The Magic Door

The Magic Door



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Everyone needs a little magic in their life. And if you think you don’t, then you need a good sleep and a sprinkling of magic fairy dust.

The day you stop believing in things that make your eyes twinkle is a sad day. I still look around the garden in search of fairies. They are there somewhere, you know. They dart through the trees and swing on the leaves. They sing such sweet songs about rainbows and sun showers, but we can’t hear them. Their voices so high and pure we often mistake their tunes for birds chirping. They ride on the backs of butterflies and sleep in the nooks of logs. And when it’s hot they dip their wings in the bird bath. At night they fly up to our windows and peer inside, giggling at our snoring and the way our arms are flung above our head. They so desperately want to come inside and play with the toys and eat hundreds and thousands on bread, but they can not get in. UNTIL NOW.

You see we have a Magic Door now and when it rests against the wall or in the garden we invite the fairies into our world. They just pop right in and out, whenever they wish. They are truly delightful visitors, except they do leave glitter freaking EVERYWHERE.






Would you like to let the fairies into your home? Do you need a little bit of extra magic? You might be in luck.

The kind people at The Magic Door Store have a special door to giveaway to one Bigwords’ reader. Just pop on over and like the Bianca Wordley Bigwords’ Facebook page and The Magic Door Store’s Facebook page. Then head on over to their website and check out all the doors and the sweet decorations you can adorn your door with. Lastly, leave a comment on this post telling me what your fairy name would be and what door you’d love to win. It would make a super sweet Xmas present. I’ll announce the winner next Monday.

I think mine would be Sprinkles Glitter Shine.

Bianca x






  1. Oh how gorgeous are these! I can just imagine secretly putting that gorgeous yellow fairy door at our new house, and having the girls discover there are fairies at their new home. They’d be beside themselves with excitement. Love all the cute accessories too: the footsteps stencil is adorable.

    And my fairy name? Sparkly Moonshine maybe?!

  2. I love the little green fairy door, but would have to get the little grass & toadstool welcome mat.
    Not the best at making up name, but my diary name would be “awesome mommy make it happen”, as that’s what my kids expect of me!!

  3. What a great idea! Lovely accessories too. I know the kids whose parents enter this will love it! (sadly, I think my little girl is now tipping into the ‘don’t quite believe any more’ stage), but if she was, she’d definitely support a Petal Twinkletoes as a Mum!

  4. Oh my daughter would love this so much! When I picked her up from preschool on Monday she was all excited to show me the fairy garden they had created that day and asked if we could make one at home. This would be perfect! My fairy name would Fairy Princess Talks a Lot according to my husband!
    I would have to get the purple door, along with the garden mat and some super cool magic dust to make footprints, I can just imagine her waking up and seeing those little footprints on Christmas morning!

  5. I think the yellow fairy door would brighten up my little ray of sunshine’s Christmas morning.

    My fairy name would have to be Mrs Skate-a-lot Fairy 🙂

  6. I feel the yellow fairy door would best suit my little ray of sunshine… as for my fairy name, it would have to be Mrs Skate-a-lot fairy, she likes to skate and bring joy everywhere she goes. 🙂

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