Mirena Side Effects

Mirena Side Effects


45512-You-Are-Not-Alone-In-ThisFor some people, the Mirena is a hassle free, wonderful form of contraception. For five years you don’t have to think about it. For many women, you also take back control of irregular, heavy periods – in fact you might not have one for the entire time. You might experience up to six months of it settling in and then it’s all good. But for many women, it will be the worst decision you ever make in regards to your body.

The Mirena was a disaster for me. It was so awful that I had it removed after just three months. This was not ideal seeing that it took two attempts to even get it inserted in the first place. It was a painful and embarrassing experience. And then once I had it, my body reacted in ways I wasn’t prepared. I gained 12 kilos in three months, had constant acne, heart palpitations, anxiety, depression and was bloated all the time.

My doctor tried to persuade me it would pass. My doctor kept saying “wait it out, it’ll get better”. I trusted my gut and one day I made an appointment and determinedly stated: ” Get this little evil fucker out of me. Now.” And she did.

I immediately felt happier.

Two days later, I began to bleed blood clots the size of golf balls. This continued at a steady rate for 24 hours a days over a two week timeframe. I went back to my doctor who couldn’t explain what was going on and was instead told to wait it out, once again.

I was beside myself with worry and was frightened about what was happening to my body. I Googled, I asked friends, I cried to my husband and then I did the only thing I knew to do – I wrote a blog post about it asking for help. You can read it here.

It took one of my amazing bigwords’ readers, who lived locally, to arrange immediate blood tests to check if I was losing too much blood. And then the day after recieveing my results, the blood stopped. Just as instantly as it had began, it was over. I still had no answers from the medical profession as to why this had happened to me, but I do have hundreds of private messages and comments from you telling me in detail your experiences with the Mirena. And like me, many women who have contacted me in the past two years were in the midst of horrendous blood loss or depths of depression and had sought help from their local doctor or, in some dire cases, the emergency department of their local hospital – and they were getting NO ANSWERS. They too had done a search on Google and had landed on my blog post.

I have been privy to some of the most private experiences of women from all corners of the world. When you are waking in a pool of blood and it gushes down your legs as you walk and your doctor can’t help you, you feel alone. You feel terrified. You just want someone to tell you it’ll be ok.

I am not a medical professional. I can not tell anyone that they will be ok. I can only tell them to go back to their doctor or local hospital and demand answers. To keep safe and be kind to themselves. I can only speak my truth and hope that helps another woman out there know they are not alone in their experience. I can only direct them to the comments on the blog post so they can read of other’s experiencing similar outcomes. That is what blogging should be all about. People sharing their experiences with others.

And then it started to weigh on me. I wondered what I could do, particularly when getting comments, like this one:

Omg I thought I was reading about myself.. I have had that evil in me for 3 years and dealt with depression, weight gain, moods, headaches, bloating, aches and pains and my depression has lost me my job and made me so bad I attempted twice to take my life. This has affected my family so much that I had it taken out 4 weeks ago when I linked it to my symptons and I am already feeling better.

In a way I’ve been the keeper of all these women’s stories and I knew I needed to tell someone who could help in real ways, not just a supportive forum. I wasn’t sure if I should just suggest my doctor read the comments and tell her peers or if I should send a link to the Australian Medical Association or pass the information on to the company or a lawyer. And then my local television news crew at Ten Eyewitness News Adelaide contacted me asking if I would go on camera and talk about my experience. I did.


You can see the story if you go to my Facebook Page here and click on the link.

I don’t know what will come of the story, if anything. I can only hope it has helped shed some light on the matter. I can only hope it has helped even just one woman know why she is feeling the way she is. I hope it will encourage medical professionals to dig a little deeper and provide more informed advice to women getting this device about the multitude of possible Mirena side effects. And at least let them know, after its removal, to buy a heap of maternity pads and wear dark pants for awhile, just in case.

It’s been two years since I had mine. I am now only just managing to lose the weight I gained. I am back to my normal moody self. I feel worlds away from that awful time.

If you are in the midst of the scary part, please seek medical advice and most of all know you’re not alone and you will feel better. The bleeding will stop. You will get your life back. 

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  1. Dealing with contraception is a bitch. I used to be on the pill years ago and I didn’t like it so I went off it. Then you’ve gotta find another way not to have an unwanted pregnancy so I tried the natural rhythm method except the result of that is now nearly 13 years old. Hmm.
    Thanks for sharing your story.

  2. Hormones can really mess some people around. Heard of PMDD? Another hideous hormone related thing some women go through. This whole lady thing is not smooth sailing!

  3. Thank you for your actions – I had the Mirena installed (or however you describe it) in August partly to deal with something like endometriosis. It was never comfortable though – I felt like there was something stuck there always, although your article makes me realise how much worst it could be. And then I accidentally pulled it out – it had become dislodged (hadn’t been aware that could happen but apparently it can) and yes, the adjustments /bleeding over the past two months gave been quite extreme. I’m hoping it settles soon, and hope you feel much better soon -and others don’t suffer as you have

    • I had my IUD for 5 years. It caused a cyst on my ovary the size of a softball. The cyst ruptured and instead of my body taking care of it I became septic. The poisons in the cyst stayed in my belly. My doc said had I not come to the er when I did I would’ve died. Now it has been removed for over 5 months. I have gone from having light periods only two months later having one so heavy (had I had sex) that I thought I was having a miscarriage. I’m a stylist so on feet all day. I kept having to stop 30 minutes into doing a clients hair to change tampon!!!!! I’ve been on the pill now for a few months and my period is still not regular. This month I have so far not had one at all. Have 3 days left of what should be my period. Worried BC my fiancé and I have had unsafe sex because I never miss a pill. Anyone else have any of the above go on? Please help

      • I had my IUD in for almost four years. At first it was great after the first 6 months of having it I stopped having periods all together but towards the end I started to have very painful cramping with lots of break through bleeding. Once I had it removed I was warned about some heaving bleeding that could last 2-4 weeks!! That was in 2010 since then I will go 3-4 months with no period and then have 2-3 months of very very heavy painful periods with heavy bleeding and passing baseball size clots. I have to use a tampon and a pad changing almost every 30 min. I have been to 6 different doctors in the last 5 years and have had every test and lab you could thing of ran on me every thing always comes back normal!!! I’m so very frustrated. No one can tell me what’s wrong the doctors say the iud doesn’t cause this but before it I had very regular cycles. I feel like six years of my life have been stolen… Starting to feel like a hysterectomy is my only option for a normal life !!!

  4. I hope you have found another GP because it sounds like the one you were seeing wasnt really listening to you. Also hopefully you have found another method of birth control that does mess with you!

    All these ” newish” methods of BC just dont really sound that good. One of my sisters fell pregnant twice on the depo shots. One of my BFF”s & my other sisiters had terrible experiances with the Implanon & your experiance with the Mirena sounds awful!

    I haven’t been on the pill since 2010 & I’ve never felt better. I had been on the pill pretty much since I was 15 so didn’t really see the changes in my body/mood/hormomes until I went off it to get pregnant in 2010. I loved having my libido back, loved that I wasn’t so bloated, loved that my whole head space just seemed better. Now that baby number four is due the husband is booked in for the snip because I told him I will never go back on the pill so unless he wants to keep having babies he needs to sort that shit out! He’s not happy about it but I told him unless he pushing watermelons out his wee hole I don’t want to hear about it 🙂

  5. Thanks for sharing your story Bianca. I was recommended Mirena at my 6 week postpartum check. As part of a ridiculously fertile couple it sounded like a no-brainer the way my obstetrician presented it. I am always a bit too impulsive and had it placed then and there rather than come back and get back up on the table… The only real thing that really concerned me was having the ‘string’ hang around for 5 years. I started bleeding about a week after having it placed and haven’t stopped for the two weeks since. I was planning on giving it another few weeks to see if things settled down, but since reading your full back story I took it out with a greater sense of urgency. Thanks again for opening my eyes xx

    • Hi I had the mirena inserted for two years. I suffered chronic hip back and frontal lower abdominal pain. I took many antiinflammatories, thinking it must have been my bad hip from giving birth, or it was my bad back. I turned to alcohol to help ease the pain as the panadol and anti inflammatories didn’t do a thing. It was horrendous constant pain that stopped me from being able to perform daily duties as a mum. By the end of the day, I would be in so much pain I could do nothing but lie on the couch in agony. I eventually worked out that the pain was related to the Mirena when I had increased pain in the same areas just before I had a period. I hadn’t made this link before then as I had stopped having periods. As soon as I realised the connection, I gently pulled it out. I now have absolutely no pain whatsoever. Only a slight lower back ache normal for any woman just before and during her period. I can’t believe how long I put up with the pain. I have no back pain and no hip pain. It wasn’t old injuries rearing their head at all, but Mirenas ugly head!

  6. You are amazing for sharing this – I had Mirena after the birth of my second son – I hated it from the start. I didn’t want Mirena in the first place and asked for the non-hormonal coil, but my doctor insisted Mirena was better and I reluctantly had it put in. I felt the same as you and had awful symptoms that could have been put down to being put in my head, but I knew it was from Mirena. I was so relieved when it came out. I now have the non-hormonal coil and have no issues whatsoever. I’m sure there will be research at some stage in the future to support our experiences, but for the time being our gut instincts are the most valuable source we have

  7. I have had horrible periods all my life. The pill gave me migraines.
    My dr talked me into the mirena. Oct 2012 I got it inserted.

    Periods were still horrible. One year later I had the worst period of my life.
    The mirena had come out. Couldn’t prove it so I had to suffer examinations, ultrasounds and X-rays
    To prove it. It was gone.
    I had a second dr examine me. She assured me I should try it again.
    I did. Feb of 2014 I had it put back in.

    I should note, since the first insertion I had two periods a month.
    This time was no different.

    Saturday, April 26 at 3am, I awoke. I knew something was wrong.
    Ran to the bathroom and all hell broke loose.
    I knew it had fallen out again. This time I had proof.
    I had it in my hand.
    I have been bleeding heavily and horribly for the last
    Two days. I see my dr on Friday.
    I am going to discuss other options? As the mirena is definitely not for me.

  8. Searching for answers why I am having such a scary and debilitating period (my first after having the evil Mirena removed) and found your series. Thank you for sharing. At least I am losing the weight and bloating, but MAN do I feel like I was sold magic beans by the OB who put it in!

  9. I had my mirena in for 5 years. It was just removed on Good Friday 2014. The purpose of having the mirena was to control my extremely heavy periods & being anemic. I also have fibroids & a history of ovarian cysts that often rupture. I had no idea that a lot of symptoms I had over the years could have been related to the mirena.

    Immediately after the mirena was removed I experienced a few days of heavy bleeding which was no big deal. Problem is now I’m experiencing bleeding every couple of day and now I’ve been bleeding extremely heavily for the past 5 days to the point of soaking through everything in a super short time. I was used to this prior to the mirena being put in but now I’m not sure I’m ever going to stop bleeding.

    Another side effect I believe that’s related is that I’m having excruciating back pain. I had spinal fusion surgery 2 years ago & had fully recovered. Now out of the blue since the removal I am in agony with back pain. I recently saw my neurosurgeon due to fear I had hurt my back again. His thoughts was my fusion was fine & it seemed as though I had somehow sprained my back. He gave me some Meds that made it intermittently better but after waking soaked in blood & with excruciating back pain I truly feel my back pain is related to my current heavy bleeding filled with large clots. I’m sure by now I’ve become anemic again. When in labor 25, 21 & 19 years ago I had horrific back labor so this all fits to me. Question is how long will this bleeding continue? I’m also wondering what’s going on with my fibroids since removal of the mirena. I do not want another mirena I’d like to give my body time to see how things will go sans mirena. I know this will be extremely hard for me & my family but I’m willing to give it a try.

    I’m desperately looking for feedback from anyone whose experienced any of what I’m in the midst of. I will also never go back to my former GYN & realize I need to start looking for a new one who will take my fibroids seriously & not just look to insert another mirena as a band aide instead of looking for a fibroid solution. My mother had the same issues & ended up having a hysterectomy at 43 years of age.

    I’d love any information sources as well. Thanks in advance.

    • Hi I had 2 large 8cm fibroids, endometriosis & cyst removed 2 months ago through keyhole surgery & a Mirena inserted. I have bled 2 months straight, excruciating back & hip pain, acne on my neck, gained weight, depressed & bad tempered. 2 weeks ago I asked for it to be removed – what relief, but I’ve had heavy bleeding & period pain since.
      Years of pain infertility ivf, I now have a beautiful adopted daughter, just want to be on top form for her & feel good again.

  10. THANK YOU! I am so glad I read your blog.

    I had the mirena for 6 mths where I continued spotting or bleeding, extreme pain & bloating (like a balloon to it’s max) with hot & cold sweats too. Depression became heaps worse and weight gain too.

    My Dr was against removal ‘wait it out’ she said & put me on the pill Levlen, which didn’t help so then wanted me on something even stronger. I thought why take something else to help the problem, when the problem was mirena.

    Had it out and instantly felt happier. Day 1 light bleeding but since have incredibly heavy bleeding non stop, constant gushing feeling day & night. Now on 6th day. Am so tired, ready for bed before my 3 kids (2,5 & 8) are, then wake up so tired although too much sleep. Constantly feeling weak and light headed.

    The thought of possibly no periods for 5 years sold me. Just wish I had read this before I jumped in for the ‘miracle’ and researched myself not just read the brochure. In my and many others opinions, mirena seems like a very bad idea. Seems to work for some people but wonder about future problems.

    Thanks 🙂

  11. Thank you for all your work and for this site. I am currently experiencing the “mirena crash”. I had my coil fitted three and a half months ago at the same time I was having a hystoscopy and biopsies to try and determine the cause of my heavy periods. It was painful as I was not even offered a pain killer. I felt pressurized into having the coil fitted and was very sore for three days and I had heavy bleeding. I could feel very early on that it was in the wrong place as I could feel end of the coil nearthe opening of my cervix and the strings were so long they were coming out of my body.. I went back to the nurse and GP who said it was fine but it really wasn’t. I have had bleeding everyday since April except for four clear days. Then yesterday morning my cervix felt so sore and when I checked I could feel that half the vertical part of the coil was coming out of the cervix. I took matters into my own hands and gently pulled the strings and out it came with no pain at all. I am now bleeding heavily and I am on an emotional rollercoaster. However, I am relieved it is out of me. I just don’t know where to go from here.

  12. I am so happy that I’m not alone. These stupid hormones made me cry reading your Mirena posts and subsequent comments. Thank you. My question is, has anyone you’ve talked to experienced a ridiculous amount of hair loss?? I had hair down to my butt 14 months ago (I had the mirena IUD put in June 2013), today my hair is about 2 inches below my shoulders, shaggy, thin, breaking, its awful. I just dealt with it, thinking stress or something was the problem for months; then someone asked me about my BC method. It all fit. SO I had the mirena removed about two weeks ago. I”ve been bleeding for two weeks and my hormones are ALL over the place. Has anyone else experienced hair loss and thinning? How long did it take to be normal again!

  13. Dear all.
    Same issue as above. Mirena out, bleeding heavy for 7 days.
    Can’t find answers of why the mirena has that effect.
    But please read the book: what your doctor may not tell you about premenopause. By dr. John r Lee.
    And Jesse Hanley.
    Very good knowledge about everything in women’s life regarding hormons between 35 and 40 years of age.
    Mirena IUD is filled with a non natural progestin called leverongestron. Patented by Bayer.
    I guess that is the hormon that fuck up our lives. Sorry for the language, but 8 months of hell and my body has just begun its detox from some bad bad fake hormons.

  14. Had my Mirena for five years, then switched it out for a new one in May. Had that out on 10/3/14 after raging hormones made me feel insane, truly not fun to be around. I was questioning all my emotional reactions with “is this real, or is this hormonal” because I didn’t trust myself that it was a sane response. My husband was worried, my friends were worried. I was experiencing greater than usual hair loss, too. My food cravings were way out of whack, and super strong. Carbs, carbs, carbs. I’m not normally a carb craver, either. Now since removal, I feel emotionally normal, and what a relief! Unfortunately, I started bleeding 3 days after removal, a somewhat normal period followed by several weeks of spotting old blood. I had a good 10 days or so period-free, and have now begun on what can be characterized by Shark Week combined with the “We’re gonna need a bigger boat” line from Jaws. Bleeding through heavy duty supplies in an extremely short amount of time, fresh red blood, waking up to the feel of overflow, getting up from my desk and feeling a gushing sensation…it’s crazy. My cramping isn’t bad, the usual bloating, pressure cramps that make me feel like I need to use the bathroom, with a few new sharp cramps (I never cramped badly). It’s the amount of bleeding that has me concerned. I have a call in to my gyno, because this just isn’t normal. I can’t do birth control pills because of age and hypertension, so I’m stuck with letting Mother Nature run rampant. I’m probably perimenopausal, but sheesh, I just want to feel like I’m not bleeding out.

    • That’s exactly what happened to me. Go to your doctor and let them know. I had blood tests done to make sure I wasn’t losing too much blood. Luckily all ok and then the bleeding suddenly stopped and I’ve been fine ever since. Just awful – I hope it stops soon. xx

  15. I am really fortunate to stumble on this blog, as I am in the midst of the “OMG” stage of relentless bleeding like so many others who have been here! I am one of those you mentioned that doesn’t have time to run to the loo every hour- I’m a nurse in a critical care unit. Tonight I was standing in a patient’s room in the middle of a critical moment, and suddenly my uterus imploded. I couldn’t leave the room, but by the time I did, every one of my coworkers was giving me that “I’m so sorry for your complete humiliation” look. I was mortified! I had no warning except for minimal spotting, and I’ve already been through an extremely heavy period since my mirena removal 2weeks ago. Tonight, I felt like I could have starred in the movie Carrie!

    I have traditionally used IUDs as a form of contraceptive, first using the Copper T, which caused me horrible cramping, but no other side effects. After the birth of kid #4, I switched to Mirena, and had a few “minor” problems which included consistent “false positives” on Pap Smears, and bartholian cysts on my cervix. After about 9 months, I was having a horrible period, and my IUD became dislodged. As a result, we are about to celebrate kid #5’s 2nd birthday 🙂 Shortly after the birth of that lovely little boy, I chose the Mirena again, but I’ve had nothing but trouble since the insertion, including several bouts of bacterial vaginosis, and constant spotting and irregularities. Like you, I am seriously concerned about why this massive letting of blood is occuring. The Mirena insert says that it keeps the uterine lining thinned, which is why most women have light or no periods at all. I am thinking this must not be commonplace for all women, why would myself and people like you lose all of this blood if our uterine lining were “thinned”? I am thinking that it may also have the opposite effect. The other IUD (paragard) which I think is not so commonly used now, worked by thickening the uterine lining, and “tricking” the body into believing it was pregnant, (as do most types of contraceptive)- Thus, women were prone to other symptoms much like pregnancy (mood swings, bloating, etc). Nowhere in any of the Mirena reading was I forewarned about these kind of side effects. In clinical studies, even if the smallest percentage of patients experience like symptoms, they have due diligence to report it. So why isn’t this being reported?

  16. Wow! I had the Mirena in for two rounds, so a total of 10 years all together. I couldn’t stand the wieght gain, the modd swings, the grrrrr…. of it all. I actually thought that it was pre-menopausal, as my whole family has gone through menopause VERY early. My NP in the Dr. office was the one who told me about Mirena and she’d had it for 2 rounds and loved it. The only thing I liked about it wa that I didn’t have a period for the last 10 years. I’d get some bloating, moodiness, breast tenderness, but nothing else.

    So I was coming up on my 5 years are up with the last one and decided I’m sick of the weight not coming off though I’m eating EXTREMELY clean and working out 5 days a week… and I’m still grumpy, etc. The only “foreign” thing I was putting in my body was the Mirena, so out it came 11 days ago. Annnnddddd?

    Light bleeding the day after, some little cramps and then, what I thought might be my period. WRONG! I’m at the golf-ball sized clotting, gushing at any given moment stage! Called the doc, “it’s normal, it’ll be fine in a few weeks,” is what I got…. This from the woman who said, “Maybe a little light bleeding over the next few days!” The last 5 years have seent he Mirena spun in the US for women, and now their trying to get it approved for young women! What! I hate this craziness!

    Thank you so much this blog, I was beginning to think I was losing my mind, and I think I’m a pretty sharp person who knows her body! This Mirena Misinformation needs to stop!

      • Well, so far, so good. It was exactly 2 weeks of horrendous bleeding, and hen overnight it just stopped. We’ll see what happens. I’m trying to track adn see if my normal cycle comes back, or if I’m heading into, or already in menopause… Praying for everyone else out here. A dear friend just got a Mirena inserted, didn’t do any reserach, and didn’t ask anyone for information…. this sad fact scares me.

  17. I have had my mirena out for four days now and feel so much better. I like you had all these problems and more and now my baby making days are over I was just diagnosed with PCOS and endometriosis and will have my tubes tied or a hysterectomy soon because of it my doctor told me to experience very heavy bleeding big clots and pain and she explained that the Lorena causes your body to build up on your cervix what it’s supposed to shed on your period to make the lining thicker to keep sperm from getting to an egg…so basically my body is shedding over two years worth of buildup and that’s what the clots are I don’t know if that’s true but at the moment it feels like it if always had horrible periods as a child of had to leave school after gushing so much blood it made it past a super plus tampon and maxi pad and out of my pants the only time I have EVER bled like this though is after my second daughter and that was because the scab where my placenta was came off and I hemmoraged a little this is scary compared to that bc I really don’t know what I should do if it gets worse!!! In my honest opinion I would never recommend the mirena to any woman it’s the worst experience in my life

  18. I had my mirena for 6 years. Had it put in, not as a contraceptive device as I got sterilised after my second child, but rather to help with my constant irregular, heavy periods. I had these before having children and my gynae said that they would get better after having children. They didnt. Tried going back on the pill first, didnt help, tried injections, didnt help. My gynae said I would have to have a hystorectomy – at age 33! I said no thanks, I will get a second opinion. My current gynae suggested the mirena. After a few months of my body adjusting, also had hardly any periods for the last 6 years. Thats the good part. Never assosiated the depression, weight gain, mood swings with the mirena until reading all of your posts. Started getting bacterial vaginosis about 2 months ago. Went through 2 courses of antibiotics, 2 different creams and then thought it has to be the mirena. Saw my gynae last Tuesday who then removed it and did tell me that my periods would come back with a vengance. I too am now experiencing heavy bleeding that I havent had for years. What I would like to know is when does it stop? I dont want to go through this the whole of the December holidays.
    Was considering having another one put it in – my gynae suggested I wait for 3 months but after all your posts I think – not a chance.

  19. I had my mirena inserted in 2012, no side effects up until august of 2014. Suddenly I was feeling pregnant, tender breast, bloatedness and nausea. I took a pregnancy test and and it was negative. I went online and googled the side effects and discovered that the feeling pregnant is just a side effect of the mirena. Again this year the same symptoms returned just a little bit worse. My breast felt the same way when I was producing milk after the birth of my baby. Since these these symptoms just come and go I have told myself that I will not take another trip to the pharmacy. I have also heard about ladies that became pregnant on the mirena. I will wait and see how often the same symptoms re-appear before considering another form of BC.

  20. I know this is late, but I got my Mirena in October of 2011. I never had any children before I got the Mirena, but I didn’t have any problems at all with the Mirena when I first got it, it was great. I never had a period the whole time I had it. I had it removed July 16, 2014, because the six months prior to that I was having horrible migraines, and moody, and super amounts of weight gain, plus, I just got married, and I wanted to try having a baby. So, I went to have it taken out, and the first appt. they said they couldn’t find it. WTF. Okay, so went to a different doctor and she got it out no problem. I felt so relieved it was out, and almost immediately, the migraines were gone. Then all hell broke loose, I started bleeding, badly. Same thing I have heard everyone else say, I had huge clots, and it just felt like it was pouring out of me, I would just be minding my own business, and it was like oh God, I have to go, and I would have a blood trail behind me to the bathroom. This was EVERYDAY, ALL THE TIME!! I went to many different doctors, no help. I was so tired, and all I did it seemed like, was cry. I was 29, wearing diapers for crying out loud! My typical day was 28 super plus tampons, 6 overnight pads and atleast 5 depends… I felt like there was no end in sight. I went to so many different doctors, never got an answer except them telling me, I won’t have kids, and the bleeding will eventually stop, give it some time. After so much stress, and feeling like I was just going to bleed out and die, I was put in birth control by a different doctor, well, she had me taking 3 pills a day, and the bleeding was still the same. I had to take huge amounts of iron supplements. I was going to try ONE MORE doctor, and when I did, he took me off the BC, did blood work, and advised that my husband stay with me, because I wasn’t doing so well, and I might be making a trip to the hospital because of my blood loss. Well, end all, Today is January 8, 2015. My bleeding stopped yesterday afternoon. Not sure why, and Im crossing my fingers, but I bled for 6 months straight, Mirena sucks.

  21. I had the mirena put in 64 days ago. I have been bleeding for the last 64 days. I have had 5 very heavy and painful periods in that time. My drs are saying the same thing, just wait it out….. I am a mum to 4 young kids (7,6,4,2) and can hardly move from pain by the end of the day. I am cranky and moody and have put on weight. Also i have just started passing white tissue looking clots, which scares me a little…. Anyone else had this? I desperatly want this thing out of me!!!! I had it in because of horrible periods and endometritis ( i had my tubes tied at my last childs birth) it was either the mirena or a hysterectomy…..

  22. The mirena made me gain a lot of weight even though I had it for only 4 months. I couldn’t lose the weight no matter what. After a lot of research I stumbled upon this video: http://mirenadetox.com/mirena-weight-gain/ which helped me a lot with losing the weight and getting rid of my excessive bleeding, and finally made it clear to me that the mirena was the cause of all my problems.

  23. Mirena causes all kinds of side effects, hormonal imbalances, estrogen dominance, silicona and copper toxicity, etc. I recommend everyone who is serious about stopping all their unbearable side effects to watch the video on this page: mirenadetox

  24. I just had my mirena removed 2/19/15 after less than six months of having it in. I initially had it put in to stop my insanely heavy periods, my obgyn had said it would do wonders for my anemia. It didn’t. My periods never stopped, they were lighter, but longer. What I did gain from the mirena was acne, weight, bloating, anxiety worsening, and awful debilitating migraines. Since having it removed two days ago I have started bleed fest 2015. My anemia is at a bad level, I’m dehydrated, and I’m having cramps that could be picked up by a seismograph. My doctor was no help other than telling me to go to the ER of it continues and get fluids. No meds to help with the pain, no guidance on what the next steps should be. Just go to the er. Because apparently everyone has a stash of $500 for an er copay laying around.

  25. I had the mirena implanted in June 2013, about 8 weeks after giving birth to my last child. I got my period like normal the second week of Feb 2015, well it didn’t stop for almost 3 weeks and I was getting cramps so I went to have my IUD checked. Ultrasound showed it was misplaced and perforated a hole in NY uterine line which was why I bled and cramped. The Dr removed it and Ive been bleeding uncontrollably since last Thursday, its Tuesday, 3/10 the following week. I bought a 28 pack of overnight pads yesterday and almost through them today. Dr has me on the pill to help even taking 3 at a time, but still hasn’t helped. Why didn’t any medical professional warn us if this? The clots are never ending. Glad to know I’m not alone though.

  26. Why why why!!! I thought back in 2005 it would be that easy to get Mirena, had it replaced after the initial 5. Decided to have it removed now in Feb (en of it) due to spotting and irregularity for the past 5 months. Today it has been 16 days since removal and what I thought was finally coming to a stop has been the beginning of another heavy cycle like I did 16 days since removal!! 2cycles back to back without a days rest. Really!! What have we gotten ourselves to!!! I called my OB and the answer was “beging BC pills on Sunday or don’t take anything and it can take up to 3 months for your body to balance out”. 3 months that I could potentially be on my period???? I am a good eater, have been taking iron pills just for the “just in case” and also magnesium pills, but I have a life, and kids, and a husband. Not to mention I want to get busy with hubby, how if it’s bleedaton time!!
    Has anyone had cycles for 3 months?? Are they alive?? I have to find some humor or this will kill me…
    Good luck to us all that were dumb enough to try Mirena.

  27. I had the Mirena put in the end of September 2014. My weight started creeping up, had terrible acne, pain and tenderness in my abdomin, hair wouldn’t grow and what I had started to fall out. I was constantly moody and so tired. I would fall asleep sitting straight up. I had no periods but realized within about 2 months it was not for me. I’m done having kids and 36 years old. But I didn’t get it out until March 2015. In 6 months i gained 25 pounds. I complained to 2 different doctors in that time and they made me feel like I was crazy. Like it had nothing to do with my iud. I feel like it is so irresponsible for people in woman’s health to either be so misinformed or completely in denial. I wish I would have never got it put in. I did feel better immediately after getting it out. But, I’m now in the heavy bleeding/gushing/ passing clots phase. Hopefully it will pass soon. I think the more we share our stories the more woman can be informed. Thanks for your honesty!

  28. I’m so sorry you went through hell! I too have had the same problem. I got the Mirena put in june of 2014 and had it removed almost 2 weeks ago because I was tired of feeling not lIke myself and spotting almost everyday. I started off immediately feeling better and having a “normal” period like my doctor said would happen, then 3 days ago the flood gates opened! It first started when I had gotten done with my shower and barely stepped out of the tub and felt cramping in my lower stomach and then BOOM here it all came, blood clots and everything down my legs so I jumped back in the tub so I wouldn’t make more of a mess on the floor. Let’s just say by the time that slowed down it looked like I had murdered someone in my bathroom. It has not gotten any better, if anything it is worse now. I don’t know what to do because I fear my doctor is going to say the same lies to me. Hoping it slows down soon, I don’t know how much more I can take.

  29. Well the writer of this article hit home run. I have been on the mirena for 7yrs, 2yrs ago renewed. During those years I loved it, no pill to tk light periods wooohooo, yea right! After a few years I began to have bad acne which made me spend money at the dermatologist, weight gain of at least 12lbs which sky rocket my cholesterol. Backaches, heart racing fast you name. But for a while I thought it was my body just going thru changes as I am now 35yrs. Then a lightbulb went off. I decide to look up the after effects of mirena and I was flabagasted. Yeah after 7yrs just realize its the mirena. I quickly scheduled with my doc and told him and he removed it. It has been 2 weeks. My acne is gone (just have scarring which is going away), I lost 3lbs, but the downside is I am freaking bleeding for abt 3days now and clotting like crazy. I researched and learned that the blood loss is from the hormone left over in the uterus that is expelled and it’s not a period. It is also called the mirena crash when your body realizes that the hormone no longer producing from the mirena as it is no longer there. So you feel fatigued. So I am happy I removed it. I loved the fact tht my period flow was of a panty shield amt and tht I didn’t have to worry abt a pill, but you can’t win with them all so I chose my health over a tiny plastic in my uterus. I’m back on the pill and I think I’m fine. Hope this helps for others.

  30. My mirena came out like 3 days ago like my dr said it might do in the first week, now I’m bleeding so much I can’t go anywhere I’m passing bloodclots the size of ping pong balls every time I sit on the toilet. I can’t go to work and I can’t get an appointment at my dr for ten days! I keep calling my dr. And they say the bleeding is normal. I’m so frustrated I don’t know what to do!

  31. I have had two mirena iud’s previously both were in place for the five year term and I didn’t experience any issues either time …. However, after having early menopause (38) and after several attempts with various hrt combinations my gynae and I decided that another mirena (number 3) would be a solution …
    The fitting itself was horrendous, I screamed out, swore and cried,I have had appendicitis and that was nothing compared to this. The fitting itself was relatively quick and afterwards I went home and lay on the couch, the cramping and pain continued the rest of that day and all of the next …. And for the next two weeks . I bled, I was bloated, I had diarrhoea, I was physically sick, headaches, chilled, I got a cold sore (never had one in my life!) as well as the most amazing crop of large painful spots on my face ( I do not have breakouts, ever)
    My mood flattened and I became very very irritable, I had to take time off work.
    I called my gynae and got an emergency appointment to have the mirena removed, she saw me that day and the removal was quick and pain free, I felt elated that this thing had been removed ! I was tired and spent the rest of the day at home, but with a backache which I put down to a stressful couple of weeks. There was a tiny amount of bleeding the next day and the backache continued. The day after the backache is still here and wow is there bleeding!! Relatively painless but oh my goodness I was so glad I was at home, I thought that something had gone seriously wrong but as there wasn’t a lot of pain and after reading others experiences after removal I was more reassured.
    In my experience twice this iud proved safe, effective and hassle free ,, this time however not so much, my gynae said that every experience is different but this is one experience I could have done without
    Still I am so relieved that the device is gone and feel much better in myself
    We’ll see how long the bleed lasts …..

  32. Hello thank you for sharing your story. I have spent the last 12 hours trying to find out the facts of what I will experience if I get it taken out and as is typical of women’s health there is never any factual scientific evidence?! This makes me angry…so I appreciate your candid story. My mirena experience hasn’t been as bad as some women’s stories but it’s certainly not innocent. I have loved not having periods – I used to have heavy periods so the loss of them with mirena is what attracted me to it – but I haven’t loved the depths of sadness and emotional rollercoaster . I have cried more in the two years I have had it in – than possibly in all of my life. I’ve had some serious life changes too, a relationship break up and moving interstate but I stopped one night when I was in a pool of tears grieving over the loss of my loved one and I didn’t actually know when or how I was going to stop crying – I hit complete rock bottom. I attributed all of this to the break up. It was a traumatic experience but something made me wonder about the depth of hopelessness I felt and how I had many out of the ordinary bouts of extreme crying – I mean wailing like I was dying and why it was so painful. I can’t help but think the mirena gas added to it. If anyone else has any experience with crying or the emotional side effects, I would love to hear about it. I’ve also had a lot of hair loss and it was an excruciatingly painful experience inserting it. I’m single now don’t really need the contraception as much as in a relationship and do you think I can find answers about the removal effects? No!! I’m going on holidays on 5 days, will I bleed before then, will it be for 3 days or will ut hit a week after and go on for weeks like some women? Am I naive to not know the answers? Do I wait until I get back from holidays. But part of me wants it out now so I start de-toxing. Anyway, thanks for your story and blog. I hope you have recovered. ☺

  33. I came across your blog searching for answers about the Mirena. I only had mine in for 4 months but I couldn’t stand what it was doing to me, and my family couldn’t stand the depression and mood swings. I had it removed 2 1/2 weeks ago, I spotted off and on since but yesterday a period started. It wasn’t bad, I went about my day and went to bed with a fresh tampon. About 1 1/2 hours later, I woke up soaked so I cleaned myself up as I was still dripping put in another tampon and went back to bed. After that, every 1 1/2 hours I woke up soaked and dripping blood all the way to the bathroom. It’s really horrible being half awake cleaning the floor. It is still continuing to bleed just as bad but I wouldn’t even call it bleeding, it’s more like gushing blood. It’s bright red and I haven’t felt well. I’ve always had heavy painful periods but this is rediculous! I called my doctor and I’m waiting for a call back but the receptionist said she’s pretty sure it’s normal because my body thought it was pregnant while the Mirena was in and my uterus was full of blood and now it’s all coming out but I remember reading that the Mirena causes the lining of the uterus to become thin so the egg cannot implant. This is the complete opposite.
    Thank you for posting this and having an interview about it, this thing should not be an option until the medical field finds out why this happens to us or at least warn us it might happen, I didn’t read anything like this when I was researching the Mirena before I agreed to use it. I would have never have had it put in if I knew this was a possibility.

  34. I had 2 mirenas 2005-2010 2010-2014
    9 years I liked them had no periods 90% of the time
    I have 3 children but my new husband & I wanted to try for one together I was aware at 44 it wasn’t going to be quick
    4 month after mirena removal I fell pregnant I miscarried at 5 weeks jumped back into trying cell immediately I did feel it odd my periods were 1&a half days only
    At 5 weeks I gushed blood scan said I had a blood clot next to baby
    This happened again at 7 & 10 weeks , 10 weeks was ambulance to A&E
    Baby was fine clot was similar they said they didn’t think blood was from clot
    I had extreme nausea could hardly walk eat drink consultant midwives said preg sickness I disagreed
    Sadly at 19 weeks my waters broke 3 months bed test my womb had sepsis couldn’t dilate after 2 days inductions a d&e to take baby away I then lost 2 litres blood woke up in intensive care ….. My 3 other pregnancies pre mirena I had not one spot of blood
    10 weeks of spotting bleeding after baby Lily and I gushed lots blood ambulance to a & e hormones were blamed I mentioned mirena instantly dismissed
    2 weeks on I’ve had 6 gushes last one so awful Saturday 3 days ago I lost 3 pint blood sitting in toilet I blacked out sickness was so bad I sweated through my clothes paramedics ambulance sure bed me to hospital
    So I was told its bank holidY no consultants go home with more medication tranexamic acid progesterone
    I’m scared I can’t do anything and have to wait 8 days for a consultants appointment the man who took lily out
    I’ve had blood tests swabs and a uterine lining biopsy taken …. Mirena I feel wrecked my womb 9 years of no bleeds have come all at once

  35. Hi there,
    Had Mirena inserted November 2013 because of fibroids. September 6, 2015, Mirena comes out on it’s own following an 8 day heavy period and 48 hours of excruciating pain. Following an ultrasound 2 days later, my gyny and a second opinion gyny confirm numerous fibroids. Have been on oral progesterone to control bleeding; if I don’t take the 3 doses a day, the heavy, clotted bleeding and pain starts again; hence while I’m awake at 4 am. Booked for hysterectomy this coming Monday, September 28; both gynys confirmed Merina has done it’s job for 2 of the 5 years it was supposed to, but is no longer an option. Thankfully, I’m blessed with 2 daughters, however still a bit emotional about upcoming surgery. To all those that have commented that they don’t have answers, change doctors or gynys.

  36. I literally cannot thank you enough for this post. I had my first Mirena inserted in 2000 and had it removed in 2005 only to find my insurance didn’t cover a new one but the entire 5 years was uneventful, light periods no pain, no adverse side effects. So for 11 years I tried various types of bc. Last November when I went for my yearly visit, the gyno talked me into having another Mirena inserted to help with my extra heavy periods. Almost immediately I felt different. My libido changed for the worse, mood swings were rampant, i have gained 10lbs and I had just become a crappy version of myself. I had been spotting for 3 months straight so I decided to go to a new gyno and get the Mirena removed. I got the old “you’re getting older speech” and thats why you’re spotting so much but not much else was said about the removal except you might not have a regular period for a month. Wrong, I started a “normal” flow the next day. Then today (3 days later) I feel like I’m giving birth with all the clotting going on. I’m having to change a nighttime size pad every hour. Just reading this blog I know I’m not alone but these dr’s are so misinformed and we have to pay the price. Hopefully this goes away soon. Thanks for sharing.

  37. Thanks so much for this! I swear this sounded like what I went through. Got my IUD in July, had it removed at the end of October. Nothing but problems. The final one was a surprise ectopic pregnancy which resulted in them removing one of my fallopian tubes. Since the IUDs removal, heavy HEAVY bleeding for days…. Can’t wait for this nightmare to end…

  38. On April 2 nd, 2015, I have been diagnosed with endometroid adenocarcinoma and have mirena installed after D&C . Blood spots everyday, periods never stops, but less days and light . Hypertension, my heart is racing. Now I have blood clots on my leg, very painful. 3 weeks on advil. I am ready to get rid of mirena tomorrow but afraid of bleeding heavy. Can’t recover from blood clots about 3 weeks already. Afraid mirena will kill me, i have trombosis already. Probably need to do hesterectomy asap. Waist of time and money mirena. I have very bad experience.

  39. Well seriously this is very shocking for me that am the side effects that you had mention in the post and moreover last week only someone told me that she had to admit in to hospital because of this mirena.

  40. I got my Mirena in July. Had the typical expected symptoms and almost daily spotting. Then this morning, without any warning, I started bleeding …very bright red and like a regular period. After calling my doctor I was advised to go to urgent care to have it checked out. By the time I was called back to the exam room 2 hours later I was gushing blood, had soaked through 2 full sized pads and also through the back of my jeans. In the restroom trying to clean myself up I passed two huge blood clots. I was scared to death. They prescribed me hormones to counteract the ones in Mirena and told me my hormones were out of balance. Checked my blood and said all tests were fine and sent me home with instructions to see my gynecologist this coming week. My experience is almost identical to what many others have described here in the comments with the exception that they experienced these symptoms after removing the iud while mine is still in ( at least I’m assuming it is.) Now I’m wondering if it came out or moved unbeknownst to me. I want to have it taken out after this hellish day. The whole reason I got it was to correct irregular heavy periods but I have never had anything remotely as severe as what happened to me this morning. Wishing now I had never had the stupid thing put in in the first place.

  41. I am going on 16 days of bleeding, with huge clots. My doctor has put me on Provera to “reset” my cycle. It has been terrible. My bleeding still hasn’t stopped after 3 days of meds.
    I wish there was more information about the removal. So scary. I hope it ends soon.

  42. Hi all, I wonder if there has been a change in the chemicals over the past few years as it seems a few above (and myself) have been happy with theirs, but not with the latest inserted?? I was chatting with a friend last night who is in her mid to late 30’s and into her 3rd month of her 1st mirena, she hasn’t had her normal heavy period since and is somewhat happy with that but suggests she has noticed an offensive odor. This is when it made me think there maybe something different to the ones from before, as I too am experiencing a bad odor which wasn’t an issue with my previous one inserted in 2009 and I have been spotting with more back pain and hip pain since the new one has been inserted (6-12 months ago)…The reason for my use of the merina was for extreme cramping (maybe due to hormonal going’s on as been happening since I was in my mid 30’s) so I am extremely concerned to have it removed now not only for the excessive bleed outs as many mention above but the excruciating pain from cramps…

  43. I had my mirena inserted end of September 2015 ( 15 weeks ago ) for severe heavy periods, I bled/ spotted until Christmas ( which was awful the spotting went on and on and on ) I noticed my hair shedding from around November, went to my GP and said it could be due to being hypothyroid. She lowered my dose of thyroxine as it appeared I was turning a bit hyperthyroid. I have just returned to see her 8th January. She agreed that I have lost 1/4 to 1/3 of my already thin/fine hair which is extremely upsetting and stressful.
    I have my check up this Wednesday 13th Jan at the gyno/hospital and will be having it removed. It did reduce my period a lot, about a 10th of my normal bleeding but the discomfort and pmt are a lot worse. The nausea and the anxious feeling started October/November. The side effects for me are not worth it, I wish I had an ablation instead as I won’t be having any more children. Now I am at a new job and will no doubt have to take a week or two off which is super inconvenient, hopefully there is no issue with my employer.
    I wouldn’t recommend the mirena….3 months bleeding loss of approx 1/3 my hair anxiety and now having to take it out anyway so I don’t go bald…… There are better options !
    I have also gained a fine blonde hair in a bearded pattern on my face ….. Yes I didn’t have any facial hair before except a tiny upper lip few light hairs……
    I started my period Friday which is when I was due, having gushed a few times over the day pushing out tampon whilst at work ….. FUN ! It’s now Sunday and it has increased ( as if that were possible ) I have had the joy of 7 gushing out super tampons and filling the super pad as well with giant clots in the past 3 hours. Not fun when you are out with your family walking our dog and a kilometre from the nearest bathroom. This thing is a nightmare….. It’s like I’m getting all the blood I would have had in that time now, all I can hope for is the periods I used to have ( never ever thought I would say that ) until I can get the ablation. Has anyone else had an ablation ? Did it work for them ? Otherwise hysterectomy here I come !!!!

  44. Wow, it’s so reassuring…and equally quite scary to hear all these stories about the Mirena. I had first one a few years back after having my children, no problem. Then I had a new one six weeks ago and all hell broke loose. Mood swings, bloating, weight gain, headaches, skin breakouts. So I had the awful thing taken out and instantly felt better. I was told I would have ‘a period’. Note ‘period’ and not ‘most likely you will probs need a blood transfusion’.
    I wasn’t warned I would be gushing and passing clots the size of small foetus. Which would have been useful to know since I was on the tube at the time.
    So thanks for the reassurance on this blog, it’s made me feel much better to know I am not alone and this is normal. Ish.

  45. I needed the closing words on your post so much tonight. I lasted three weeks with the Mireba, before having it removed because it made me feel so ill. Now over a week after removal, I am still bleeding. I’m exhausted, emotional, angry, and I just want my body back. Reading someone say that eventually it would end was very, very welcome.

  46. I had the Mirena in for one month. During that month I had been diagnosed with anxiety and depression, had horrible mood swings, was put on another BP medication, and had heart palpitations. I originally had it put in for uterine lining that had thickened (biopsy came out normal).
    After removal I bled for a few days and then nothing. I was 12 days late for what should have been my next period. Then on the day of my 10 year anniversary, all hell broke loose and it’s been this way for over two weeks with no signs of letting up. My OB wants to do a D&C. I firmly believe this was due to the Mirena. That thing is the devil. Oh-I am also anemic now due to the blood loss.
    It’s crazy there isn’t more information out there, but thank you ladies for your stories so I know I’m not crazy.

  47. I stumbled upon your blog while searching for answers. I got the mirena 5 months ago and have had bleeding every day since. I had it removed 5 days ago, that’s when the real bleeding started. The blood clots are so big it almost feels like giving birth. I’ve soaked thru my pants twice today and it’s not even luch time. My dr started me on two birth control pills at a time to stop it. It’s not helping. I feel fuzzy and just not right. Mirena is the worst decision I’ve ever made!

  48. I had my mirena removed 3 days ago and yesterday at work i felt the now unfamiliar (i have skipped my period with the pill due to endometriosis for years) gush of blood between my legs. I was wearing a pad expecting some spotting thank god. In the few minutes it took to get to the toilet my pad and underwear was soaked with blood and massive clots. I felt like i was back in primary school caught unawares. Today im working from home, sitting on a towel and changing my pad hourly. I cannot put a tampon in as it fills and bloats instantly. My toilet looks like a savage crime scene. My hands covered in blood from wiping myself. I was told to expect spotting. I demanded my mirena be removed after gaining 15kg and having to take anti depressants in the year since it has been inserted. I only found out once i had it and started experiencing these issues how common they are. I was told there were NO side effects. Thank you for your blog letting me know i am not bleeding to death – although i dont understand how i can lose this much blood and survive. I keep thinking of that joke about ‘never trust something that bleeds for 5 days a month and doesn’t die’. I am living the joke

  49. I can’t tell you how thankful I am to hear some othe experiences. I honestly thought I was hemorrhaging or something. It’s been almost two week of this craziness and I’m going broke on sanitary supplies. Mireya was a nightmare from the start much lie you I didn’t last long with the devil. A whole two months. My body didn’t want the bugger and did everything to reject it. It was horrible to get in I spent too months spotting and cramping feeling like I had an alien inside me bouncing around tearing me up. The whole point was to lessen my bleeding! Ha! What a joke! I’ve had a tubal so I don’t need it for birth control. All I’ve done is bleed. Now I feel like that cauterization or hysterectomy is getting blower to my future dang! I pray this’ll reactive bleeding stops soon. I can’t take much more!🙄

  50. Like everyone else here I stumbled onto your blog and I too have had the mirena coil removed 3 days ago and bleeding and clotting like nobody’s business. I jus stood in the shower for like 10 mins trying to clean all the blood off its like a horror scene. I too had all the symptoms you ladies are describing and my lady doctor told me no way was it the mirena it was all in my head I actually had to make her take it out as she had no intention of doing so. It is the worst thing j have ever done and I just hope the bleeding stops soon and my body takes control again over these foreign hormones. I will never again put something in my body that is not supposed to be there. Something needs to be done to warn women about this as the medical profession are pro mirena and won’t listen to women who all clearly have the same symptoms

  51. Thank you so much for posting this! I had the Mirena implanted 5 months ago after my doc told me I could no longer be on my trusty pill because I am now older and running too big of a risk of blood clots. So the gyno convinced me that Mirena would be just the ticket, plus no periods! Sounded like a no brainer. Within a month, I had gained 8 pounds. At the first check up, I mentioned it to the doctor, who said she had never heard of anyone gaining weight from Mirena. I had, of course, already Googled and found dozens of web pages talking about weight gain linked to Mirena but apparently it was a big surprise. So she convinced me to give it another 3 months. After that conversation, I found out from several other women that I know that they, too, had gained a significant amount of weight after having the Mirena inserted. Cut to 3 days ago, when I went back to see her, now having put on 25 pounds since having the thing inserted. It’s coming out, I told her, and she didn’t argue.

    Then I woke up at 3 this morning gushing blood and wondering what the heck was happening. I’m so glad to have found your post and seen the comments of everyone on here so I have some sort of idea what to expect. It sounds like this may go on for a week or so but if it lasts longer than that, back to the doc I’ll go. I would never recommend to anyone that they use this IUD.

  52. Like many others I am relieved to find your blog post and know that what I am experiencing is “normal”. Like many others I had the gush , the mess, the embarrassment, and then the golf ball size clots that scared the begebers out of me.

    I think it is poor form that there is nothing on their site about the clots because that seriously scares you. I am concerned that I will return to my anaemic state but it was that or just continue to pile on the pounds and be a moody cow.

    Thank you for sharing.

  53. I had my first Mirena inserted in March 2010 and removed in March 2015…LOVED IT, had no period for about 4 1/2 years and no cramping. About a week after removal I had my second Mirena (my OB said I had to wait a week for reinsertion…). Since having this second Mirena inserted, I have bled heavily EVERY MONTH with large golf ball size clots. I called my OB the second or third month after having these “periods from hell” and was told that that was normal. Now almost a year into my second Mirena I’m STILL having heavy bleeding and large clotting with painful cramping. I’ve got a call in to my OB to discuss the issues I’m having and after reading these posts I may have it removed. I’m 39 years old and do not want any more children ( have 3 beautiful daughters ) and I can not take the pill due to high blood pressure. Thank you all for sharing your experiences, now I know it’s not ‘just me’!

  54. All I can say is thank you for writing this. I had my coil put in 6 months ago, and to this day, I still think it was the worst mistake of my life!

    After it was put in I though it was amazing then two weeks later it started….. The constant bleeding, the moods that jump from being happy to in tears and not knowing why ( to which nearly broke my relationship), the weight gain and the pain.

    After a month after the coil was inserted I ended up in hospital in so much pain to the point I couldn’t stand and they had no idea why. I Left it a few weeks after that, then made another appointment with the doctor to which they said to wait it out, by this point I had been Beeding for 2 weeks straight.

    I made endless appointment’s after that to be told to give it time it will settle down. To the point i was sat in the doctors room in tears begging for it to be taken out, to then be told countless of times NO.

    I finally had it taken out 7 days ago and you can guess it, it has been hell like you have described. The only reason I have had it taken out, was I told the doctors we are trying to have a baby (which wasn’t a lie) but why has it got to take for someone to say they are going to try and have a baby to it to be taken out. Then the doctor had the cheek to say of you weren’t trying for a baby I would of told you to keep it in longer as it take around 6 to 9 months to settle down. I just managed 6 and I couldn’t cope let alone have it in for 9 months. I am hoping the bleeding will stop soon, as you described.

    I do agree that we should be told about the problems with the coil along with the benifits. As I feel I was led into false pretences of it being great. I would never recommend it to anyone ever!

  55. Before the Mirena, my periods were like clockwork. No issues, ever. I had the Mirena inserted and 4 days later started to experience heavy bleeding w/ clots. This went on for a month, getting worse with each day. I was trying to give my body a chance to adjust but it kept getting worse, until the final day I went to emergency because it would not stop gushing! The ER doctor thought I should keep it in and wait it out. I requested that he remove it and he did. It has been another 4 MONTHS STRAIGHT and the heavy bleeding/clotting will not stop. No idea where all this blood comes from! My family doctor did bloodwork, finding hemoglobin levels at 6. I started iron therapy as I became anemic! The first ultrasound showed a 1.5 inch cyst on my left ovary. Everything else on the ultrasound appeared normal. I was then told to wait 4 weeks to see if the cyst is growing. I meet with the doctor again this week to schedule the follow-up ultrasound and go from there. The Mirena may work for some people, but destroys the lives of others. Don’t risk it. Worst decision of my life.

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