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Adelaide Fringe 2017 Review:

Super Amazing Giant Girl


With only one more weekend of the Adelaide Fringe, then there’s all the more reason to go and see a show with the kids. This one is super awesome.

Direct from a sold out season in Melbourne, this two woman show is perfect for kids under 10.

It’s fast-faced, funny, quirky, cool and full of fab circus acts and physical theatre. And the premise of the show –   embracing your uniqueness and never giving up – is one the kids will identify. Adults will too.

Super Amazing Giant Girl makes kids laugh, it keeps them entertained and it helps them feel a part of something, rather than just an audience member.  The rollerskating and hula-hooping are highlights and the music is awesome too.

This is a five star. Take your kids. It’s super amazing.

Bianca x



Adelaide Fringe 2017 Review:

Renee Geyer


When Renee Geyer opens her mouth and sings, her life story pours out. Not that she tells the audience about her journey through the years, you can simply hear the bumps in the road, the loves lost, the wonder, the lessons learned and those she chose to obtusely push aside. Her voice gives you an insight into her soul.

She is an integral, long serving member of Australia’s music scene. Her, at times, belligerent off stage persona has recently been in the spotlight, so too has her commitment to producing a revered body of work. In 2015, she was inducted into the ARIA Hall of Fame. In the same year, she was involved in an incident at a Sydney hotel and was recently placed in a one year good behaviour bond.

You can hear the light and shade in her finely tuned magnificent voice.

The audience was left in awe of the performer as she commanded both the crowd and her backing band.

She told the crowd a circular stand-alone stage, which meant she’d have to move from the cocoon of her band, was not for her and was best left in her Countdown days. Yet, as soon as she ventured onto it she shone, like the spotlight recharged her. So much so, an audience member presented her with some flowers. She seemed uncomfortable in the moment, later commenting that flowers were not “her thing”.

Renee Geyer may not be for everyone, but everyone simply must see her perform. She epitomises vocal mastery. The audience were on their feet dancing during her final song, wanting more. And with a new album in the pipeline, it looks like her ardent fans may get what they wish for – a longer set-list and more time in the presence of a true performer.

Four out of five stars.

Bianca x




Adelaide Fringe 2017 Review:

Best of Kids’ Fringe


Let’s get to the point – kids can be assholes. They expect a certain level of professionalism, creativity and show”person”ship. This show didn’t deliver on any of those levels.

It’s unfortunate because it could’ve been so much more. The intention to deliver a snippet of the best the Fringe has on offer for kids is a good one. And when you have a room half-full of eager parents looking for ideas of shows to take their children it’s the perfect springboard to put your show front and centre in what can be a crowded and confusing space.

What isn’t cool is when the show fails because it’s obvious a group of performers from different shows rocked up to the venue and winged it. The production of the show was inconsistent. Performers asking for music to be turned down or changed mid-performance. A bubble guy repeatedly asking for air conditioning to be turned off mid-bubble blowing. Music soundtracks repeated or stalled, microphones crackling – and at one stage a rogue hula hoop nearly took out a kid in the front row.

There were moments of joy. A child’s delight when a red ball was pulled from behind his ear. A tired, yet sure fire moment. A women spinning a candy striped tube on her feet drew some gasps. And the most enjoyable part – when a couple of dudes from the crowd were forced to dance suggestively on stage, which drew some giggles.

I thanked my lucky stars I didn’t have to pay actual money to go and see this, but there were people who did. They forked out hard earned cash and dressed their small children, and drove to the venue and waited in line while their children grew bored and asked for food constantly. They chose to spend their afternoon making the effort and when they got there were given the all too often lazy “kids’ show”  experience.

I see these shows as vitally important to the future of arts in this country – to the future of Fringe events. Where young minds are given the respect they deserve and treated to upbeat, unpatronising, fun and professionally run shows. Unfortunately this one did not deliver.

Can anyone suggest some shows for kids aged 6, 8 and 10 which do?

Two out of five stars.

bigwords x





Since their 2007 clip of Zorba the Greek went viral, this Indigenous dance group from NE Arnhem Land has wowed audiences throughout the world. Djuki Mala perform a fusion of traditional Yolngu and contemporary dance and storytelling. The dance group was Winner Best Dance at Adelaide Fringe in 2015 and was named the Audience Favourite at WOMADELAIDE 2016. I can see why and so should you.

The mix of traditional dance, filmed interviews with elders and performers, and the upbeat dance hits, crossing a range of generations, is lively and enjoyable.

This should be a five star show, but it’s a little tired. It needs to be refreshed somewhat with updated interviews with the dances and some dance performances featuring more current music. Having said that, the compilations were performed with sass, fabulous comedic timing and cheekiness. The crowds’ uproarious reaction is testament to the dancers’ connection to the audience.

It’s also suitable for kids which is welcomed. As my children grow older it’s increasingly difficult to find shows that are both fun for them and not patronising. Kids are highly discerning and very quick judge. My eight year old also gave this show four stars. She found the first part a little slow. Conversely, it was my favourite part. The storytelling – the Yolngu dancing – it was mesmerising.

You will leave smiling, feeling joy and wanting more. It’ll make you laugh, cry and think.

Go see this show. Take your kids. Take your parents. It’s joyful.

bigwords x






Over the next few weeks I’ll be writing a few reviews of Adelaide Fringe and Festival shows. It’s the best time of year to be in Adelaide and I’m so very excited. A few perks of being an Adelaide blogger is that I’ve had the chance to gain media access and luckily I can take some people along with me, people mainly being these crazy three kids.

photo 2-3

Yesterday, we went to the Garden of Unearthly Delights to eat fairy floss, hot chips and drink slushies (ok, that’s a lie, Twiggy and I drank beer). The Garden is an awesome place to take kids. There’s heaps of delicious food, a few rides, music, loads of fabulous shows and awesomely quirky, freaky, arty, funny, flexible, flamboyant people everywhere. It is the perfect people watching place.

photo 1-3I asked the kids to help me review a show and they took their role quite seriously, when they weren’t eating, wriggling, laughing and asking for stuff. Here goes it.

Dr Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown and his Singing Tiger…Again.


We saw their previous show at the Fringe and to be honest I think it was a little better. In 2012, the show won Best Kids’ Show at both the Adelaide and Melbourne fringe shows. I’m not sure if it was the hot weather or because it’s the start of their run, but this felt a little flat at parts. Having said that, this two person show is one I’d highly recommend to people with kids aged between 4 and 7. Dr Brown and his Singing Tiger are both gloriously quirky, dishevelled, and sweet. They talk to kids like they are smart, savvy and with respect. There’s no baby voices, no crappie songs, no over exaggerated joy and at times their dialogue is a little naughty – just how kids like it. There’s even enough lines in there to keep the adults laughing, which I think is a sign of a great show because if adults are laughing, then the kids laugh even harder. And I’ve sat through enough crap, formulaic, patronising kids’ shows, to tell you how refreshing it is to know my children aren’t being treated like idiots.

They take the kids on a silly adventure through the jungle and along the way discover that it’s not the destination, but the journey which is most important. And this journey was a super fun one for the kids and one poor dad who needed up being the third cast member. The crowd interaction and participation made this show even more enjoyable for the kids and there were many big broad smiles and laughter throughout.


I asked my girls for a rating out of 10 stars (1 being the worst and 10 the best):

– the 8yo gave it 4 stars

– the 6yo gave it 7 stars

– and the 4yo gave it 25 stars, which she later changed to 28 stars.

I gave it 7 stars and recommend you take your kids. It’s fun, silly and will make you giggle.

Are you going to the Fringe this year?

Bianca x