about it and she said she NEVER gives them to patients based on the pain of insertion alone. But, she also said a lot of negative things that they simply don’t tell you. I’ve been spitting for 3 days since I had it removed, but I am not willing to try that again. Stay strong!

  87. Oh thank god I read your blog got coil out 10 days ago and thought I was bleeding to death, I have had to work through it praying that it wouldn’t come through my clothes, you didn’t say when it stopped there seems to be no let up should I go back to doc. The Mirena coil has been the worst time of my life, like you there was immediate relief when it came out. I was constantly sick, cold sores in my eyes, felt like I had constant PMT craving food constantly, weeping constantly felt like I was going crazy until I spoke to a friend of mine and she had coil removed because she nearly had nervous breakdown and it nearly broke up her marriage. My opinion it throws your hormones out of whack, I now know I am going to have to work hard on bringing myself back to balance has it happened for you, and if so how long did it take you.

  88. I am so pleased I am not alone. I had a mirena put in on May 12th for really heavy periods and fibroid. It certainly made my periods lighter but instead of having them every month I bled every single day! A course of norethisterone failed to have any effect so I had it taken out on 9th November. Today I was in bed sleeping after night shift and I was woken by the most horrendous gushing and cramping. I have honestly never seen anything like it. I don’t regret having the coil removed because I had other miserable side effects too I’m sure this is pretty normal after coil removal but I’m tired of bleeding all the time. I’m a nurse so I can’t really stay off my feet at work and I can’t really keep running to the bathroom all the time. I have an appointment with Gynaecology at the end of the month to discuss hysterectomy and I really hope they agree

  89. I’m so glad I found this post and amazing to see its still going years later from when you started it! I was on cerazette birth control pill and after having my son my body didn’t suit it anymore and I had terrible flooding for about 6 months I became a complete recluse and hated going anywhere as the bleeding was horrendous and would sneak up on me and I couldn’t even take my kids out without an accident! A top London gyno who I managed to see through my private health care assured me that the mirena coil would be my cure so I had it fitted then and there! And for the bleeding it was amazing it slowly calmed it down! However I then developed melasma on my face. (Darkening of the skin upper lip cheeks and forehead). My gp confirmed it was the coil that was likely to have contributed to it starting so exactly a year later I had it removed! I’m a month post removal and the flooding/heavy heavy bleeding is here ๐Ÿ˜ข. I am hoping once my body calms down it will settle as it worries me it might be back for good! It was refreshing to read this and maybe there might be hope for me x

  90. I had a mirena placed two days ago and I am in constant pain and feel very depressed and very suicidal. I am 30 years old with no children and my doctor said it was great so I decided to go with it. The pain of insertion nearly made me pass out. I have not felt right since and don’t know what I should do now. I am thinking I should go to the hospital or remove it myself…

  91. Hi bigwords, I had the copper T inserted and only for 3 weeks. I did a ton of research before doing it and only after doing it and nearly fainting in the process from the pain, having to drive myself home straight after, I realised the mistake I had made. I bled most of the 3 weeks with spotting. Cramps. packed on 3kgs. ate constantly and ate unhealthily despite a long term health kick I had started, I couldn’t exercise, bloated, I was feeling depressed but also lethargic all this on something which is deemed non hormonal and I quote my gynae should not affect me like that, after which she tried to blame some homeopathic meds I was on. The moment she removed it I could feel it was gone, it wasn’t digging into me internally. I chose the copper t because it was the most natural but I could feel myself being poisoned. I also lost my sex drive. which is extremely high. since I had it removed last Thursday, I started bleeding on Saturday night, exact experience as you. The Dr gave me meds to counteract the bleeding but I just feel that my body has had enough crap done to it from this horrific experience and I would rather stick to my theory of natural is best. i am eating lots of protein and iron rich food so it shouldn’t be an issue, not feeling light headed at least but it does feel I am slowly bleeding to death. I commend you for your share and I intend to do the same on my blog. I have read enough and spoken to enough people in my life who have slated these devices and I am so surprised how much the medical world plays these side effects and the debilitating pain down. anyway, thats my 2 cents, you aren’t alone. this all totally sucked and I wouldnt recommend it to anyone.

  92. I had the same experience with the Mirena. I bleed 25 days each month for the last 5 months. My doctor said give it 6 months to get use to your body. This is the 6th month and fortunately it fell out on its own. I am still bleeding with bliod clots looking like golf balls, the pain is excruciating at times where i need to take oxycodone because motrin is not strong enough. I would NEVER recommend the Mirena and i never wish to hear the worx MIRENA again.
    This has been a nightmare.

  93. Hi guys.
    I have had the Mirena in gor almost 5 months. It is the worst thing. I have had blood that looks like mud and then some red tinges for almost the entire time. The pains i get just cripple me at times. My gyno also has me on NORETHISTERONE TABLETS, 4 a day for 2 weeks then 3 a day for 3 weeks the 1 a day for 2 weeks then i stop them. Im ready to have it out but now im scsred after heRing what u have all gone through when it has been removed. Im almost 50 so my gyno thought it would get me through menopause. Im so over this the mood swings the weight gain the passing of MUD which is the only eau i can discribe it and the period pain like nothing i have ever felt even before i had the thing put in.
    Cheers everyone.

  94. I am kinda in the same boat and very very nervous. I had my mirena inserted in December 2010 and removed October 2015. I had no bleeding after removal (except for a few light days right after) for 4 months and than on Feb 14th 2016 my periods came back with a vengeance. I have had gushing blood, massive clots and it is now going on 2 months with no reprieve. I did have about a week in there somewhere with very little bleeding but I can’t get any concrete answers. I thank you for your blog but it still makes me nervous that it took me so long to get my cycle back and now it won’t quit. I am one who can’t run to the bathroom any time I wish, and I have had MANY experiences cleaning up my messes and carry around a change of clothes along with my arsenal of “lady products”. Any help or advice would be much appreciated!

  95. Could it be due to some kind of gynecological condition like adenomyosis. That causes very heavy bleeding. I also reacted terrible to the iud and I have adeno as well. Thanks for speaking out ๐Ÿ™‚

  96. I’ve had the same problems ! From the start ! I’ve had massive pain in my uterus to boot ! Food cravings, weight gain, anxiety like I have never known before ! Pimple break outs that were worse than the teen years , pain in my chest . Nour Dr. Put all the pieces together ! 5 yrs I have had this IUD and got it out 3 weeks ago ! Everything in my body is now going back to the old “normal” the 85lbs I gained are coming off even with out really trying .

    I was told to ready for a day or 2 of “light bleeding ”
    My emotional security has been broken ! For 3 weeks 1 day I have been bleeding so hard that I put a Maxie pad on and by the time I get to the kitchen , there is blood down my legs ! Clots and the feeling of labor ! I have been caught of guard , the pains suddenly start like contractions that make you sweet and fall to the grown last sometime 1 hr sometimes several , clots the size of my fist . When I’m lucky they are egg sized . I’m so depleted of blood right now that I bumped a door with my hip and I look like I have been thrown to the ground with black and blue bruises. And yet no one knows why this is happening and why so long ! NO THIS IS NOT A GOOD ENOUGH ANSWER ! no one ever warned me of this ! I still had my period the hole 5 years . No biggie ! But this now ! After removal has been a nightmare !

  97. Just found this blog post. Thank you to the original writer and all the ladies who have shared their stories. I had a Mirena for four months because of adenomyosis (for the second time, duh). Took both out myself. First time felt like this THING was in me. The second it was out a wave of relief washed over me. The second time I was slowly becoming depressed. I never fully stopped spotting. Now. About 10 days after removal I am having the clots and gushing. I bled when I took it out for 3-4 days with some clots. Then nothing for 2-3 days then it was back, normal to heavy flow for 3 days, then whooshing and clots! About smaller than golf ball size. For about 16hours. Today it has slowed down to normal flow with some heavy patches and ocasional wooshing. I hope that’s it. I eat a pretty healthy diet. Low meat, no dairy, no added sugar. I will be going on a whole food vegan low oil no soy diet to reduce the estrogen, hopefully it will reduce the progress of my disease. Hopefully these stories will serve as a warning to anyone contemplating getting a Mirena. I’m glad I’m in my 40s and finished having children. I wonder how easily younger people can fall pregnant after being on this hideous device.

  98. All I can say is thank you for writing this. I had my coil put in 6 months ago, and to this day, I still think it was the worst mistake of my life!

    After it was put in I though it was amazing then two weeks later it started….. The constant bleeding, the moods that jump from being happy to in tears and not knowing why ( to which nearly broke my relationship), the weight gain and the pain.

    After a month after the coil was inserted I ended up in hospital in so much pain to the point I couldn’t stand and they had no idea why. I Left it a few weeks after that, then made another appointment with the doctor to which they said to wait it out, by this point I had been Beeding for 2 weeks straight.

    I made endless appointment’s after that to be told to give it time it will settle down. To the point i was sat in the doctors room in tears begging for it to be taken out, to then be told countless of times NO.

    I finally had it taken out 7 days ago and you can guess it, it has been hell like you have described. The only reason I have had it taken out, was I told the doctors we are trying to have a baby (which wasn’t a lie) but why has it got to take for someone to say they are going to try and have a baby to it to be taken out. Then the doctor had the cheek to say of you weren’t trying for a baby I would of told you to keep it in longer as it take around 6 to 9 months to settle down. I just managed 6 and I couldn’t cope let alone have it in for 9 months. I am hoping the bleeding will stop soon, as you described.

    I do agree that we should be told about the problems with the coil along with the benifits. As I feel I was led into false pretences of it being great. I would never recommend it to anyone ever!

  99. I just cry all the time since mine has been out. I have been bleeding for 4 weeks with a few days off. My doctor said light spotting, but I have had clots and gushing blood :'(

  100. Dear Author and commenters,
    My name is Synthia, I live in Canada. My Dr pushed the Morena on me practically as “the answer to ALL my problems” I had it put in and EVENTUALLY when all the pain,cramping stopped (which my Dr said was normal with insertion) it SEEMED as though it was –
    After 5 years of Bliss, no periods, no unexpected pregnancies I was happy with it ;
    However I had finally met “the one” during those 5 IUD Bliss filled years, WE had decided when the IUD had stayed the course that we would NOT be putting another in because we had decided to have our first child together, when the IUD was removed I had no pain, and no blood (at least not right away…in fact the first few days it was out we had managed to conceive…and were extactic. Telling family and friends about our expected first born pregnancy, however things took a turn for the worst, at 12 and a half weeks I was rushed to the hospital in ambulance because I stood up to go use the restroom and immediately felt like I had peed my pants, I looked down and it was blood…I had soaked everything… The hospital had told me that I was having a miscarriage… That was beginning of JANUARY – here I am FIRST of MAY and the blood has not stopped… I have bled every single day heavily since beginning of January and no one can tell me what’s up. My flow was fine prior to IUD , and now I’m so tired and exhausted. The IUD has robbed me of having me and my husbands first born…it has robbed me of comfort because of a never ending period … At this point I’m at the end of my rope and on not sure how to proceed..

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