The Hot Cleaner

The Hot Cleaner


I was meant to be working the other day. I had a few articles near deadline and I was also writing my second short story for Round 1 of the NY Flash Fiction competition, consequently I had a severe case of writer’s block. Normally when this happens, I clean something. Unfortunately for our nasty, filthy house, I also had cleaner’s block. So, I googled images of other people doing housework. To be precise, I googled images of hot men doing housework. I thought the least I could do was share them with you, my loyal readers.

(this man LOVES dusting, he is loves feathers and I suspect he also loves men, but who said this post was just for the ladies!)
(Okay, this dude is dressed, but any man who vacuums is hot)
(scrub-a-dub-dub, a man in a tub)
(this man is a little tired, he may need to rest for awhile IN YOUR BED)
(this man will get up in the morning and wash the sheets)

(everyone needs a pool boy, even if you don’t have a pool!)

(Reminds me, I need to give me hedge a trim…)

(“mmmm, so what will I cook for dinner tonight?”)
(He is very good with his chopstick)
(In my dreams Matt Damon does a lot of housework. A LOT!)
So, tell me, does a man who does housework turn you on? 
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  1. You know what, apparently the cut bod and scantily clad get-up contributes to housework-doing males being sexy. My hubby vacuums. Sparingly (let’s not assume he does it well, or does it often, or even spontaneously). However, he does so wearing his apparently regulation uniform jeans, fleecy top and black moccassins. With work socks still on.

    *think unsexy thoughts* *oh… no need*

  2. Oh Big Words, you’ve left me all fustered. And motivated. A quick Google and OF COURSE there is a gay-boy nude house cleaning service! 

    Its at

    Perhaps you and I could go into business and start up the Australian arm of the lucrative business.

    Loves ya, xoxoxo

  3. Great idea – you will have to test out all the applicants’ qualifications ( if you know what I mean?!) I’d be happy if they just cleaned by damn bathroom!! xx

  4. You’ve actually described my hubby, except he goes shirtless when he’s renovating the house (he feels the heat, he tells me…and generally covers up when it’s cold). It’s hilarious because he’d always be shirtless in photos for our reno blog. It’s a running joke now, ever since it was picked up by the Brisbane Times and the blog was described as “sexy shirtless glimpses.” The attention has rushed to his head!

    Just a shame he doesn’t do the dishes. xx

  5. Hahah out of all those, I liked the guy in the suit the best! There may be something wrong with me, as I banned strippers from my bachelorette party too… naked men, ugh! xo

  6. If I had *any* part of inspiring this post, well, I can only say…YAY! Obviously, I would enjoy any man who would like to do some housekeeping. If he was hot and available then he and I would REALLY get along!

    Thank you for passing on a bit of eye-candy…love it! 🙂  xo

  7. Matt Damon only narrowly missed out on winning the highly coveted ‘Hottest of Hot or Not’ title last year. Pipped at the post by Mark Wahlberg. 

    Matt cleaning = HOT. 😉 

  8. Not really. I think a man doing housework is endlessly hotter than a woman doing it, but it is still yucky old housework to me. And I just KNOW he will do doing it WRONG. LOL. x

  9. I just love how you know that man will get up in the morning and wash the sheets. I can see it too. He just has that man-who-knows-how-to-please-a-woman-in-the-bedroom-and-the-laundry look about him.

    I am thankful for your writers & cleaning block. Merci.

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