The Great Mirena Removal

The Great Mirena Removal


See this thingy, this IUD. This stupid Mirena. It sucks.

I got one in March this year. Ever since its “insertion” I have been a mess. I’ve had the appetite of a pregnant woman, resulting in a 10 kilo weight gain. My boobs have been big and sore. My tummy always bloated. I’ve had the worst acne, like a teenage boy. My hair has been greasy too. I’ve had mood swings as ferocious as a freakin’ tiger. I’ve had moments when I’ve felt so sad I’ve cried for hours on end. I also started having heart palpations and memory loss, so much so that’s made me think I might have to book appointments to get my heart and brain checked out. I’ve turned into a hypochondriac, I tell you. I’ve been uncomfortable and nervous in social situations. I’ve drank too much. I even started to think perhaps I had depression, but know in my gut I do not. I’ve been a bitch to my husband and started thinking that maybe everyone in my family would be better off if I lived alone. I haven’t liked me very much at all. And then the other 75 per cent of the time I’ve been fine, aside from the big, bloated, forever hungry, spotty faced, limp hair appearance.

Fucking roller coaster, man.

I couldn’t work out what was happening to me. It wasn’t the normal bitchy, pms-ing journey, the lows were lower than normal. So, I started trawling the internet for Mirena side effects. I looked on the Mirena site and right there was this list. Bam, I’d found the culprit.

Between 5% and 10% of Mirena users may experience:
  • Headache/Migraine
  • Acne
  • Depressed mood
  • Heavy or prolonged menstrual bleeding
Less than 5% of Mirena users may experience:
  • Vaginal discharge
  • Breast pain or tenderness
  • Nausea
  • Nervousness
  • Inflammation of cervix, vulva or vagina
  • Pelvic pain during your period
  • Back pain
  • Weight increase
  • Decreased sex drive
  • High blood pressure
  • Pain during intercourse
  • Anemia
  • Unusual hair growth or loss
  • Skin irritations (such as hives, rash, eczema or itching)
  • Feeling bloated
  • Swelling of hands and feet
  • Expulsion
Seriously, having little or no period is not worth feeling like a 15 year old girl. 
So, I am taking back control of my body. I have come to the conclusion that this form of birth control and me don’t mix. I have booked an appointment to get the little sucker removed. The great Mirena removal.
What are your experiences with birth control? Have you had, or do you have, a Mirena?
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  1. Good on you. I am the same with some oral forms of birth control and have a gut feeling i’d be the same with this, hence I stayed away from it. I hope you’re feelilng 100% normal again soon.

  2. I used the copper IUD because I too have problems with any hormone induced contraception. While I am happy to not need it now – I think it was by far the best contraception I have ever used. But in the end I bet your hubs would gladly use other methods if he gets the real you back

  3. Getting it out was a lot easier and less painful that having it put in. Mine has been out for a week. Beware the flood though, is all I will say xx

  4. Oh yuk, poor you, it sucks this mid life hormonal body anarchy!
    Get it out and go down the permanent route (his or hers, whatever suits you as a couple ), no middle aged surprise babies and no artificially induced hormonal mania. Best thing I did was have my tubal ligation (convenient as I had to have D&C- 2 for 1 deal) never looked back.

  5. Yep same thing happened with me. I put on 10kg in a year and felt nauseous all of the time. I think the progesterone mimics pregnancy, so therefore you feel a bit preggars all of the time – yuck!

  6. Haven’t used it but it was one of the options suggested to regulate my long-time history of dreadful periods. I declined after reading up on it and instead am due to have a hysterectomy later this year. At 46, I have no need for a uterus anymore!!

  7. I have the Implanon in my arm. And I too think it’s whats making me into this bitchy thing. I wouldn’t take it out cause it works. I hate taking pills and the IUD doesn’t appeal to me at all. I think it’s just you and your luck.

  8. My friend had one and she went crazy too- she had it taken out. I had the other kind of IUD, just the plain one without any hormone things and loved it. Not one complaint. but if you aren’t having anymore kidlets get your husband to have the snip- seriously- its the least he can do can he not see what you put your body through growing and birthing those precious little ones?????

  9. Yikes! I had one years ago, no issues on it but went into cervical shock when it was inserted. When I tried to have a 2nd one, they ended up calling an ambulance to the GP surgery due to my reaction. Needless to say I gave up and ended up pregnant with no5… Hubby went for a vasectomy pretty smartly after that!
    Good luck!
    Sandra x

  10. I had similar problems and barely lasted a few weeks with it but know quite a few people who were perfectly fine for years! We found out eventually I have PCOS and am now on a very good hormone treatment and don’t get the mood dips (still occasional migraines though) and don’t have my period either. Its fabulous!

  11. I had a mirena last year and it was the WORST experience ever. I went from someone who had light and pain-free periods to someone who bled NON STOP. Every day for four months I had my period. A heavy period at that. Every time I complained to my GP she told me to ‘let the mirena settle down’. In the end I demanded its removal and she put it down to the mirena just not suiting me. I swear my cycle has never been the same since this evil little contraption. TMI? Hmmm…see, I told you I am a compulsive truth teller!

  12. Dude. Take it out. I didn’t enjoy having mine at all, and didn’t even get the benefit of having no periods. A year after I had it put in, it was removed whilst I was sterilised.

  13. I had one put in two years ago as a last effort prior to a hysterectomy. I cried for two weeks. I. Could. Not. Stop. You could have paid me millions and I physically couldn’t stop. I wanted to leave my husband and children and was desperate. I knew it wasn’t me, I knew it was that horrible thing. The gyno who put it in said ‘oh, no one ever has problems, just wait a bit’. My GP said HEAPS of women do and actually put me on oestrogen to counter the progesterone, it worked, but if I was even an hour late taking the oestrogen it would come back. I stuffed around trying for a month, by then I was crazed and desperate and frankly was already reading up on how to remove it yourself at home. The most disgusting and disturbing experience I’ve had with birth control. I’d have my tubes tied a thousand times before I’d go near one of them again.

  14. I had exactly the same problems and had mine removed. The doc reckoned I was allergic to the progesterone. Unfortunately after having it taken out my bleeding disorder took over and I had such severe periods I had to use coagulents monthly. IN the end it was a huge relief to have a hysterectomy.

  15. PS – The best birth control I can recommend is the vasectomy. Painless. No side effects except constantly being harassed for sex. x

  16. I am so sorry for you all that have had horror stories, my experience has been the exact opposite! I would like to blame something other than chocolate for my extra kgs, but full well know the course of that vice (I blame my mum)
    I have had my mirena for near on 4 years, no pain, no periods, no monthly crying attack, no hassle. I wish I knew about this at 20! I have been spruiking my experience with it to all my girlfriends, guess I have just been lucky.
    We are looking at more permanent options, snip snip, so will see what happens when it is removed….

  17. I’ve got the multiload non hormonal IUD and haven’t had any issues with it. I do still get my period, but I wasn’t keen on more hormones in the body after being on the pill for 10 years. It is good not to have to remember to take anything, which I guess is a major appeal of either IUD, but ask the GP if you can try a non hormonal one – that is unless you need the hormones to regulate your cycle/ chill things out a bit.

  18. Just found this via twitter. i had Mirena inserted April 2012 to assist with endometriosis symptoms. Was ok for 2 months but after this, major bleeding, weight gain (despite diet & exercise continuing which aided a loss of 18lbs prior to Mirena) ,spots, greasy hair and skin, major mood swings and memory loss are to name but a few problems ive been experiencing. My previoys Dr told me to persever – its expensive! Went away frustrated. Changed surgeries new Dr advised out! Got it removed Thursday. Im experiencing v heavy blood loss & clots which is horrendous but I am so relieved its gone. I would never recommend this thing. its the devil.

    • I too had Mirena inserted to help slow endometriosis. My main complaint is memory loss and fogginess, which I noticed within three months. The memory impairment is a big issue for me and affects my work. It bothers me that memory impairment is not mentioned in the side effects. I have also experienced low-level depression, which I can handle. I’ve given the Mirena time to even out, but it hasn’t. I am having it removed.

      • Did you ever get the mirana removed? How did you feel afterwards? I to have had the brainfog and it scares me cause i already had memory problems. I have a blood clot dissorder so this was my last option i had before getting fixed completely(im only 18)
        It seems like ive had every side effect every one is listing out { mood swings, acne, oily hair, axienty, loss of engery, painful cramping constantly, brainfog, migraines, loss of vision, astigmatism, heart palpitations } and ive seen a doctor for almost all of them. Im starting college soon and i cant decide to take it out or not. I need my memory and body back but i cant miss a class like i would in high school cause my cramps and periods were THAT BAD!! I don’t know what to do.

  19. I thought I would try the Mirena, to control heavy periods. I had one put in, but three months later it fell out, did’nt see it come out, but had very heavy bleeding and I think it came out with one of the clots. Had an ultrasound, which showed it was no longer in place. I was so upset and disappointed, several people I knew had them, and said they were fantastic. Anyhow saw a gynaecologist, who recommended a Hysteroscopy, D&C and to try the insertion of a Mirena again. I do have lots of fibroids as well. Anyhow 2 months later this one, fell out.More horrible bleeding and clots. I also didnt realise how flat and quite sad I had been feeling,and felt like a new person mentally after it came out. Obsviously it just didnt suit me. Now it looks like I might have to consider a hysterectomy, which I really dont want.

  20. i have one for about 2 years now. i changed to the hormonal one after 5 years of copper because it can have a positive effect in the case i develop a similar cancer to my mother’s.. i was less than sure I wanted hormonal contraception but am absolutely happy with it. the first 5-6 months, i had irregular ‘spotting’ and a bit of a confused mood. since then i am living the menstruation free bliss and have zero problems with it. sorry to hear you have these effects BUT I have known a few women(IUDs being pretty popular in Europe) that had long-ish periods of their body getting used to it. my doctor here in Australia told me to count on about 6 months for things to normalize. does the internetz say anything about that?

  21. My first Mirena I had little to no problems, after I had my 2nd the problems started ie migraines, cystic acne, weight gain even though I was tracking my intake and running like crazy, depression, mood swings but hey no period. I had a migraine for 2 months straight this year and decided after tons of meds to take out my own IUD. Three days after removal I gushed in the middle of grocery shopping, I ran from the store as if I had stolen something hoping I didn’t leave a trail. Had to change my tampon every hour for 3 days. Then my period came, it lasted 15 days! One day I had to change my pad and tampon every hour, needless to say I had to take an iron supplement to stop the dizziness. Second period just as bad but only 14 days, had to purchase the largest tampon which is akin to a dildo. Just started my third period starting off the same but hoping for 13 days. The good news is my migraines are down to 1 day, acne is going away, no longer depressed or moody but I have gained 15 lbs which could bc I’m far less active during my two weeks in shark town and far more desperate for cocoa comfort, this too shall pass. I had the mirena for a total of 10 years, during that time it allowed me to work, earn my BS and Masters wo worry, in return it may take me a while to go through the rinse cycle. It’s not for everyone, not everyone will have the same issues and for some it serves a greater purpose.

  22. Omg i thought i was reading about myself.. I have had that evil in me for 3 years and dealt with depression, weight gain, moods, headaches, bloating, aches and pains and my depression has lost me my job and made me so bad i attempted twice to take my life. This has affected my family so much that i had it taken out 4 weeks ago when i linked it to my symptons and i am already feeling better.

    • Oh sweetheart what an awful time of it you’ve had. I’m so glad you’re getting the help you need and deserve. Keep safe. Be kind to yourself. love B x

  23. I had Mirena put in due to heavy periods a little over three months ago. I gained 12 pounds in the first three weeks. It was December so I thought maybe it was just the holidays but not like me at all to gain that much, I could understand 5 pounds! So after Christmas I cleaned up my diet and started working out a lot more. Normally when I make even slight changes I lose weight pretty easily, at least 2lbs a week. Instead, I kept gaining. I went to my doctor and she didn’t think it was the iud so I had my thyroid checked; it was perfect. The doctor checked her book again and saw that it could be a side-effect of the Mirena (between 1 and 10% experience it, she said). I had also noticed that my migraines were becoming more frequent and started doing some research. Also a common side-effect, as is the acne I was experiencing. I made an appointment with my ob-gyn to discuss, which was to be a week and a half later. The migraines got increasingly worse to the point where I had 8 migraines in 6 days. I was missing a lot of work, unable to do anything at home or take care of my children. This quickly became a much bigger issue than the weight gain/inability to lose weight! The day finally came for my appointment and when I showed up they had no record of it. I was told I could stay and wait but may not be seen. I almost lost it, my heart was racing, I was sweating and shaking, and trying hard not to break down in tears. I guess you could say I had become slightly emotionally unstable as well! Anyway the doctor saw me thank god, and I told her about the migraines (I was too emotional to go into the rest of it and she didn’t pry). She tried to assure me that things usually settle down after three months but I couldn’t risk another day with the migraines so she went ahead and took it out. It was relatively painless, easier than a pap -I didn’t feel the actual removal, just the speculum. This was yesterday morning. I feel better already, but that could be psychological! I did start to get a migraine today but it went away pretty easily soon after I took my meds. I expect it will take some time for those to settle. Already I have noticed that I don’t look as bloated as before, particularly in the lower abdomen. Again, not expecting any miracles in that department. I will continue to work out and watch what I eat and will be happy to see any kind of results! When I reflect on the last three months, I also notice that I had some mood changes and of course the irregular bleeding. I had only a two week break the entire time where I wasn’t either bleeding or spotting. I hope my experience helps someone reading! I will try to post an update if I can find this page again!

  24. I too had a horrible time after placement of Mirena. I could only tolerate it for 3 weeks!!! I had constant discomfort …felt like my uterus/bladder were getting cut!!! I had such horrible urgency to urinate, thought I had UTI but tests came back negative. I really thought it would make sex with my man better without pregnancy concerns when really there was so much blood and cramping that it disrupted our love making!!! I was so bloated that I looked 5 months pregnant. My pelvic area so tender that I could hardly handle my clothes touching me!!! I have heard from many that either you absolutely love Mirena or hate it. I am really thankful I had it removed…I was counseled to give more time for it to settle in but it felt so foreign in my body that I can’t imagine it would have ever improved to where I was happy with it!!!

  25. So happy and sad I’m not alone in this! It’s terrible I wanted to prevent pregnancy for now since I just turned 20. I rather have another dorm of protection I’ve only had it for 3 weeks and I’m done! I have painful cramps and bleeding mom stop my doctors say give it more time…yeah no! I don’t even have a drive anymore I’m always In pain and I’m so un happy can’t wait to get it removed 🙁

  26. I am glad I am not alone on this. I had mine placed a little over a year ago. At first, it was fine, some spotting for periods but cramps got worse than before I had it inserted. Ibuprofen helped with the cramps, so I didn’t really mind it. I gained about 20lbs after I got Mirena ad even though I worked out and dieted, it was like nearly impossible to lose weight. 8 months after insertion, I suffered from a horrible migraine, dizziness, I nearly fainted at work, then followed by anxiety and panic attacks. I went to the Dr, did thyroid test, blood test, even an MRI, all normal.
    After doing so research and reading reviews, I thought it might be the Mirena. I went to the see my ob/gyn and he strongly believed it was not my IUD. I had it removed anyway, because I am trying to eliminate all possible issues causing my anxiety and dizziness.
    Now I have been bleeding heavily for almost a week, very red, and some blood clots. I am wondering when it will stop..hopefully soon. And I am really hoping the dizziness and anxiety stops, otherwise I don’t know what is wrong with me 🙁

  27. Besides the downside I commented on a few minutes ago on the issue of excessive bleeding aftermath of Mirena, I’ve had a great response to Mirena…….in regards to the lighter periods. But when I look back now that I have had it removed, I clearly see the other side affects. Weight gain, nervousness, memory loss, bloating, heart palpitations, high blodd pressure, moodiness, anxiety that caused nausea. It sure was convenient for sure. But alas, I was tired of the hormones and not having control over what my body was going through so I removed it last week. Now I’m dealing with the heavy bleeding and golf ball sized blood clots and sitting on the toilet for several minutes just letting it flow. Thanks for sharing your experiences…. I’m glad to know I’m not as irregular as this bleeding is!

  28. Wow…..I’m happy to know that I’m not in this alone, but saddened to hear that there is SO much miseducation to Doctors and the patients that they prescribe this device to.
    I had the Mirena inserted 5 years and 1 month ago after having my first child.
    Prior to then, I was very thin (5’10” 126lbs) , always happy/go with the flow, and I had a head full of long, THICK hair.
    The past 5 years have been absolute HELL on my mental and physical health.
    I had headaches that became migraines so unbearable that the only thing that would stop them was sleep, OUTRAGEOUS sharp pains in my back at random, anxiety, weight gain (I weighed in at 185 when I went to get my Mirena removed 3 days ago), ridiculous cravings, mood swings like CRAZY (I remember breaking down in tears because I asked my boyfriend to bring me cheesecake brownies and he brought me regular cheesecake), depression that I’ve had to hide from everyone around me because I don’t want them to think I’m crazy, and hair loss so bad that I actually have a small bald spot now..
    Since having my Mirena moved on Friday, April 24,2015, I’ve had blood flow as if I’m on my heavy period days even though the last day of my last period was April 22nd. Today, I had to use personal time and go home from work because I was having cramps so bad that I had a heating pad at my desk and on my first break, I discovered that I’d soiled my underwear :/ .
    I’ve called my advice nurse twice and was told both times that these are “normal” symptoms and that I should go home, take Motirin, and rest…
    So all that I can do is just that..
    On the bright side, I must say that IMMEDIATELY after having that poison removed from my insides, I feel like a weight has lifted from me and a lot of mental fog has cleared.
    I’m not craving things to eat like crazy, and my moods seem pretty balanced.
    My dermatologist is working with me on the hair loss and I hope that like before a few stadiums and
    ab challenges” will drop the unwanted weight.
    But I must say..thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you for sharing your story.
    We are not alone….

  29. Oh my, I went searching for symptoms like I was having after the Mirena expelled after over 5 years, I was looking for an appt. to get it out, when my body decided to do that for me. I felt great for a day or two, and then omg, it was like a war zone in my bathroom and other bathrooms around town for many weeks, it’s been almost 2 months and finally down to light spotting, I may have had a period or two in that time. I went to doc, all they could offer me was another Mirena, (no thanks) or birth control pills, no thanks again. I wanted to be off the hormones. I seriously thought at times I was dying due to the heavy flow and clots..I know Mirena seems like a miracle at first, it slowed my periods down, didn’t have to worry about it, but wow, that thing nearly took me out. I am feeling much better, been taking vitamins and such to help me rebalance, done a couple of detoxes and drink plenty of water. I hope it doesn’t go so heavy again, I never know..That’s the weird thing. Thanks for posting this, sorry others have suffered but glad to know I wasn’t alone. Be well.

  30. I’ve just had mine removed after 5 and a half years, I was too anxious and “busy” to have it removed and was just dealing with it because it was convenient. But I’ve been so ill, and it was not worth it. Due to other health problems I bit the bullet and made the appointment and I can’t wait to feel like ME again. It’s been 5 years of pure hell!

  31. Have been using for 5 years and I lived all of the side effect which I been reading on the internet like all of you…it was really horrible for me. I went to my Gp few times but always they just told me it will be okay. Finally it’s removed 24 November with pain and later For nearly 2days I just had some spotting and pain then it’s started bleeding and very heavy clot with sharp pain… it’s been 11 days and still bleeding with clot as well.. I am very worried and I have 2 boys who 7-9 ages needs to looking after. This is like hell… I am looking forward to being normal again…

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