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For years now we’ve been telling the kids we’ll take them to Comic-Con.

How hard could it be? I mean, it’s held down the street from our house. Every year – it comes and goes and we have still never gone. To be fair, we’ve either been away or someone’s been sick or we’ve been working. Life happens, and Comic-Con gets pushed to the side. One year, we simply forgot which is also near impossible as people dressed in the most amazing costumes walk right past our house.

So, we pinky pie promised our kids and we are on our way to Comic-Con in Adelaide this weekend.

And you know what? So can one of my Adelaide readers and their family. How cool is that?!

You just have to start thinking about what costumes you’d wear. I could do with some suggestions anyway because I have no idea.

The kids are nervous that if they get dressed up, they’ll arrive and no-one else will be wearing a costume. You know, like one of the dress-up parties where you tell just one person to dress-up and everyone else goes in normal clothes. Totally cruel, yet a little funny.

Except in this case, you now for sure you’ll be surrounded by heaps of people dressed in awesome costumes. Gamers and nerds, geeks comic and sci-fi lovers REPRESENT.

The girls want Twiggy to dress as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz and hold our dog Sunny in a little basket. Luckily, (for Twiggy) dogs aren’t allowed. I so hope they weren’t because I would do almost anything to see Twiggy dressed as Dorothy. I’d make my kids dress as the Scarecrow, Lion and Tin Man. I, of course, would dress as the Wicked Witch of the West. It would be awesome.

What would you dress as?

If you’re keen to take your family then simply leave a comment telling me what you’d dress up as if you won – on my blog or Facebook page or Instagram feed – and you’d be in the running for a weekend family pass. Be quick – the competition closes this Wednesday.

I might even see you there!

Bianca x


* Comic-Con (Adelaide) is being held this weekend (April 1 & 2) from 9am to 6pm at the Adelaide Showgrounds in Wayville. For more information about Comic-Con you can head here – www.ozcomiccon.com

* My family received a free ticket to Comic-Con.


Adelaide Fringe 2017 Review:

Super Amazing Giant Girl


With only one more weekend of the Adelaide Fringe, then there’s all the more reason to go and see a show with the kids. This one is super awesome.

Direct from a sold out season in Melbourne, this two woman show is perfect for kids under 10.

It’s fast-faced, funny, quirky, cool and full of fab circus acts and physical theatre. And the premise of the show –   embracing your uniqueness and never giving up – is one the kids will identify. Adults will too.

Super Amazing Giant Girl makes kids laugh, it keeps them entertained and it helps them feel a part of something, rather than just an audience member.  The rollerskating and hula-hooping are highlights and the music is awesome too.

This is a five star. Take your kids. It’s super amazing.

Bianca x



Adelaide Fringe 2017 Review:

Lawrence Mooney


Come on, you know Lawrence Mooney, the multiple award winning hilarious comedian who loves to cause a storm. He’s the “★★★★★ jerk”.

That’s how his bio reads. It’s succinct and to the point.

So, here’s my review (because let’s face it Lawrence and reviews have been problematic).

Lawrence Mooney is fucking hilarious. He is a comic genius. Go and hear all about the memoir he doesn’t want to write, but should. You will piss yourself laughing – so wear dark pants.

Four out of five stars.

Bianca x


Adelaide Fringe 2017 Review:

Renee Geyer


When Renee Geyer opens her mouth and sings, her life story pours out. Not that she tells the audience about her journey through the years, you can simply hear the bumps in the road, the loves lost, the wonder, the lessons learned and those she chose to obtusely push aside. Her voice gives you an insight into her soul.

She is an integral, long serving member of Australia’s music scene. Her, at times, belligerent off stage persona has recently been in the spotlight, so too has her commitment to producing a revered body of work. In 2015, she was inducted into the ARIA Hall of Fame. In the same year, she was involved in an incident at a Sydney hotel and was recently placed in a one year good behaviour bond.

You can hear the light and shade in her finely tuned magnificent voice.

The audience was left in awe of the performer as she commanded both the crowd and her backing band.

She told the crowd a circular stand-alone stage, which meant she’d have to move from the cocoon of her band, was not for her and was best left in her Countdown days. Yet, as soon as she ventured onto it she shone, like the spotlight recharged her. So much so, an audience member presented her with some flowers. She seemed uncomfortable in the moment, later commenting that flowers were not “her thing”.

Renee Geyer may not be for everyone, but everyone simply must see her perform. She epitomises vocal mastery. The audience were on their feet dancing during her final song, wanting more. And with a new album in the pipeline, it looks like her ardent fans may get what they wish for – a longer set-list and more time in the presence of a true performer.

Four out of five stars.

Bianca x





Adelaide is buzzing. It always does at this time of year. The Fringe is in full swing, Clipsal cars have added a hum to the city and tonight the Adelaide Festival kicks off. Soon Writers” Week and Womad will also be taking place. I can”t tell you how much I love our city when it”s Festival time.

Last night Twiggy and I were lucky to attend the VIP opening of Lola”s Pergola, which opens tonight to the public. This lovely outside space of deliciousness, dj beats, merriment and whimsy sits on the banks of the Torrens, with the Convention Centre as its backdrop. We had an awesome night immersed under Lola”s spell.

If Lola were a real person she”d laugh with gusto, speak with a sing song voice, dance with passion, debate with bravado and have a twinkle in her eye. She”d be the life, soul and heart of the party. Her pergola is a place of joy. Relax under the stars and watch the festivities or dance your pants off. There”s a nook for everyone. No-one”s left out of the fun.

Here”s a little look inside Lola Pergola.

Lola”s Pergola is something special.В The crowd is diverse. Artistry encouraged. Laughter a must. Fun guaranteed.В Don”t miss it.

Happy Festivaling and don”t forget to see shows like – Batsheva Dance Company!

bigwords x




Video camera viewfinder

I recently filmed a segment for Adelaide’s Today Tonight. It went to air tonight and I was cringing. I mean who do I think I am doing a television segment? It’s pretty obvious I don’t have the face for tv, nor the acting ability to deliver the lines asked of me. I did enjoy the parts I could talk freely, giving opinions on quirky news items because, as you all know, I like to talk.

When I watched myself on TV I spent much of my time cowering behind my couch with my hand over my face squealing WHY?

Embarrassment aside, it was such a fun experience and I’d love to do it again. The journo who was guiding me through the experience knows the industry backwards. I was lucky to have him giving me direction. He’d written some things for me to say, links to stories, silly one-liners and he offered some fabulous tips to get me through. The sound guy and camera man were both kind and hilarious. The woman who normally does the segment used to read the national and state news for Channel 10. They had definitely scrapped the bottle of the barrel with me.


But it was the moment the journo got a Cherry Ripe and asked me to “suck the end of it until it got wet” so he could smear the chocolate across my face, that things got a little weird. I could see the camera guy zooming in, the sound guy smirking and I was immediately onto to them. “If this makes it onto the funny reels (an industry night where out-takes are shown) I will sue the lot of you,” I threatened them, while laughing. I was then asked to eat the Cherry Ripe, with a sneaky look on my chocolate covered face, and say something along the  lines of: “I can’t believe there are so many people addicted to chocolate?”.

I may have to move to another state.

Life is about taking chances, trying something new and laughing at yourself. It’s about pushing the negative reactions from your mind because as I learned recently there are a lot of bored people out there who are just plain nasty. Never say no to opportunities because of fear. Embrace the nerves and remember to always make camera guys sign a written contract that they will “lose that chocolate footage”.

Have your tried something new lately?

bigwords x

PS: I know TV puts 10 pounds on you, but far out I need to lose weight.